A teacher at the Light of God School in Kawangware, Nairobi, Kenya, Lydia Nyanchama, is currently in hospital where she is receiving treatment after her ex-husband, Stephen Omondi, battered her because she did not answer his phone calls, the Star reports.

The incident which happened on January 17, saw Nyanchama losing a tooth and suffering a broken arm in brutal beating.

It was gathered that the woman who is private school teacher was separated from Omondi who is a mechanic but that he never stopped calling her at odd times and expected her to pick his calls even she is with another man.

The victim narrated what led to the attack on her on the day:

“I had gone for an outing in Dagorettion on Saturday when he called but I did not not answer because he chased me from his house in 2014 without a clear reason.”

But on getting back home the following morning, Nyanchama said she met Omondi waiting outside her house and descended on her, beating her blue black. Before leaving, he vowed to come back and kill her, prompting her to report the case of assault at the Muthangari police station and he was arrested.

Omondi confessed to beating Nyanchama but sai he did it because he supports their child yet he found her in a pub with another man..