As they brought out their hands,  I tort the snake would bite them but that did not happen instead the snake wrapped their hands together with its skin,  one of the men took the gold ring,  then hit it on their victim,  the person turned into  2pots of water I guess..

Then the other man took a piece of paper and deeped it into the pot,  as he brought out his hand,  it was full of blood but the paper he deeped inside earlier became pure gold covered in blood.  When the two wealthy men saw this,  they laughed,  hugged each other then they carried each pot to one side,  the name of the man who initially wore the ring was Alhaji Musa,  while the other was man’s name was Alhaji tekno…  Musa handed teckno the ring,  teckno  chose a lady,  did the usual ritual rites,  and tapped the lady with the gold ring 3times on the forehead.  Immediately the woman started to pull off her blouse,  all of a sudden a man started screaming please stop,  dats my wife, please don’t do this to her,  please use me instead the man pleaded,  Chai! See gogbe, two guards held the man brought the man up to the high stage,  they made him watch how Alhaji Musa and Alhaji teckno Nak his wife,  that’s not a story I want to tell you guys, everybody pitied the man as his wife enjoyed 2some subconsciously under the influence of a possessed spirit,  he cried and pleaded but nobody answered him.  After they were done with his wife they let him free,  they allowed him and his wife to go.  Chai what will be the faith of this woman when she eventually gains consciousness, if you were the husband of this woman, what will you do?

Now it remains just the last woman of the wealthy 16 [W16]..

My name is Blessing said the last woman of the W16, she did not pick a victim like the others,  she just kept hand in the of gold rings,  when she brought out her behold the snake was wrapped round her hand but no ring neither did the snake bite her,  the snake vomited an egg into her and went back into the pot.  Blessings swallowed the egg,  she staggered a lil then, she gained balanced gave out a loud evil laughter and went back to her seat…

Soon  after Ogundipe did some incantations,  the  maids who brought the pots earlier carried the pots and went out of the hall,  two other Maids lifted the table took it aside,  then a rugged slab was placed where the former table was,  the slab was ugly with marks all over it,  with a touch of dried blood red,  a fat woman with a red apron came out from no where,  she counted the remaining people on the queue out of the initial 44, they were 30 left, she went in front of Desmond and bowed to him wit one her knees,  Desmond whispered into her ears and patted her on the back.  She came to the front stage,  bowed towards us,  as she proclaimed herself as… Bola

Bola: My name is Bola,  Bola the Butler… You can call me BB for short.. I don’t expect you to like me but then you are entitled to your own opinion

She had a very nice voice ,  she must be very nice, to have spoken to us lightly she must be the only angel so far I must have encountered in this horrible place,so I tort,  she stretched her 2hands sideways as she bowed her head while murmuring some words that I couldn’t hear, surprisingly, 2 cutlass sharp cutlass appeared on both hands of hers, she raised her head with a grin then went towards the rugged slab and sat on it,  Desmond stood from his seat and came to the high stage to announce….

Desmond: My unfortunate fellows I would like to grant a female freedom,  who is willing to volunteer herself..

Chai!,  all dem ladies adjusted back, I don die,  me wey come front because of live sex,  Chai my life don finish,  I looked back and I saw every lady steering at me, it was then I looked up and realize Desmond gaze was upon me,  Chai,  my whole body froze as he steered at me,  he made the same announcement again,  nobody gree Come out, everybody’s eye were gazed on me  since I was the only lady sitting in front. Surprisingly Karishika also stepped out and made the exact statement as Desmond which means Desmond and karishika needs a female and a male respectively. Na wa oo,  even the men are not safe… As karishika made her own statement, most men stood up and ran to the back, women too stood up to join the race,  there was a little pandemonium but the guards calmed everyone,  at this point I was the only one in front, dis wasn’t my intension but I cldn’t move,  I was scared, Desmond’s gaze was upon me,  my legs suddenly felt so heavy to lift, my heart was pounding faster,  I felt my soul,  spirit and Ghost leave my body trying to run for their lives but my body won’t move out of fear..

Karishika: it seems it’s two of you that are left in front,  ur faith has being chosing –  she said  as she pointed to someone beside me..
I looked back and I found ebuka behind me,  in shock I was like what’s up with this ebuka that is following me up and down especially in this type of situation, while I was pondering on what ebuka was after,  I felt a strange cold aura around me, it felt like death visited me…….


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