9JA Cex Story: Magical Michael. ¦ [Season 01 Episode 09] written by #michael_ghost


Previously on S01 EPISODE 08

This story is 99% Fiction..  Do not try this in the real world nor believe any of it….

Before you start reading,  I have one question for you and I need your sincere answers. If you were in my shoes what will you do? Older women are always in love with me……

My Aunty Lizi…..

From the time that I could remember my Aunt Liz always had a playful demeanor with an edge of sarcasm within her playfulness. When I was just a child and she came over to mushin to visit her younger sister (my Mom), she would always take the time out to show me some attention. Generally back then; even though it encompassed some physical touching, the playfulness was wrestling or tickling, or a combination of both. Aunty Lizi lived in Onipan Lagos  a couple of hours away from us so it wasn’t as if we saw her on a regular basis, so it was a real treat when she came around. But also, as I grew older and went through puberty, in addition to my new past experiences at mushin. it was not lost on me that Aunty Lizi really was a good-looking woman. Fortunately she seemed to continue her physical playfulness with me, always giving me over enthusiastic hugs, still poking and tickling me, grabbing me around the neck and head locking me against her bosom, and such.

She was the only visitor that has visited us since we moved to Palm groove ,On a fateful day aunty Lizi came to visit and did her perfunctory headlock into her bosom without thinking. But instead of me resisting, I let her push my face right into her right boob. For whatever reason, I opened my mouth and clamped down right through her blouse onto her nipple. This must have surprised her as she froze for a second or two, then pulled my head away between her hands.

She gave me a wry smile and with a wink she said, “my, my Michael you caught me by surprise. I owe you one now”.

With that she quickly pulled her right tit out of her low cut top, adjusted her bra, tweaked her nipple, and then shoved it back home just as my Mother walked up behind her.

Aunty Lizi leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “next time maybe I’ll have you kiss the boo-boo you gave me”, then kissed me on the cheek.

See gogbe!,  looks like I’m always lucky with older women but this one naa my mother sister,  hmmm oya let’s just see what will happen next…

The next couple of days, before she headed back to her home, she made sure that I had plenty of opportunities to observe how sexy she was. I mean, this woman, my aunt, was in her late thirties but when she hung out at our swimming pool in her string bikini, it was very obvious she was one hot mama. She had this medium length dark hair that she liked to roll up into a bun behind her head. Seemingly, at least to me, she would always do that when I had a perfect view of her 36C (my guess) tits and her flat belly.

Aunty Lizi seemed to make sure that I had a good view of her and almost posing to extenuate her features. Even when she was standing next to my Mom, she would do little things like adjusting her top, which would expose most of a breast, or pull her suit bottom out of her crotch while glancing over to me to make sure that I was looking. My Mom even turned around once to see who Aunty Lizi was looking at, noticing it was I, my Mom rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Yeee! Alakoba!  My mum never told Aunty lizi about my S€xcapades.  I hope Aunty lizi won’t get me in trouble though my mum trusts her alot so there was no suspicion yet.

Funny thing is, I noticed then that my Mom was built almost identical to her older sister, just an inch or so taller and with lighter brown hair. Had to tell myself to stop thinking that way.
Over the next couple of weeks we did not have the opportunity to see my Aunty that often, maybe a four or five times total. With me now getting ready to write jamb and also taking jamb tutorials and involved in multiple sports and my new neighbor’s daughter, Hannah is getting academic recognition almost across the country at a very tender age, I’m her lesson teacher, our families just didn’t make the connection too often.

But when we did, my Aunty Lizi never hesitated to flirt or tease me, even in front of my Mom. Mom would tell her to stop it, because my Aunty might spoil me. Aunty Lizi would just laugh and point out to my mother that I’m still a small boy. Mom would roll her eyes and tell Aunty Lizi she was sick in the head, but then stare at the bulge in my shorts with a quizzical look.

Even though I thought that football was my best sport, it turned out that I was very good in Story writing. In fact, in my senior year in High School I was the best Story writer. But my ss3 was fill with so much of mushin S€xcapades so I did not get much time to write stories..

