9JA Stories: 60 Shades of Judith [Season 01 Episode 10] written by #michael_ghost


High, … Vivian reached up to kiss her, and whispered, “I’m very sure. I want you karishika” vivian slowly peeled her t shirt up and off, dropping it beside the bed.

Lips on soft lips, fingers on soft warm flesh, they kissed. Karishika’s fingers plied slowly over vivian’s tender flesh, rubbing softly. Vivian reached out, and touched karishishika, more hurriedly, more insistent. Their lips locked together, tongues twining with each others, softly moaning. Vivan’s hips began to move in time with karishika’s fingers, up and down, back and forth. Karishika felt Vivian’s fingers, slipping up and down her dripping slit, she parted her legs further, driven higher in passion than before. I fervently hoped this was not just spiritual boldness… Some of us in hall were disgusted while some where just watching the drama karishika and Vivian were performing with 100% interest,  karishika has blessed shape well endowned, a perfect photocopy of Nicki Minaj…

Karishika began to kiss and nibble on vivian’s neck, making the girl whimper and quietly squeal. Karishika kept the gentle rubbing going, making vivian wetter and wetter, as her tortured sweet flesh was teased. Vivian’s legs spread wider open, the two were tangled in each other. Karishika’s mouth worked lower still, nibbling, licking and kissing. Her mouth found a breast. She kissed it, slow, covering it bit by bit. Her mouth was hot, her breath tickled the sensitive tip. Vivian arched up, pushing her nipple to karishika’s mouth. She clutched at her head as karishika began to gently softly suck. Karishika’s tongue made laps around the hard nipple, her lips puckered, she suckled softly. Vivian began to shake and tremble. Her fingers became more insistent on karishika, and delved deeper into the folds of slippery wet flesh. Karishika moaned loudly around the nipple, as vivan’s finger nudged her swollen clit. Karishika’s hips began to move now, working, trying to pull vivian’s fingers closer. Her lips left the nipple. She kissed the girl hard, moaning with her. Karishika began to slowly ease her finger between vivian’s wet pussylips, parting the labes deftly. The flesh was soft, smooth, silky, and so slippery. Two fingers captured the little nubbin, and vivian cried out into karishika’s mouth , as karishika’s fingers began to work up and down, gently sliding over her clit.

Vivian’s fingers clutched at karishika, in one swift motion, plunging inside her, two fingers, buried to the knuckle. Karishika gasped in pleasure as she was filled. Vivian’s fingers plunged in and out of the woman in abandoned passion. Karishika began to shake. Vivan’s back arched up, she bit karishika’s lip softly, moaning, lost in passion and feeling. Orgasm crashed down on her rapidly. Her body shook and trembled as an earthquake of passion broke over her. Vivian’s hips and ass bounced up and down off the bed, she was lost to the feeling, but her fingers kept pumping in and out of karishika. no longer close to gentle, driving in and out, lost in heat. Karishika’s wetness made squishing sounds to compete with the younger girls moans. She loved this. As vivian’s back arched one more time, karishika felt the tripwire of her own orgasm crash down on her. She bit back a scream, moaning loud, kissing vivian hard. Vivian could feel the woman’s cunt tighten down and squeeze her fingers, so tight it almost forced them out. Hot juice covered her hand. Karishika shook, her body out of control, she thrashed about in the girls embrace. Spasms of pleasure racking her body, she reached the pinnacle of her climax as the last tingles of vivian’s left her dripping pussy.

Both women were shaky from the feeling, holding each other close, kissing, loving each other. Hands were calmer now, slower, and gentler.

