Unto me yet another surprise was unleashed,  the victim just stretched his hand out and a cutlass appeared on his hand with a red cloth tied at the handle of the cutlass,  he handed over the cutlass to the yoruba man and laid on the bed mercy had brought earlier,  the yoruba nigga squatted, then knelt down and started hacking the victim with the cutlass,  he dismantled his victims body into diff parts and dropped it in a bucket it was at this stage, i noticed that there were different buckets for sensitive parts like head, ears, private parts, etc.

[60 Shades of Judith: All Episodes]

they were placed on top of a slab which butchers use in killing animals. The way I sense tins it looks as if aside Rituals they also sell body parts to  politicians and other ritualist.. In the end everybody would have to die,  tears where rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably,  as I now know my future is death no matter the angle I look at it from,  b4 now my life as being based on wildness,  sex, Lesbianism, and all sort, this the one reason I concluded I don’t have hope,  God won’t even spare me sef and when I eventually die,  devil do  get V. I. P ticket for me for hell… Karishika was allowed to step forward again after the yoruba man has carried his bucket of Human parts away..  Some of us still giggled as Karishika stepped forward,  she surprisingly chose a lady dis time, she did the usual steps again took a deep breath as she deep her hand into the port again,  dis time the snake no bite am,  the snake coiled round her bandaged hand as karishika took the gold ring from the tale of the snake,  she wore the ring and tapped on her victim 3 times on the fore head,  the girl’s name was   Vivian,  finally what I have being expecting,  I have managed to shift myself to the front after the oluwole sex scene,  so I was bit in front so I could hear every whisper and every other sounds and what I was about to see,  is sure going to get me….



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