S. M. G Tales: [M3] Magical Moments of Michael. ¦[Season 01 Episode 03] written by #miichaell_ghost


This story is 99% Fiction.. Do not try this in the real world….

Previously on S01 Episode 02

Aunty Tolu!!!

After my Ss3 first term I became a big boy, popular and was the ladies man also I was a bit stupid as I didn’t seem to know when to keep my mouth shut. This got my head pounded by the street boys and because of this, I had this adventure.

My Mothers younger sister, my Aunty tolu, worked somewhere in mushin close to where  they sell drinks or so. We lived just behind the street and I loved it. While waiting for my Mother to get off work I roamed the dirty streets of mushin. All the people who worked there kind of looked out for me. I was sort of the mascot.

One day as I was walking home from school, 4 of the street big boys were picking on a young ajebutter boy. This is something that I hate so I ran by and stoned one of them in the balls. Then I ran, and ran, I was fast by the time they realized what had happened I was at our street. I ran down the first street and turned the corner. There was my Aunty tolu Standing in front of a wash tub washing clothes by hand, behind her was a log cabin with smoke coming out of its chimney..

As she rubbed the clothes on the rub board her size 38 tits were bouncing. Aunt tolu is 5′ 8” tall 38-27-37 with long red hair and full kissable lips. Yes!, I am good with measuring girls and women with just a glance or more, I could tell the size of a woman, sometimes I swear I could see through their clothes.. Aunty tolu was wearing a full length skirt the type they show in the old western movies. She saw me running and guessed that I was being chased again. She said, “Quick michael hide under here.” And she raised her dress…without thinking twice I slid under her dress and she dropped it back down.

It was very dark under there but my nose began to notice a tantalizing odor. On my key chain I had a little pen light, I pulled it out of my pocket. I began to hear voices of the boys chasing me. I chuckled I knew they could not run past Aunty tolu without stopping to check the bouncing of her breasts. I pressed the button on the bottom of the pen light and began searching for that delightful smell. I looked up…there before my eyes was Aunty tolu’s Bare pu**y… she was not wearing any panties. I took a deep breath and my nose told me that was where that delectable odor was coming from.

I could hear the boys still talking to Aunty tolu asking if she had seen me… but my mind blanked out and my finger began to point to Aunty tolu’s p*ssy. And it began to rise as if it had a mind of its own not stopping till it buried itself to the knuckle in her p*ssy. I heard her rapid intake of breath and one of the boys asked if she was alright. She answered that her knuckle had dragged on the rub board, A second finger popped inside her another deep breath.

I was beginning to enjoy myself, Aunty tolu was beginning to move around as if she had ants in her pants I felt her shudder. I stopped moving for a moment and I could hear her trying to get rid of the boys by telling them that I usually went down by the  army barracks to play.

As they began to leave I had inched around so I was facing her Delicious p*ssy. The washtub was high enough to hide my head as she bent over to rub the clothes. I lifted my head and licked the entire length of her p*ssy. She almost fell in the wash tub, thank goodness the boys had already departed. She reached under her dress grabbed me by the shirt collar and dragged me out from under her dress. She stood up and began dragging me toward the log cabin. When she got me inside I thought she was going to whip me for sure.

Instead she ripped off her dress, fell back on the bed and forced my face back into her crotch. She didn’t need to tell me what she wanted I just followed the honeydew smell and began licking. I noticed that when my tongue reached the top of her slit I would hit a hard spot and Aunt Meg would jump. I decided to investigate this closer, I nibbled and sucked on this button and could feel Aunty tolu’s legs moving like she was riding a bicycle. After about 10 minutes of licking and sucking she began to thrash around and she locked her legs around my head and she almost smothered me. Suddenly her legs flew out wide and and her butt began to bounce off the bed. She shoved me away screaming enough, enough.

“Oh my God what have we done? “ Aunty tolu was almost in tears..as she pulled on her dress
“ Didn’t you like it? “ I asked.

“You need to go home, we will talk about this later, I have to get back to work.” Aunty tolu was so frustrated all her words were running together. As I started out the door I said, “ Aunty tolu can we do this again sometime.”

