Shock is an over statement,  I was actually in Ikorodu market,  tho it was dark,  I could tell,  Ikorodu market had a smell of a kind that is not friendly to the nose,  I walked for  about 5mins before it occurred to me to go back and check the house I came out from incase I want to file a report to the police.. So I went back,  when got I knocked on the particular door I came out from,  it was an old woman that opened the door,  she asked me who I was looking for,  I just sharperly lied that I was looking for someone who said he lives there,  the old woman welcomed me in,  I scanned the whole room,  it was nothing like the sitting room Desmond and karishika where, it then struck me that Desmond had told me earlier he was the master mind of the magical doors,  it now I understood what he meant,  he can create doors that can lead to anywhere he wants,  interesting could he also create a door that can take him to abroad, I questioned my self in the head as I was walking slowly out of the old woman’s room.

It was 8pm, I needed to find where to stay,  I did not want to do night journey,  I was scared I might be kidnapped again. I was very famished,  I decided to go to nearby Chinese restaurant [ 朣楢琴执㝧执 ] to take anything and reminisce on what to do next, that was my biggest mistake,  I entered the restaurant, I sat down,  the restaurant was  well beautified,  the interiors where superb,  never expected to see such in Ikorodu,  I open the booklet in front of me to make a an order,  only for me to see :

Yepa, I’m in trouble,  wots this, I was famished I needed to take something badly,  so I decided to call on the waiter,  since all those working there are indigenes of Ikorodu, I am sure they at least serve me something reasonable

Me: waiter please come over,  I don’t understand this your booklet and I need make an order

Waiter: all the food stuffs here are Chinese food,  but you can try the drinks

Me: ok,  no probs

Waiter: What would u like to have, fruit juice, yogurt, tea, chocolate, cappuccino , frapuccino or coffee?

Me: Tea please.

Waiter: Ceylon tea, Indian tea, herbal tea, kericho gold tea,bush tea or green tea?

Me: Ceylon tea please.

Waiter: How do u want it, black or white?

Me: White. …

Waiter: Milk or fresh cream?

Me: Milk.

Waiter: Goat milk or cow milk?

Me: Cow’s milk.

Waiter: Freezeland cow or Afrikaner cow?

Me: umm, let me go with the freezeland cow.

Waiter: Would u like it with sweetner, sugar or honey?

Me: Sugar

Waiter: Bee sugar or cane sugar?

Me: Cane sugar

Waiter: White, brown or yellow sugar?

Me: Ok, forget about the tea; just give me a glass of water.

Waiter: Mineral, tap or distilled water?

Me: Mineral water.

Waiter: flavored or non flavored?

Me(ANGRY): In fact, get me an empty glass!

Waiter: Do you want a tumbler, wine glass, champagne flute or a beer mug?

Me: Oh, my God! Ahn ahn! Even glass too, Please leave me alone.  I’ll swallow my saliva.

I angrily left the restaurant,  I was just pacing I  front of the restaurant, pondering on my next step,  it then struck me that Michael also stays in Ikorodu,  I brought out my fone and beeped him,  but he did not pick,  I remembered he had once told me doesn’t pick strange numbers,  mogbe! See gogbe,  I tried him couple of times more,  I was about giving up on calling him,  when he called.

Michael: sorry,  this number called me earlier,  may I know who is calling

Me: it’s me judith

Michael: aah!,  where have you being?

Me: it’s a long story,  where are  you?

Michael: I’m home and you?

Me: I’m in ikorodu

Michael: doing what?

Me: long story,  can I see you

Michael: yea sure,  but why dis  late at nite

Me: will explain later,  send me your address and please be fast

Michael: ok [hangs up]

After like 2mins, I got a text message from Michael,  I follow the directions from the text I got,  after like 1hr 45mins,  I got Michael house,  he was in front of their probably expecting me..

Michael: hmm, Judith,  welcome,  hope the traffic was not too much.

