Video: Priest suspended by church for gliding on hoverboard during Mass


Things we see every day. A priest in the Philippines
has been suspended by the church after video shared
on social media showed him gliding on a hoverboard
while preaching during mass.

The video which has racked up millions of views,
showed Father Albert San Jose from the Philippines
Diocese of San Pablo gliding on a hoverboard during a
Christmas Eve mass at the Lady of Miraculous Medal
church in Biñan town.
While the parishioners enjoyed seeing their priest
having a good time, the stunt did not go down well
with the priest’s bishop.
“That was wrong,” the archdiocese said in a
statement released on Tuesday. “The Eucharist
demands utmost respect and reverence. It is the
Memorial of the Lord’s Sacrifice. It is the source and
summit of Christian life.”
Father Jose later apologized for the stunt, saying it
will never happen again.

Download video Mp4

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