I needed to go home to get a shower I seemed to have something sticky in my pants. As I started out the door I saw Aunty tolu’s twins 14 year old daughters approaching the house.

The twins were just perfect replicas of Aunty tolu only younger and maybe a size or two smaller. They were glancing back at their Mother that had passed them at a run and did not even realize they were there. I tried to squeeze past them but tola grabbed my arm and tosin grabbed a hand full of my hair. Instinctively I reached out to push them away. Tola was wearing a low cut blouse and my hand went right between her tits. Tosin was wearing a tee shirt with no bra and my other hand grasped her left tit.

For a few seconds everything stood still. Then tola demanded to know what was wrong with their Mother and tosin screamed “Why are you squeezing my tit.” She pulled my hair harder and tola realizing where my other hand was , she let go of my arm and slapped me hard [*in yoruba* igbati!] . Then they pushed me back inside the house.

They said they wouldn’t hurt me…too bad… if I told them why their mother was upset.

So I told them what had happened . Their mouths were wide open…tosin said , “you really licked her down there.” I nodded , “ Did she like it.” again I nodded.
….. *We were still all children, so I guess we did as we wish sha,  don’t blame us,  this is how we shs [senior high school] students think*….

Tosin pulled up her dress and demanded I do her. She lay back on the bed and I removed her panties..At first all I could do was stare… her tiny p*ssy looked so inviting I started to lean in and take a lick…when I felt hands on my waist…tola was undoing my jeans. I ignored her and went back to admiring tosin’s pussy I stuck out my tongue and licked from her wrinkled butt hole to the top of her p*ssy. I remembered that hard bump of Aunt tolu’s so I looked for tosin’s own. When I found it I gave it an extra suck and tosin’s heels were beating a hole in my back but it tasted so good I ignored the pounding and kept licking.

Suddenly I noticed and odd sensation on my prick, it felt wet from my ball sack to the tip, then I felt a warmth almost the full length. Tola had my prick in her mouth….OOH it felt good. Then I felt tosin pressing on my head so I went back to licking her p*ssy and trying to enjoying both spots.. Now I am not going to brag and say the length of my prick but at this stage I had worth full grown men wish they had..

It was difficult keeping my mind on tosin while tola was sucking but I did the best I could. My tongue lapped at the petals of her wonderful flower. I tightened my tongue to the shape of a spear and drove it inside her p*ssy and swirled it around. I began to feel a sensation in my ball sack as if I were about to explode. Then tosin grabbed the back of my head and locked her legs around my head which drove my nose in to her p*ssy and she began to bounce and flop around. Then I felt the sensation of relief as I exploded in to tola’s mouth. Tola tried to swallow as much as she could but my cum was all over her face. I was so drained that I slid off tosin’s p*ssy and out of tola’s mouth and on to the floor.

Tola said, “Hurry and let it stand again it is my turn”. Tosin said, “ Maybe she can help”  mogbe!,  I was weak but wanting   And she gets down on the floor next to me and takes my prick in her hand and begins to stroke, After about 10 strokes she slides my prick into her mouth…that felt so good I could feel myself getting hard after a few more strokes she says , “tola… he is all yours”

Tola straddled my body and began lowering herself toward my prick . As I entered her p*ssy I could not believe how warm and soft it felt. She began to move up and down and cooed . OOH it feels so good.” This was my first time and I was enjoying every bit of it. Tosin moves around and pulled up her Tee shirt and stuck one of her nipples in my mouth. My eyes popped open and I looked at her tits. Things had happened so fast none of us had undressed and this was the first fresh Tits I had ever seen since I had my encounter with tobi. Tola began to move faster, I was sucking nipple faster and my body began to tense up and my hips were coming off the floor to meet tola’s downward thrusts. Then there was a big explosion I don’t know who was first or if we were together but I know we orgasmed…even tosin had and orgasm just from having her Tit sucked. Tola fell over onto my chest and I put my arms around her and stroked her back.

After we caught our breath and straightened our clothes the girls smiled at me and said we will have to do this again sometime.

We stepped out of the ouse …there was Aunty tolu washing clothes with a satisfied smile on her face.

Next on S01 EPISODE o4

Written by S.M.G

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