This story is 99% Fiction.. Do not try this in the real world….

Previously on S01 EPISODE 04

Aunty tolu said she had to get back to work and left me in the house alone. I sat there for a few minutes basking in the glow of enjoyable sex.

Then the house door flew open… there stood temi…

The look on her face told me she had been watching Aunty tolu and I. The look was of lust and as her lips moved into a smile she began shedding her clothes I was entranced. First she pulled her  sweater over her head then she reached for the clasp of her front opening bra. As she freed the bra the cups exploded off her beautiful 34 C’s . Her nipples stood out like a pair of pink raisins.

She turned her skirt around and began to unbutton it, she let it fall and stood there in her cotton panties. Ooh that camel toe stood out just like I remembered . Temi smiled at me and put her thumbs into the waist band of her panties…I said wait…and motioned her over to the bed..

As she neared I held out my hands at the proper height for her to step in and her tits to be in my hands. I caressed them and kissed them and sucked her right nipple into my mouth and rolled it around. I heard the quick intake of her breath. I continued to suckle on her nipple and put my arms around her and rand ran my hands all over her back. Her skin was so soft and smooth but at the same time heat was radiating from her skin.

I moved my mouth from her nipple kissing across to the other giving the left nipple a few tongue twists then kissed a trail up to her neck. With my hands in the center of her shoulders so that I could pull her into me I began to kiss her neck, slobbery kisses. She tilted her head to the side and forward onto my shoulder. The slobbery kisses turned to kisses and bites and humming on her neck.

I reached up with one hand and pulled her long blond hair to the side making it almost possible for me to reach the back of her neck. Her breathing was coming in gasps, I continued my assault on her neck while dropping my hands to her waist and sliding them under the waistband of her panties. Sliding my hands over the globes of her wondrous ass almost caused me to blow my load.

Temi was weakening I could feel her almost sliding to the floor… it was time. I had her lay on the bed still wearing her panties. I moved up next to her with my nose almost touching her p*ssy. I took my index finger and traced her camel toe after multiple traces I began to trace with my tongue and then I sucked one side of her pantie covered lips into my mouth. Since she was already wet I was able to taste her nectar. I switched lips and repeated.

Now was the time to unveil her beautiful p*ssy. I grabbed a hold of her panties on each side and slowly, ever so slowly I began to pull them down. For each inch the panties lower I placed kisses on the newly bared skin. She did not have a bush nor did she shave, what I found was a smooth unblemished p*ssy covered with light down like you would expect to find on a much younger girl. The top of her slit came into view and the tantalizing odor drew my tongue like a magnet.

I hated to take the time but I pulled her panties on down and off he feet. I began to kiss my way back up her legs alternating legs and temi kept opening her legs till I reached the heavenly crossroads. I licked from one end of her slit to the other I made a few passes around her button causing gasps each time. She began to shuddered with what was about her third climax. I shaped my tongue to form a ‘V’
and slid it into her pussy. After a couple of strokes I let my tongue flatten which caused it to slide down the lips of her pussy, she shuddered again.

After kissing and sucking every part of her p*ssy my Jaws and base of my tongue were becoming sore. I began to move up her body kissing as I go. My prick was searching for his velvet glove and all he had to do was to follow the heat. My prick became slid straight into her opening which was really a surprise as her hips were gyrating all over the bed. Suddenly her hips heaved upward and she was impaled entirely on my cock.

I stroked in and out, on the in stroke I would twist my hips right on one stroke and to the left next stroke. This helped my already crooked dick touch more places and to make temi enjoy it more. It seemed like temi’s hips were doing just the opposite of mine. I could feel my release nearing when temi began screaming I’m coommminng so I went faster and we both exploded together. Our bodies thrashed around until we hit the floor still connected.

Temi looked up at me and smiled and said “Thanks”. This was the first words she had said since walking into the house

Aunty tolu stuck her head in the house door and said, “you kids strip the bed clothes off the bed. I have to wash them…

Mogbe!  Did Aunty Tolu just see us???  ….

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