I am a 23yrs old lady. I finished my NYSC last yr & my dad kept asking me to bring a guy home. I have a guy i’ve been dating since 2013. He is a very caring guy, in fact he is the best that has ever happened to me but d problem is his kind of job.
He is into “runs” as in a “G-guy”. I’ve told him to stop from the onset & he promised to venture into a legal business.
But he is trying is best to change his kind of business but it looks like I can’t wait and most especially him. He is 33 and he is keeping me from seeing other suitors. I don’t know what to do. Should I leave him and move on with other suitors with stable job or wait for him to change his job while other good guys pass me by.
Because he has sacrificed a lot for me and his families already know me and they all like me and because he is 33 I feel he doesn’t have much time on his side to start searching for a girl to start afresh with. I need your advice.

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