9JA Stories: 60 Shades of Judith [Season 01 Episode 14] written by #michael_ghost



In the end this was still going to happen, if only I had known…….. My past flashed through my eyes as my body was soaked with my own blood,  I lay flat on my back using my hand to cover my tummy that Desmond had stabbed, blood was gushing out, I was weak I  couldn’t do any thing, my eyes were becoming blurring,  the last  tin I saw was Desmond standing in front of me smiling, I was beginning to feel awkwardly cold,  I couldn’t see anytin again,  my eyes were closed against my own will, but I could feel my consciousness was still awake,  everywhere was dark,

at point I could not feel or see any part of my body,  it felt like I was in space.  This time I reflected on my past,  I was expecting my judgement,  In shot I was already imagining  how hot hell would be,  what lucifer would really look like but nothing of such happened,  everywhere was still dark,  after a very long while I saw a tiny light in the darkness,  I felt my consciousness moving closet to the light,  I felt maybe I made it to heaven afterall, I felt mysef smiling,  as my consciousness reach closer to the light I felt my eyes opened, now at this stage I could feel my whole body again,  only for me to see a florescent bulb in front of me,  sharperly I tort,  why would heaven be using bulb then It occurred to me I was still in Desmond’s room, I jumped up and started to feel my tummy to check where I was stabbed,  to my surprise no injury,  I was never stabbed,   I was Confused,  Is this a dream or what,  when did I start dreaming,  was the stabbing a dream or the whole sex was a dream,  my body was clean so was my down below,  no one was in the room, I was still naked tho,  I gathered courage,  I stood up from the bed it was then a noticed a small card was placed on a small table, “open the wardrobe,  get dressed and me in the sitting room”  says the card I read,  I did as instructed, took a short shower then  I chose a black Jean and a pink top. i dressed up and headed to the sitting room,  when I got there I met Desmond, karishika,  ebuka and Ben all chatting and laughing,

Karishika: it’s good you are awake,  I almost tort you were getting too comfortable with this place,  don’t be scared,  sit down and let’s have fun.

Me: thank you ma

Karishika: I’m sure u know my name so stop calling addressing me with “Ma”

Me: miss K

Ahahahaha, she laughed,  I sat beside Desmond as instructed,  they all cracked jokes and some I lighten up a bit,   but my surprise was how ebuka was so comfortable.

*****Fast Forward****

After like 3hrs…..

Karishika: Desmond, now is the time.

Desmond ordered Ben and ebuka to leave,  leaving just I, karishika and himself in the sitting room…

Desmond: Judith,  karishika has made it clear that you are of great potential, tho your potential has been locked away until God knows when,  I confirmed that when we were in the room. Since your destiny is intertwined with ours,  I would give some knowledge about us..

We are 7 powerful gods in number,   the remaining 9 you saw on stage are just powerful rich Personalities on earth..  Those 9members don’t have any powers, they just have spiritual backing from us while we the 7gods have powers beyond humans comprehension..
Karishika,  Ben,  Blessing, Alhaji Musa, Alhaji teckno, Faith and I [Desmond]  are the 7gods..  We all have powers but each of us  have a specific unique gift that makes us different.
Karishika has the ability to see people’s destiny,  don’t get the wrong idea, she cannot see the future, but she can tell if u’r destiny is going to be good or bad,  if you are going to be rich or Die in poverty,  and she can also tell how someone would die..  I nicknamed her death tho she doesn’t like it. She is the most powerful but she is kind hearted so people don’t really know how powerful she is,  even among we the gods, only I understand her strength.

Ben the magician,  with the help of some incantation that even I can’t recite,  he is able to take people’s soul and add to his own,  he is the oldest he is 100yrs but since he has the ability to take people’s soul he doesn’t grow old.  His destiny changes anytime he takes a person’s soul…

Blessing is a defending spirit, she has unique gift, she is immune  to all powers, she is like a force field,  any spiritual attack sent towards her will always go back to the sender no matter who d person is except karishika who has once penetrated her defence when she was trying to persuade her to change from a deeper life “S.U” church worker to join  us…

Karishika interrupted Desmond…

Karishika: Desmond,  I have told you I was just lucky,  she was in a state of confusion after she caught her pastor sexing another church Worker   in a car packed at the back of the church,  that incident really traumatized her, she was aged 17 then,  I was just lucky,  it took me 198 failures to finally get her to switch over to our side..

Desmond: even at her weak stage not just any kind of spiritual person could penetrate her…
As I was saying,  next is
Alhaji Musa,  he is the wealth master,  he has luck with wealth,  well that’s his gift, wealth,  anybody he sleeps with becomes successful, if he prays for you then you are going to be rich except you not destined to be rich…  That’s the only exception.. Then his best friend Alhaji teckno,  he senses danger,  he knows when badluck is looming,  he is the mastermind of the gold rings we used in our Rituals.

