My heart is heavy. I got married last month January and I am working in another state with my hubby pending the time I will get a new one where my husband is. I leave in a flat and we are three grown up ladies staying together.
The issue is that I hang out with two of my male friends here but we ain’t dating. One of my house mate is on leave the other one told me that the one on leave told four of her friends that I rushed into marriage, that is why I flirt around. This lady is the same person that eats my food and use my things without me complaining. Gooooossshhhh people are pathetic! I need your advice. I really need to ask her or something.  And for her friends who came behind to tell my other house mate I want to comfort them and clear myself. Does been married means I can’t hang out after work. I’m so sad here because I didn’t rush into marriage and I don’t think I can ever cheat on the love I have for my man.


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