True life story: Confessions of a gay #unigoss


Chika Nwafor is a Nigerian gay who was living in Germany. Chika showed off his relationship with a German born lawyer years back, Marc Schwartz and they got married in 2008.

They met through the internet and have been once in Nigeria to meet Chika’s family. Although the duo’s union packed up 2010 with a divorce suit, we hereby bring you a throwback interview that popular blogger, Stella Dimoko-Korkus had with Chika when he (abi nah she) got pregnant (he was the wife).

Read the weird excerpts below:

Chika: I’ve been having some strange feelings inside me

Stella: How?

Chika:Waking up late, sleeping early. My waist is at times hurting me and I keep spitting and almost vomiting. As I am talking with you now, I am running a temperature, and the worst is my legs are heavy as if its swollen. I am not just myself as I always have fainting spells and I don’t know what to do.

Stella: What you are describing is like pregnancy symptoms but you are a man so how can you be pregnant?

Chika: I don’t know o my sister. I am afraid I don’t want that because I have had it once and it was taken out and now again, after a year and some months, it’s back again.

Stella: You were pregnant before?

Chika: Yes. Please pray for me. Before such has happened but not the same feeling like now. Then I was three weeks pregnant.
Stella: How is it possible? You have a womb?

Chika: The doctors say I have a womb but tiny, that it is not going to happen again. I have a womb but how can I give birth when I have only a penis?

Stella: So how did the doctor abort your last pregnancy?

Chika: The doctor cut my tummy open from under my navel down the last time. Let me rest now please, you are making me panic. I don’t want anything to happen to me, I don’t want to die.”

According to Stella, Chika isn’t in Nigeria anymore for fear of his life. Chika was said to have reportedly mentioned names of Nigerians celebs and politicians who had slept with him. A confession which left Stella in a cold sweat.

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