Me: it was oo,  Na wa to ur area,  it’s too far

Michael: Pele,  [he ushered me I n]

Judith: I forgot to ask,  are your parents around

Michael: lucky you,  they travelled out earlier today

Me: ok…

We got inside,  Michael’s house was  ok,  better than mine,  the quality of interiors were speaking money,  the quality of the house was audible to the deaf and visible to the blind,  Michael’s parent were rich but Michael doesn’t look it,  he doesn’t dress big, in shot Michael dresses anyhow,  what I saw in is house felt like an over estimation of Micheal,  while I was admiring Michael’s house,  Michael came with glass of chilled water,  sat beside me  and asked “what will you eat”, am ok with anything you have I replied. Quickly he dashed to the kitchen after about 45mins,  he came out with indomie, assorted plantain with fried fish with a bottle of cold maltina and  a cold bottle of magic moment..   I couldn’t  be any happier,  I did fast and furious with the food as I was very famished,  when I was through, I poured a little of maltina  into a wine glass cup then I mixed it with a little of magic moment..  The mixture was a bang,  I enjoyed every sip as I narrated my Ordeal to Michael..  He was full of pity for me,  he drew me nearer as he patted me and pet me like some who lost a friend..
I wasn’t sure how it happened, or who made the first move. Either he had bent down, or i had reached up and pulled him down, but the next moment he was bending his upper body over me, his one hand holding onto the back of the couch to avoid pressing against my body. My one hand cupped itself around his neck, holding his face in place as we kissed.

The first touch of my lips were like a spring rain in the middle of the desert. Soft and honey-sweet, hesitant and unsure. He could taste my awkward inexperience in my fumbled movements, but i did not bother him in the slightest. He rubbed his lips against mine, a back and forth movement to soothe and excite. My breathing was loud, but he could still hear the frantic beating of his own heart over it.

He had been hoping for and dreaming about this for so long that he wanted to savour every moment in case he woke up and found it had been nothing more than a figment of his subconscious.

He pressed his lips against the corner of my lips and lingered there for a few seconds before trailing over my mouth to the other side. He touched the tip of his tongue to the little dimple there, and i turned my head towards him, anxious for more. He pulled away and comforted them both by rubbing his check against mine. His day-old beard rasped lightly against his skin and he loved the feeling of it. He held his face there, breathing in the fragrance of my skin and my hair, before touching his lips against mine in a chaste kiss. I murmured something and tilted my head to the side again. He took the hint and gave me a single soft, sipping kiss. He slipped his tongue over the seam of my lips once, twice, and then i opened them for him. He didn’t stick his tongue inside my mouth, instead teasing me further by taking my bottom lip between his and pulling it lightly. He sucked it into his mouth and slid his tongue over the smooth skin on the inside as he let it go.

I gave a soft moan and he awarded me with another lingering kiss. He tugged at my bottom lip again, this time using his teeth. My fingers tightened around his neck, sliding up and into his hair. He changed the angle of his head and licked his way slowly into my mouth, swallowing my soft gasp when his tongue found mine. He stroked it once, and then used the tip of his tongue to explore my mouth. He slid his tongue out and tested my reaction. I moaned my dissent and he slipped it back in. I was ready for him this time, touching him back hesitantly. He advanced and retreated a few times, teasing me with an erotic display of what he wanted to do with my body. I whimpered and he could taste my urgency, so he deepened the kiss. He tried coaxing my tongue out of my mouth, i was experienced enough to know what he wanted but hesitant.

“Give me your tongue,” he whispered against my lips. I didn’t respond immediately and he pressed his mouth against my ear.
“Your tongue,” he said again, feeling the shiver that shuddered through. My body when his breath tickled me. “Put it in my mouth.”

He licked a little trail back to my mouth and kissed me again, waiting patiently. After a few moments, he felt my warm, soft tongue against his lips. He surprised and shocked  me by sucking it into his mouth with unexpected urgency. He kept it there, suckling rhythmically for a while. My moan was one of pure need, a sentiment that echoed in the blood coursing through his body, fuelling his desire for me.

We made out like teenagers in the backseat of a car for a while, and as my confidence grew, so did my proficiency. He taught me what he liked, and showed me things he thought i might like. I forgot about everything that has ever happened to me.

This was magic, he thought as i did something with my tongue that made him moan. His eyes were closed, but he opened them because he wanted to see my face.

I looked spectacular. My hair was dishevelled and my face flushed. My lips were swollen from his kisses, and i had a slightly red mark of beard burn on the side of my neck where he’d nuzzled me.

“Look at me,” he said and i opened my eyes with obvious reluctance. My lips were parted, hoping for more kisses. He almost obliged, but we had the whole night, or what was left of it in any case. I struggled to focus on him and he couldn’t prevent the pure male smile of satisfaction. My pupils were dilated by desire, my gaze glassy and impatient and dazed. He kept his eyes on hers when he cupped my ribs, ready for me to groan or gasp.

I did gasp, but because he was staring into my eyes at that second, not even he could mistake it for a sound of passion.