Due to past stories I must have written, I was invited to a small company for a short interview and with a short story. The company was located in Onipan, Since aunty Lizi lived there, my Mom made arrangements for me to stay there as Hannah was off to college. And as it turned out, my Uncle was on an extended business trip overseas.

I made it to the company on time and I was told to come back come back the first weekend. So Mom shipped me off to stay the entire 10 days.

Aunty Lizi picked me up from the brt bus station and right from the bus-stop  it was apparent that the tease was on. She was wearing long slinky skirt with a slit up one side that exposed her leg and half her hip. Her top was a tight fitting silk low cut and she did not have a bra on.

I threw my bag in the back seat then jumped into the passenger seat before she entered the driver’s side. As she got in, she pulled the slit in her skirt from one side to the other leg exposing the fact she did not have any panties on. I saw a well-trimmed small patch of hair and for a second, saw her slit.

My eyes were glued to her crotch when she snapped her fingers and said, “gotcha! Surprise, surprise. Bet you never though you would see your old Aunty’s snatch, did you?”

I could not answer, my mind was numb and then she quickly spread her legs and gave me a full beaver shot.

Closing her legs, she laughed, “ told you I would get you”.

As she pulled out of the station, she faked as if she was grabbing the gearshift and reached all the way over to my hard prick clasping it and moving it like it was a shift knob while making motor noises.
Again laughing, “Oops, sorry about that” as she imitated shifting it. Giving it a hard squeeze, she just said, “oh yeah, payback will be a bitch”.

To be honest, I almost blew my wad. But I didn’t.

The rest of the ride to her house was pretty much silent except for when she caught me looking either at her leg or her chest, which would spread a smirk across her face.

Since my first events at the company would take place the next day, I had to make sure I was prepared. One of the things that I did was to shave all the hair off my body below my neck. I could have not totally cleaned up my pubic area, I went into the master bathroom to shower and shave.

I did most of the shaving in the shower, but to get my ass and lower crotch area shaved I need to sit on the bed. So I opened the shower door and stepped out…. right in front of Aunty Lizi, who was sitting on a chair directly across from the shower.

She had this shit eating grin as she scanned my body, paying attention to my cock which I could not hide as I was holding the razor in one hand and the gel in the other.

“Your Mother told me to help you in any way I could but I never knew that getting the hair off your body is part of it” she said. “Think I’ll enjoy this, come here.”

I stood there frozen. She just slid forward and reached out grabbing me by the ball sack.

“Give me the gel and razor, lets get started”, she ordered. Then pulled my prick a few times and saying, “well I guess you saw mine, so turn around is fair play. Not bad for a kid”, as she squished and kneaded my ball sacks.

Within seconds, she had me lathered and started shaving my balls and crotch all the while stroking my prick until it was as hard as granite. She seemed to relish me being uncomfortable with this predicament. With my prick stretched to its full extreme and lathered up, Aunty Lizi managed to shave every hair off from my entire pubic region, including my prick. Then she turned me around, making me bend over and commenced lathering and shaving my entire ass, including from my bunghole to my scrotum.

As she wiped me off, she reached between my legs and gave my prick a couple of strokes with her hand and asked, “as big as your prick is, doesn’t it present a problem in that little, tight boxers?”

Being a bit more confident of the situation now, I responded with a little cockiness: “just have to make sure I do not have a hard on and lay it over to one side”.

“Oh yeah, how do you control that?” she said as I turned around.
Somehow, as she was shaving my posterior, she had managed discard the robe she had on and was sitting there stark ass nak€d.

My eyes took it all in as she leaned back in the chair lifting her arms to roll her hair into a bun, exposing her perfectly formed tits that jutted out. Noticed her nipples were hard and extended. Then she spread her knees allowing a full view of her pubic area including her now opening p*ssy lips.

If my prick was hard before, now it extended well past my belly button and half way up my stomach.

“Do not think you would be able to get that sideways into your boxers. In fact I can not get it to bend”, she said as she tried to pull my cock down.

