Tayo and Michael are brothers,  Michael is the elder one and the favorite to his father.. As time moved on Michael and tayo moved from village to Lagos city to hussle for money.. Michael started making it while hussle did not go too well for tayo. As time went by,  tayo decided to go bk to the village since life was not easy for him in Lagos.. 5yrs after,  Michael married a beautiful wife called sarah but 3years after marriage they did not have any child,  they tried all they could and left  the remaining in the hands of God…

After a while tayo told Michael he wants to come bk to Lagos,  that village is not working well for him.  Michael agreed,  since he is his small brother,  he allowed him to come stay at his ouse… The moment tayo came to the ouse and saw Sarah,  he was like wow,  dis is brothers wife make sense.. Sarah is contractual business woman, which means it’s not everyday she goes to work.. Tins went well for a while but on a particular day, Sarah was not going to work,  feeling lazy,  she tired wrapper to do most of the ouse chores,  dis got tayo aroused,  tayo thought to himself “why be say na only Michael dey get all the good tins,  Na him papa like,  Na him dey successful,  Na him get fine wife,  make i share dis one wit am even if na once”, so decided to chat Sarah up,  they gisted for a while, then tayo offered to get drinks in the fridge for both of them…. Then he was bk he gave her the drink unknown to Sarah he had grinded sleeping pills inside.  He took excuse to use the toilet, before he was bk Sarah was deep asleep,  then tayo seized the opportunity to sex her to his maximum satisfaction…. When Sarah woke up,  she noticed her body was not the way it was wen she slept,  but she felt maybe it was a dream,  life continued peacefully,  a month after Sarah was pregnant which made Michael very happy.  Tayo was not sure if he was the owner of the pregnancy but he cared less,  it was none of the business after all,  he then told Michael that he needed to go back to village to start any kind of business,  and as a brother Michael did not mind,  he gave his junior brother N500k to start any business of his choice… After 14years,  the baby of that time had grown to be sharp and smart,  he was known has Sam,  sam grew up resemble both his father and his brother so there was no suspicion,  sam was a very  smart kid.. On a faithful day,  sam came bk from school and called his parents that he wanted to talk to them.. Yes Sam,  what is it u want to say, his father asked. Hope u will not be angry with me if I tell you,  asked Sam.  We are your parents we can’t hurt you, replied his mum.  Well,  on my way back from school I branched a small shop to play Naija Bet, Sam said. You went to bet ke,  when did you start betting Sam?, so how much did you bet?, asked his dad.  N200 sir, replied Sam but the issue is that I won N30m from the bet sir and they said I am not old enough to collect it, that I shld come with my parents.  On hearing this, is father jumped up happily,  sam you my son, you are a good boy,  next time tell me when you want to do something like that again make sure u tell me,  so I can show you the right path, said his dad.. Both parents were happy,  so the next day they went to 9jabet to claim the money, they were congratulated on winning the money but they were told to bring documents to proove they are Sam’s parent.
Michael and Sarah [the lovable  Nigerian Prince charming and snow white], happily went to the hospital to take tests to proove the are the parents of Sam.  When the result were out,  Michael was called privately to be told he was not the father of Sam.  Michael was sad and traumatized, while Sarah was jumping up and happy,  Michael was moody,  it became obvious and Sarah asked why her husband was moody,  Michael explained what the doctor told him.  And Sarah was confused. Since Michael met Sarah, he has never seen her misbehave promiscuously,  he even married her a Virgin,  so Michael was as well confused.. In the doctors words ” sir in the test we conducted, it shows that ur gene is closely related to Sam’s gene but you are not his father,  probably someone within the family would be”  Michael taught of this statement over and over again but he could not come up with anything reasonable.. Meanwhile in the village,  tayo heard that Sam won huge amount of money,  so he decided to pay his brother a visit,  so at least he can get small share out of it, unknown to him the crisis the couples are facing.. When tayo finally got to his brothers place,  Michael narrated the whole Ordeal to his brother.. It was then tayo became suspicious that the evil he did the other time might be what led to Sam.  So decided to do test and it was confirmed he was the father of Sam.. Tayo decided to tell his brother about the Ordeal..
Can you remember,  that time we gisted,  that you said you were feeling some how,  that you started caressing me,  until you seduced me into having sex with you,  tayo told Sarah.. God forbid why would I do such, Sarah replied.  Anyway since you can’t remember, I have decided to let my brother know,  I just said I should tell you first.. See,  Michael,  there was a time,  when you where out,  your wife & I were alone at home,  I don’t know what she drank but she wore a white wet wrapper & was doing funny house chores,  like sweeping a clean floor or cleaning a clean chair then eventually she made advances to me,  I tried to  refuse,  she said ok that we should go to her room & gist,  so she can sleep off,  but when we got to her room she Started to seduce me, she has threatened to shout rape if I don’t corporate, was really in a tight corner, I had no choice but to sleep with her.. Tayo narrated the story to Michael..
Aaah!  Michael was shocked,  Michael trusted his brother more than his wife, so his trust for his wife was no more after he heard the story his brother told him.. But while he was trying 2ask his wife why she did such, tayo interrupted him and said that the main problem his that, since Sam is his biological son, he therefore has a right to claim a father’s share in the N30m his son won…
The End

Dear readers, this are my questions.

1. What is your advice for the Sarah?

2. What action should  Michael take.?

3. What is the best solution.?

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