Faith was formerly karishika ‘s pawn but now she is part of us,  her mouth is her power,  most things she says comes to pass..  It’s not always nice to be in her bad books, she is quite temperamental, she is old now,  dats why she was not present at the ritual ceremony, she is 89years , she is busy trying to bless everybody that’s nice to her, well that’s after karishika told her she would die at age 95.

Now me,  Desmond the Dracula,  I am an all rounder,  no unique gift,  I am the smartest,  that’s based on hereditary, I have an iQ of 189, I got all my spiritual powers from my dad, I am the master mind of secret doors,  I can create doors anywhere to take me anywhere I want.. Karishika refuses to tell me my destiny but insists I have a gift I would later find out myself….
As you can see there no yoruba person among us,  no offence but yoruba people are not good risk taking,  they are sentimental and very mischievous. We allowed them to be part of the remaining 9 members..
7gods 9pawns..

Karishika: gods & pawns, do you have any question Judith, don’t be scared..

Me: no ma….  Sorry karishika

Desmond: u are way too scared Judith,  if we were to kill you,  you would have being dead,  so feel free..

Mehn,  after all what Desmond have told me, I wasn’t sure if there was any question to ask, even though I had many to actually ask.

Me: erm..  Sorry,  just wanted to know if I would be allow to go home

Karishika: sure you would, as a matter of fact if you don’t have any questions, you would be allowed to go

Me: ok,  thanks,  erm,  sorry to ask,  I would love to know my potential

Karishika: that I cannot tell but I am sure you will find out soon.

Me: sorry to ask Mr Desmond, I dunno how I Slept off,  I dunno if anytin happened,  erm,  btw us,  please don’t be offended

Desmond: ahahaha,  as I torched your head you slept off,  I did nothing to you..

Me: what about the other people in the hall?

Desmond: they would most probably die…

Me: aah!

Karishika: don’t bother urself about them,  only those who truly serve God can escape or those whose father or grandfathers are strong herbalists can escape this…

Me: How will you know if they are they son of the herbalist or they truly serve God

Desmond: I guess it’s in the Bible “Touch not my anointed”  so if we try to Touch them,  what ever we do would backfire or not work on them

Karishika: and an herbalist, I mean a very strong and sensible herbalist would always leave a protection mark on his children,  or create a protective jewelry for them to wear…  We know the signs when we see them.

Me: so am I a pawn or among the gods?

Karishika: don’t be in a rush,  you will eventually find out,  we are definitely going to meet in your future,  your destiny is intertwined with alot of people I maybe interested in.

Me: what of ebuka?

Karishika: ebuka is my new pawn,  I would prefer you don’t speak of it to him. He seems to also have interest in you.

Me: me!  [suprised] , I see,  I don’t tink it would be possible

Desmond: why did you say so?

Me: I dunno,  I just feel so

Karishika: you might be right,  I have warning for you Judith,  we have different kind of people in this world but u need to be aware of some.
[there was silnce]
There are carriers, givers and takers..  The world now sees sex as a normal thing that one must do at a point in time but those who have the knowledge, it is not so, sex is spiritual,
The carriers : if u have sex with a carrier be it male or female, they will either steal from your destiny or add to your destiny,  which happens has no effect on them. The moment you leave a carrier whatever benefit or curse you were getting from them will stop.

The givers: if u have sex with a giver,  he/she will always add to your destiny,  now the problem is if the destiny is going  to be good or bad. That totally depends on the aura she carries with her.

The takers: they subconsciously take good destines from people,  having sex with them always end up in their favour spiritually.

A poor man marries a woman,  all his businesses start booming,  the woman is a giver

A boy breaks up with his GF,  he starts having bad luck,  the GF was a carrier

A Man is poor,  he marries a girl, he became rich, he divorces the girl, he became more richer while the girl suffers,  then the girl is a giver..
These things happen all around us but children of this days just over look it and toy with their destinies anyhow..
So Judith be careful of what you do and how you have sex,  be cautious of every thing you do.

Me: yes karishika,  thanks for the advice

Desmond: take,  open that door and be going,  we shall meet again

Desmond handed me 5ok cash and an iPhone 5s, he gave me a small purse also. I was happy but then I was wondering how I would find my way out, Desmond did not hint me on how to find my way out.  As i opened the door that I was instructed to open, to my amazement I was actually shocked to know where I was………


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4 thoughts on “9JA Stories: 60 Shades of Judith [Season 01 Episode 14] written by #michael_ghost

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  3. wow, judith was lucky, they let her go, these ritualist don’t usually let there prey go easily, wow i am happy, it would have being painful if she died though.

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