9JA Cex Story: Magical Michael. ¦[Season 01 Episode 06] written by #michael_ghost


This story is 99% Fiction.. Do not try this in the real world….

Previously on S01 EPISODE 05

Mogbe!  Did Aunty Tolu just see us???   and just acted normal,  normally I know sex in mushin is a normal thing,  I even heard that both mother and daughter can become enemies because of a simple young guy,  I wouldn’t have believed that but here I’m full of shock still calm tho…….

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Temi slipped out the door and headed home while I stripped off the sheets. Aunty tolu with a smile on her face stuck her head in the window and told me to just throw the sheets in the corner….

It was just about time for my mother to get home so I headed home.. When I arrived mom was fixing supper and Dad was already home and watching the news on TV. Mom said michael, “ Ms johnson called and said you needed to be tutored in Literature. She said she has a spot free Saturday at ten am.”

“Yes Mother” …and it is only Wednesday. ….WOW what a week.

Thursday waiting for school to start I noticed Ms Johnson was talking to Miss linda. Now there is and odd pair the Prune and the Peach. Miss Mary linda was about 5’8” tall weighed about 110 lbs. She reminded me of mercy johnson in a classic movie on TV last night..

I felt an arm slip around my waist and a pair of lips kissed me on the cheek, I instinctively jerked away only to have another set of lips plant a kiss on the other cheek. That had to be tola and tosin, my lovely cousins, I pretended to be upset. But actually it was very enjoyable. Hey cuz guess what you are spending the night at our house tonight. “Our Mother and your Mother and Dad are going out … Grandma is in the Hospital they are going to do surgery tomorrow. We are going to have lots of fun they won’t be back till Monday.”

“ We are thinking slumber party cuz …. what do you think 4 girls and you… is that enough?” Oh and I almost forgot… and us…that makes 6.”

WOW …can’t wait…

[one thing about we secondary students,  we like to discover and try out new things,  on a normal day no normal Girl would agree for a group banging,  but here I’m with 6ix girls at my disposal, the best life is always our secondary school life… I’m sure enjoying mine I hope u enjoyed yours?]..

I just don’t know how I am going to handle 6 girls…First off I don’t think I have the strength. Hmmm I guess I will have to cheat. I think I have an idea. At lunch I looked for tosin and tola and told them as much as I would like to make love to 6 girls I felt it would be unfair to them to have to divide myself up that much. How about if I ask my friend olu to spend the night too.

Olu was considered to be a Dreamboat by most of the girls. He had curly black hair, black eyebrows and long eyelashes. He resembled a ghanian actor van vika. He had broad shoulders and 6 pack abs.. He had told me he rarely dated in our school because last year two girls had a fight over him and they got expelled.

They were thrilled with the Idea. Now I had to convince olu. I called him and asked him to meet me after school He said okay. The rest of the school day dragged by. The final bell was like a relief spring . I rushed to the High school to meet olu.

How would you like to have 6 girls waiting for you to screw them with out having to make a date or spend any money. Two of the girls are my cousins tosin and tola. If you want to set up something later that is between you and them otherwise a one time thing..All you have to do is agree to spend the night at my cousins house tonight.

Olu agreed, he called his mother and told her he was going to spend the night with me. Since we have done this before she said no problem. I packed a bag for the night and put it in to Aunty tolu’s guest room. I hid out olu while I was getting things set up. I talked to my cousins, the other four girls were the Choir girls that had taken up for me.

Olu was interested in the twins so we split up the girls. Olu took the twins and Ellen and I went with shewa, Mariam and Joy. I took the guest bed room and olu took the Twins room. Now the fun begins…..

To be continued……

Next on S01 EPISODE 07

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