She took some baby oil and rubbed it over my freshly shaved areas, rubbing my prick and balls with both hands. Then she started stroking my it up and down.

I was in a trance, but could feel the pressure build in my balls.

“Aunty Lizi, you have to stop…I can’t…please stop”, I stammered.

Looking up at me, she just smiled and stroked faster sending me over the edge. My hips bucked as if I was air fucking and the first rope of steamy cum sprang from the end of my prick.

“That a boy…cum, michael, cum”, she said while manipulating my balls with one hand and continuing to stroke with the other.

Almost synchronized with my Aunt’s strokes, my prick spewed forth stream after stream of my seed until all that was left dribbled out in what felt like the dry heaves.

Aunty Lizi continued to rub my prick, but more gently and slower. “Good boy michael, guess you had a load in there. this how you prepare your prick to fit in those tight boxers? Do you do it or do you have a young girl do it?”

“Well, are you afraid to answer? Do you masturbate or have someone else do it?” she asked almost demanding, then gave my prick a hard yank while she twisted it, “hey, I asked you a question”.

Embarrassingly I said, “ Yes, sometimes I do jerk off so my penis fits sideways”.

“What or who do you think about when you do it? Do you ever think about me? How about your Mom?” she inquired.

Getting more comfortable with the conversation, I answered, “Yes, I do think of you. Remembering the time I bit your nipple and how you teased me during your stay back then.” As I scanned my Aunty’s bare tits, noticing that a few globs of my spunk had landed on them.

“Let’s finish this conversation elsewhere” she stated as she stood up and started to walk out, “ no need to put your clothes on as there is nothing left for you to hide.”

Aunty Lizi, did grab her robe and threw it over her shoulders though. Even though she did not close the robe, it did keep me from watching her bare ass as we made out way to the couch in her living room.

We sat down on the couch, almost facing one another, her right leg folded under her left knee on the couch while her left foot was still on the floor. This presented a totally unobstructed view of her p*ssy, spreading her outer lips just so and allowing her inner lips to spread slightly. Without thinking I mirrored her position, not noticing that she also had a full frontal nude view of me! And we were just inches apart.

Then it hit me again… this is my Aunty Lizi, my Mother’s older sister, and she had just given me a hand job, and I was just inches from her naked body.

Aunty Lizi coughed up a slight laugh and stated, “it is finally dawning on you isn’t it? Not really that perverse Michael, through out history incest has been the norm and not the exception up until a hundred years ago or so. Ever read Shakespeare, how about the Roman emperors, or even the aristocratic bloodlines of today? Tell me the truth, have you ever jerked off fantasizing about fucking your Mother?”

“ Well..no…I mean, er…well” her infectious smile and warm voice had disarmed me, “ I guess no ”.

“ You pretty much have admitted that you fantasize about fucking me, and I am her sister” as she took my right hand and placed it on her half a cantaloupe size left tit, “so it is not surprising”.

My fingers had a mind of their own, slowly searching each millimeter of Aunty Lizi’s tit, confirming by touch how firm her tit was, finding the nipple between my thumb and middle finger, extending the nipple a half an inch from her areola.

She found my left hand and slid it up her thigh. The soft, sweet feel of her thigh prompted me to move closer and closer to her open, uncovered womanhood. I felt the slight bristle of her pubic hairs, then the firm sponginess of her pubic mound. My fingers moved over her outer lips then touched the opening gap between them. As my fingers spread her vagina, I could feel the heat expel and the wetness cover my fingers.

Aunty Lizi picked up my chin with her free hand, looking directly into my eyes, as her other hand held my hand to her now soaking cunt. Our lips touched, then her hand went behind my head. The slight kiss became a full out embrace, our tongues dancing against each other while exploring each other’s mouths.
No longer was it necessary for her to hold my hand against her hot, wet cunt as three of my fingers were now probing as far as they could inside her opening. My thumb found her clitoris, swirling it around the thickness of my thumb, it hardened like a small penis.

