Behold it was ebuka again…
Yes, ebuka what is it again I asked [still wondering how ebuka got to my back]  I was sure I left ebuka behind when i manage to come to the front side…  This ebuka guy still followed me sha

Ebuke: erm erm,  it’s nothing – [he replied] but I wan ask do u really think that girl Vivian dey possessed,  bcos dat tin wey dem do dey totori many boys for here,  my tin no gree behave too…

Me: eya sowie,  raise your hand and ask dem if wetin dem do naa real or not,  yeye man.. [in a sarcastic manner]

I decided to take a look around,  and I noticed truly that some men had serious erection,  i giggled and I tort to my self,  men will always be men…

But to be truthful karishika had all it takes,  she is well Endowed with perfect curves,  in shot clothes is just an underestimation of her actual beauty.. I wish I had karishika’s statue.  The next man came out,  he had a simple  corporate blue shirt and black pants on,  he was bit sexy, but I couldn’t see his face as he had an hat on,  he picked a lady,  did the normal ritual steps and tapped on the lady with the gold ring which the snake had given him,  immediately the women went out of the hall and came in with a very large mirror,  she brought to the man,  Undressed her sef, her body was ok but I wasn’t interested, all wot was in mind was karishika, her nude image alone give me this strange urge of sexual pleasure..  The lady tied a black and yellow wrapper given to her by ogundipe to cover her nude then she stood firm in front of the mirror,  the mirror was a double edged mirror, so the man whose name was Ben stood at the other side of the mirror,  he started reciting some incantation, there was silence everywhere as people where wondering what was happening,  most of us where already used to the sex, disappearance, and manslaughter we use to see,  well this is a new trick We have not seen before,  so everybody was paying close attention to what was happening wondering what would happen next,  after like 30mins of long incantation from Ben,  the lady at the other side of the mirror started to act some how like someone that wants to faint or was possessed,  this went on for another 10mins until the girl collapsed, nobody knew what happened,  Ben stood up [sweating profusely] and went back to his seat while the girl was carried away…  People were confused, nobody understood wot really happened earlier,  every minute keeps getting scary and interesting while everyone where still pondering and wondering what must happen  to the poor lady the last two men of the wealthy group stood up at the same time,  came forward at the same time,  they smiled at each oda and something we have not seen before……

O yes they deeped there hands Into the pot of gold rings at the same time, as they brought out their hands….

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