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I have always thought val is overhyped. May be it is because deep down in my heart love has failed me. Love has disappointed me. All my life the guys I like never like me back. And also, maybe it is because I lost my virginity on val’s day.

All my life, guys have never really liked me. Or should I say the guys I like don’t like me back while those I don’t care about are the ones who pay me attention. Last year, I met a man I had been with chatting with on facebook. He is married, but because I write poetry, he became one of my ardent fans. He sent me a friend request and I accepted, and from there we began chatting.

His wife is in London, but he is here on contract to one of the telcom companies so he didn’t come with his family.

When we met at ocean basket in VI last year, I couldn’t believe how handsome he was. He is fair, tall and very handsome. I will not deny that I fell in crush with him. I also will not deny that when he invited me to his house in Adeniyi Jones in Ikeja, I accepted and went.

One thing led to another and he disvirgined me in his house, Feb 14, 2015. It happened on the couch, in his parlour. Prior to this the only experience I have about sex is what I read in books and watch in films. I have kissed and touched guys, but never sex. I wanted to keep it till marriage, but I don’t know the kind of madness that took over me that day. It happened on the sofa, not even in the bedroom. Cheap, huh? I’m a cheap floosie, some people will say.

What pains me is I enjoyed every bit of it after the initial pain, and I was also stupid enough to catch feelings, forgetting he is a married man. I was feeling guilty thereafter, but that did not stop me from still falling for him.

The problem now is he is married, and he doesn’t feel for me like I feel for him. I am just a fresh, tight pussy to cure his konji while he is in Nigeria.

I am so disappointed in love, and I wonder if true love exist. That is why val day makes me sick and I just wish your blog and other blogs will stop posting about val already! I hate val’s day. I hate love! Love is a very big lie. Quote me any day,

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