“Kiss me,” i said as if i could read his thoughts. He cupped my face in both hands and stroked my cheeks for a second, lingering over the softness of my skin. He looked into my eyes and then leaned his forehead against mine for a second, sharing the moment with her.

“I love you,” he said.

then he kissed me. Though he was gentle, his mouth was insistent, and i followed his lead, opening my lips when his tongue probed at me. He swept it inside, tasted me, teased me, caressed me. I kept my arms around his neck, standing on my toes to get closer to him as we angled our heads to deepen the kiss. He could taste my breath in his mouth when i touched my tongue to his. I still tasted like the indomie  i ate earlier and he made a little sound of approval.

He walked me backwards until my legs hit the bed and pressed his face into my neck. He could feel my skin breaking out in Goosebumps when i turned my neck to give him better access. He kissed me almost mindlessly; open-mouthed kisses that dragged over me while his tongue drew little patterns on my skin. He kissed his way slowly up to my earlobe. I gave a little gasp when he took it between his teeth and pulled it lightly. He let it go to flick it with his tongue, taking a break to lick at the sensitive little spot just under my ear, tormenting me.

I slid my hands into his hair and drew his mouth back to mine. We were both out of breath by the time he let go of my lips. He slid his hands under to cup my breasts through my shirt. i pressed against him slightly, letting him know it was good. Michael pulled my plump lower lip into his mouth for another burning kiss while he got his hands under my  shirt i was still wearing. He dragged it up my body, his hands stroking me in a firm movement. I moaned a little and helped him by lifting my arms so he could pull it off.

“Oh, baby,” he whispered against my throat. His hands rubbed my skin possessively while i reached behind me to undo my bra. It joined the scattering of clothes on the floor. Michael’s hands cupped my breasts again, and he moaned when he felt the warmth and softness of my skin. He squeezed them lightly and had the satisfaction of feeling my nipples pebble against his palm. He took his time, pleasuring both of them by rolling the hard little nubs between his fingers, rubbing, pinching, pulling, flicking, until I clutched his shoulders and kissed him pleadingly.

He pushed me lightly and i obeyed his touch, lying back on the bed. He leaned over me, bracing his weight on his arms while he kissed me. He trailed his mouth down and i shifted uncomfortably when his mouth found one breast. He licked a little circle around the areola, taking his time to enjoy the puckered texture of my skin on the tip of his tongue. He laved the little ridges generously, eliciting a quickening in my breath. My nipple was a hard little nub and he tugged at it, using only his teeth and lips, until i arched into his mouth. He licked over it; a broad, flat stroke of his tongue that made me twist my torso.
I wound my fingers through his hair, holding his face against mine when he finally relented and sucked me into his mouth. We moaned together, a perfect duet of passion and desire as he suckled at me, alternating between long, hard tugs and teasing little sips, taking the occasional nibble just to delight me.

He kept my other nipple happy by playing with it with his fingers, echoing the movements his mouth made, but he was all about equality, so he switched and repeated the whole process. By the time he was done with my breasts – for the moment – my nipples were a deep rosy pink that made him want to start all over. They glistened from his saliva and he took a primitive male pleasure from the fact that he had been the one to get them in that state of arousal.

He shifted me on the bed with ease, so that my head was on his pillow and i was lying down exactly on the spot he wanted pulling me into his arms for another soul-deep kiss.

I sighed and moaned and turned on my side to press closer against him. He held my body against him, his hands exploring the ridges of my spine and the feminine softness of my skin, the scent of my arousal permeating the air in the room. He rolled me on my back, careful not to crowd me.

My hands were pulling at his jacket, trying to get it off him. He reared up and pulled it over his head, taking the long-sleeved shirt and his maufler with it in one movement before going back to my addictive kisses and eager lips. He gave a soft moan when he felt my breasts press against his chest. They were skin to skin, and he revelled in the contrast between our bodies. He was all hard muscles and rough skin, and I was… i was perfect. Soft and smooth and female and Mia and perfect.

The intensity of their lovemaking spiralled when he undid the fastening of my jeans and pulled them off my legs. I was wearing only a pair of socks he got rid of very quickly, and lacy new panties, he knew He made sure to show his appreciation by not ripping them off like he wanted to.

Michael propped himself up next to me on one arm. His other hand was tracing lazy circles on my belly, scraping me with his short nails to tease me. He focused on the area between my hipbones, and i responded with the expected arching of my hips and opening of my legs when the nerve-ends there sent tingles up my spine and to my breasts and the inside of my thighs.