Soft bodies on the bed. Loving and tender kissing, soft whispers, little moans. hands gentle on slippery flesh. Vivian rolled over onto karishika, cuddled close. Flesh to flesh, the naked women held each other, kissing still. Lips found lips, ears, necks. Karishika’s legs splayed open with vivian between them, two hot wet pussies, pressed together. Vivivian began to grind back and forth, up and down. Karishika moaned and responded. Vivan kissed down karishika’s neck, nibbling softly. She moved lower and lower, kissing her shoulder, down out onto the swelling curve of her breast. Karishika’s body was responding, burning in desire. Vivian, breathing heavy found the hard pointed nipple, and sucked it greedily into her mouth. Her fingers found the twin, and tickled it, as her tongue flickered back and forth around the taut point in her mouth. Vivian  was trembling as she kissed lower and lower. Karishika wiggled under her, and quickly, vivian’s mouth was at her sex. Vivian was a starving woman, finding food. She devoured karishika feverishly. Karishika’s body rocked. Vivain’s touch was good, karishika was drenching her in juice as the innocent possessed girl licked and stabbed into her with her tongue. So good. Karishika moaned loud, and arched up, pushing her pussy hard onto the girl’s mouth. Her hands reaching, twisted into vivian’s hair, pulling softly, urging the girl on. Vivian’s hands slipped up along karishika’s body, finding her nipples. She twisted, and pulled, squeezing, making the woman shake and moan louder. Karishika was fucking her face hard now. Vivian was moaning herself, muffled into pussy, nearly crying in passion. Climax took karishika, and took her hard. Over and over, her body rocked, spasmed, shook and trembled. Her legs closed down around vivian’s head, she thrashed from side to side, her hips bucking up and down.

Vivian loved it. Karishika wet pussy in her mouth was making her tremble. Vivian wanted to plunge her fingers into her own wet hole, and take herself hard, but she couldn’t let go of the hard nipples. Karishika came down from her high at last, body twitching. She moaned, whimpered. Whispering in the dimness, “Oh , fuck, …Come here…let me do you …”

Slow and almost unsure, vivian twisted round, finding her way into the oldest of Sapphic patterns. Karishika’s arms circled her, pulling her down to her eager mouth. A single tiny drop of juice escaped from vivian’s parted labes, falling on karishika’s tongue. Karishika swallowed the drop, after letting it roll over her tongue. She reached up, as vivian slipped down lower. Karishika’s lips touched vivian’s flaming pussy. Vivian moaned loud , licking karishika still with rapid hard licks. Karishika, gentler, began to slowly tongue the girl. Vivian’s body shook over her. Karishika’s tongue found the tiny little pearl between the folds and nudged it, slow and gentle. Karishika trembled , as Vivian’s tongue imitated, and her clit felt the sweet touch of tongue. Karishika pressed tighter, and captured vivian’s nubbin, sucking it softly .vivian gasped, her mouth leaving karishika’s sex for a moment. Her body stiffened. Vivian felt herself melting, her body turned to liquid, and it all flowed to her pussy. She cried out, a wordless cry, orgasm took her more sudden and harder than ever before. She collapsed forward, her mouth on karishika again, now licking slow , softer, panting, and trying to breath. Wave after wave rolled thru her body . Karishika’s tongue was now delving deeply, in and out of her pussy. She was cumming, over and over, licking at karusgika as best she could. Karishika’s hips arched up to her face, the redhead moaning loud, as she too climaxed again. Their bodies were electric, humming to each other. The final ebbs of climax finally shuddered thru them, and vivian fell forward in a heap. Karishika helped her turn back around, cuddling her close. They kissed, the sweet taste of each other mingling on their lips, the long deep kiss of a demonic wealthy karishika and the poor innocent possessed Vivian…  Karishika stood up and dressed up,  as she dropped the goldring she wore back into the pot,  Vivian gain consciousness I guess,  because she Started looking around,  looking confused,  before she could say a word,  she was ushered out by Ogungbemi [the man in black and red wrapper]…..

The karishika sex was too awesome, i was on fire, sexual fire,  I was wet under,  for an instance I was wishing I was the possessed Vivian just for a lil period with karishika on the bed,  while I was still fantasizing about the whole incident that just happened, I got a tap on the back….

About the writer: there nothing much I can say,

At the moment I am Corper,  my name is Olanrewaju Michael,  my nick name is S.M.G [Social. Media. Guru]  or call me Ghost.
I’m a blogger, Content manager and a writer
My blogs: unigoss.wordpress.com

I’m available for any blog admin that needs my services……
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