Help!She says my D is too Sweet,She won’t let me Be


Help!…she z older than Me,,,, We r both in d same state. B4 we started dating, I asked
her if she already has a guy nd she said no. Later on I wooed her n she accepted.
Wit tym, we fell inluv wit each oda.
She can’t even spend a day witout calling me upto 5times a day.
But wit tym, I found out she was already engaged to someone else. The guy is a graduate 30yrs old working in anoda state. My gal
denied it.Out of jealousy and Anger I had to send a pix of me & my gal kissing
to d guy.
I told the guy everything that has happened between me n
the gal.. I told him d truth and all our sexcapedes..


The Guy broke up with the girl. But later on, the guy accepted her back due
to d apology.
Within A week dis gurl started disturbing me again. Although, I’m tall, handsome n
vry romantic guy,She said she can’t forget the way I screw her.
Before you knew it, she came to visit me nd we had sex again and again
But my conscience is pricking me cos I now knw fully well dat she’s already
engaged to another guy. She WONT LET ME BE!!!!. How can I keep on
havin sex wit someone who is already engaged??? Or should I keep
on fucking her?
How can I stop this I need advice pls

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