He skimmed his finger over the edge of my panties, tracing the small, sexy little bow at the top. He followed the pattern of the lace and satin with one finger, noticing that i was very neatly trimmed. He slipped his finger under the lace and pulled it down very slowly, baring my mound with the small little triangle of curls for his viewing pleasure. He tested the soft, plump, pillowy area and just for a second, put his mouth on me. I gasped in surprise, my hips rising off the bed.

He rubbed my hip on the side furthest away from him and stroked his hand around and under my thigh. He moved his body in between my legs and hoisted my knees over his shoulders, stroking my thighs to soothe me when i made an agitated sound. I settled down and he pressed his mouth against the soft skin of my inner thigh, stroking me with his tongue and taking the occasional, small nip just to tease. He could smell my excitement much clearer in this position, and it made the bulge in his pants an almost painful experience when he hardened even more.

He pressed his lips against the warm, damp crotch of the panties and i gasped again. He had no trouble finding my clit with his tongue and he rubbed against it with small, hard, circular movements. My hips started to strain against his hold, and he shifted his arms to get a better grip for the bucking he knew would come soon enough. My hands pushed at my panties; clearly, i wanted them off.

And Michael was nothing if not willing. He slid three fingers under the satin crotch through the leg opening and felt the wetness of me against the back of his fingers before he pulled the panties off. He had to relinquish his position between my thighs and made use of the opportunity to peel his own pants off, revealing his stiff, hard cock. It sprang free, happy to be released from the confines of his pants.

“Can I see it?” i asked, lifting myself up on my elbows to get a better look.

“Ah, judith, now might not be the best time,” he said. “I don’t know how long I’ll last and I want to make sure you cum first. If you touch me now, it might not…”

“Please, Michael ,” i said. “I need to see that it’s not too… I need to see it, that’s all.”

“Of course, baby,” he said immediately, and he wanted to hit himself for not realising why i would want to get a closer look. He shifted up on the bed, giving me access to his cock.

I put out one finger, tentatively stroking it with just the tip, as if it was a wild animal that needed to be tamed. Actually, Michael thought, that wasn’t a bad description. He watched me fascinated with the drop of pre-cum. I touched it with the pad of my thumb, and rubbed it between two fingers. My smile was beautiful.

“It’s slippery,” I said. “I thought it would be more… watery, I guess.”

“Ah, Judith ,” michael said when i started spreading the moisture over his shaft. “That might not be a very good idea at the moment, baby. I don’t want to…”

But i was ignoring him. “You’re pretty big,” i said hesitantly. “Are you sure you’ll fit?”

“If you keep touching me like that, big won’t be a problem for much longer,” he said between clenched teeth when i wrapped her hand around him and stroked him, measuring the girth and length. His cock jerked in my hand and i let it go with a little jump. Michael pinched it between two fingers at the base, trying to hold back the need to cum.

“Let me take care of you,” he said. “I need to do that. Please, Judith.”

“All right,” i said, lying down on my back again. He resumed his position between my thighs, propping my open with his big shoulders and breathing in my feminine fragrance. He spent a few seconds, looking at me. My outer lips were juicy and plump, the inner lips small, like the petals of a flower that had not opened yet. My clit was already a little bit engorged, but he knew it would get much more so before he was done. He used the fingers of one hand to unfold my pussy lips as if it was a delicate present he wanted to unwrap.

He stroke one finger through the wetness pooled at my entrance. I lay perfectly still, but he could sense the mounting tension. He played there for a while, enjoying the sight of my glimmering lips. He painted a trail of my juice up to my clit and traced a circle around it.

My breath hitched in my throat when he started playing in earnest, rubbing my clit in little circular motions. He watched the little hood draw back as i got even more aroused. I was the most delicious shade of pink down here, and he wanted a taste. Ducking his head, he held open the love petals and sucked my clit into his mouth. He flicked it with his tongue, grazed very lightly with his teeth, and made me gasp when he brought me to the brink and held me there. Just before i came, he left my clit to go dabble in my little hole.

“No!” i moaned, my hand clutching his hair and trying to draw him back where i wanted him. He resisted and shocked me further by slipping his tongue inside me, feeling my smooth skin and tasting the proof of my desire.

So sweet, he thought when he started licking at me, first only with the tip of his tongue and then with broad strokes.

He moved back to my clit and started sucking on it again, moving his hand to slide first one finger and then a second inside me.

I hissed, he growled, and my walls tightened against him. He shifted his body and moved his hand, pushing his fingers deep into my well-lubricated hole and curling them upwards. He found the spongy area and pressed his fingers against it, rubbing my wet muscles. My body started jerking and bucking against him, and he held me down with his other hand. I panted his name when he stroked his fingers in and out of me, pumping them fast and sure, stopping to rub at my g-spot every few seconds.

It was inevitable, really. As the orgasm built, i let go of his hair, my hands fluttering around, looking for purchase somewhere, i arched my back and cried out softly, and found the headboard behind me. I clutched it tightly while he flicked and suckled my clit, his fingers doing wonderful things inside me. My eyes were shut so tightly that i saw little pinpricks of lights against the back of my lids.

My breathing was a rasping sound in the room, my heart pounding faster and faster as the orgasm grew in intensity and magnitude. My body was straining against his hold, the sensations sizzling through every nerve ending. I felt it in my toes, all the way to my fingertips, and electric zing that rushed from one nerve ending to the next like a wildfire of want and need and responses.

And when that torturous build-up finally reached the peak, it threw me off the cliff mercilessly. The pin pricks behind my eyes became little golden sparks that exploded like sparklers the size of fireworks. I was falling, and the sensations were so overwhelming that it threatened to ruin my pleasure.

But michael was there to keep me grounded. His mouth and fingers carried me through the explosive orgasm that had my legs bucking and my toes curling. He eased me when i became too agitated, and when the grip on my senses finally let up he soothed my sensitive skin with slow strokes.

I was breathing like somebody who had been trapped under water for too long when it was over. I lay there with my eyes still closed, my one arm over my face as i waited for the room to stop spinning.

Michael shifted up, pulling me into his arms. I could sense the tension in him and shifted him so that he would be lying on top of me. I cupped his cheek in one hand and dragged his mouth down for a slow, bottomless kiss. His tongue tasted strange, and it took me a second to realise i was tasting my own essence in his mouth.

I was shocked at how much i liked it.

Michael felt my shift from blissful to sated, and briefly considered letting me sleep. His cock, which felt like it could break steel boulders at that point, screamed in very loud protest. He was pretty much on the brink of an orgasm, so maybe he could go to the bathroom and…

I shifted my legs open under him, cradling him in the little nest of my body. He felt my damp skin and automatically thrust his hips against me, sliding his cock through my wet slit. It felt… unbearably good. He pulled back and did it again. And again, and was considering to just go on like that until he came, when i shifted my hips and he found himself poised at my entrance. He forced his eyes open to look at me. He would not, could not, take me without my permission.

I was achingly lovely, with my skin still damp and her hiar curling around my face in little tendrils, my face flushed and my lips swollen from his kisses. My eyes were lazy pools of contentment, and when i nodded, he plunged.

That first sheathing was exquisite. My body was so soft, so tight, so well and truly loved that he slid in without any trouble or difficulty. I opened up for him, my passage adjusting to his size and pulling him in flush against me. He braced himself on his arms and gave me a minute to get used to him, breathing through the primitive urge to start pumping.

Eventually he felt my push up against him and he pulled out until only the head of his cock was still inside me. My body felt so perfect that he had to grit his teeth as he did so because he didn’t want to leave. He slid back into that slick, wet hole, feeling the way my muscles pulled at him and contracted against his hard cock. He repeated the process, the delicious friction rubbing between them building his desire.

He increased his pace stroke by stroke, heartbeat by heartbeat, until he was gasping for breath with every lush slide into my tightness. He could feel his balls tightening up, the tingle starting in the base of his spine a dead giveaway. He quickened his thrusts almost desperately, wanting it to last longer but simply unable to draw it out this first time. He trembled, lunged deep inside me held himself there when the orgasm claimed him for its own. He could feel the warm rush of semen in his cock, felt it explode out of him and into my hot wet pussy. My body was helping him, the muscles milking his cock with hot, fluid contractions that pulled the orgasm out of orbit. He spun around helplessly for a second, straining to make it last, and when it crashed around him and inside him, he let himself press his face in my neck. He kissed the skin there, tasting my fine sheen of sweat as he tried to get control of his breathing.

It took a while for the ringing in his ears to subside, and he realised that he had slumped on top of me and was crushing me with his weight. He rolled off me and pulled me close, his arms trembling around me. He sensed it when i started drifting off to sleep, that lazy floating of the senses only a good orgasm could induce. With a grunt, he got up and worked the duvet loose under our bodies, pulling it over both of us. He gathered me close again and i shifted my head onto his chest. My deep breathing tickled the scattering of hair and my hand settled over his heart. He took it in his and threaded their fingers together to deepen the emotional connection.

And only when he was sure i was asleep, did he let himself do the same…..




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