Aunty Lizi found my oiled, now hard as a rock penis, stroking it with her closed hand while pulling me towards her as she lay back onto the couch.

Our mouths never parted, as her right leg moved around my left side, her hand pulled my hard prick towards the opening of her hot cunt. I moved my hand from her vagina just as she placed the head of my prick between her cunt lips.

Our embrace broke momentarily, our eyes focusing on each other’s as my Aunty raised her hips towards me causing a couple of inches of my pricj to penetrate into her vagina.

She smirked, “you sick nephew, you are fucking your Aunty…gotta love it!” and drove her hips against mine, forcing my prick all the way into her wet, hot cavity.

Her hands rose to both sides of my head, holding us nose to nose, our gaze bore into each other’s eyes.

I started moving my prick in and out, driving as forcibly as I dared, and our movements again synchronizing. My cleanly shaven pubic bone smashing against here hair covered pubic bone.

“Yes, that’s it, fuck your Aunty, pound that young prick into your Aunty,” she said, as we banged against each other.

Even though her breathing accelerated against my lips, she never lost her composure, starting directly into my eyes. Our thrusts moved quicker and quicker, building to a crescendo.

I relished the feeling of her hard nipples against my chest, her pelvic bones moving against my hips, the heat and wet smoothness of her vagina that pulled like a glove at the hardness of my prick. It was surreal; I was fucking the object of most of my fantasies, the woman that teased me out of puberty…my Aunty Lizj.

She reached between us, forcing her fingers to the top of her cunt while I continued to pound, my balls slapping against her ass. Still she stared directly into my eyes, never blinking until she convulsed, her breathing almost stopped, and her eyes rolled back into her head for a split second.

She smiled at me and said, “keep fucking baby, let me know when you are ready”.

My body had a mind of it’s own again, thrusting and thrusting ever faster. My Aunty was doing something with her cunt as it was pulsating around my prick as I pounded.

My balls started to tighten, my back stiffened, I could feel pressure begin the movement of my sperm from their place of origin. I grimaced and announced, ‘I am going to cum!”

In one quick movement, my Aunty had my prick out of her p*ssy and in her hand, stroking it between us.

Oh how I wanted to fill my Aunty’s womb with my seed, but too late, my cock let loose.

The first ejaculation flew from the end of my prick, the string of jism forming a rope from the inside of Aunty Lizi’s left tit, up past her neck, across her chin and lips, culminating with a clump in her hair above her forehead.

The second volley, hit me in the bottom of my chin and sequential ones after filled the void between our bodies. Aunty lizi squeezed the last of my cum out of the end of my prick then planted her cum covered lips on mine.

My mind wanted to be revolted, but her action told me it was acceptable so I kissed her back. Absentmindedly I licked a glob of my cum from her chin and from her response it directed me to follow the trail.

Licking the cum off her body I followed to her tit, cleaning it with extra care, finally having the opportunity to suck her nipples. She pushed my head down, almost directing me to kiss and lick her body, gobbling up all the cum as I went. Including the puddle being held captive by the depression around her belly button.

Finally I made it to her cunt as she wrapped her legs around my neck almost forcing my mouth on to her wet, steamy cunt.

I licked the folds of her labia, then worked around her vaginal opening, flicked her clitoris a few times, then sucked it hard into my mouth using my tongue to probe it.
Aunty started rocking against my face, humping up and down.

My tongue caressed the entire length of her cunt from her clitoris down to the taint. Then she raised her crotch, my tongue sliding to her asshole. I thought it was a mistake, but she let out a moan. Definitely this clued me to continue working my tongue around her bunghole.

She grabbed my head, almost forcing my tongue into her asshole. She again convulsed, but this time brought my mouth back to her p*ssy where I opened my mouth and encapsulated her clit just as she had a violently orgasm. Her p*ssy just gushed and I happily licked it all clean.

We managed to find our way to take another shower and then into bed.
Even though my prick was once again harder than a rock, my Aunty said that I needed to get my rest for work tomorrow. She said if I want, she would give me a blowjob to remember for a lifetime.

Thinking of what had occurred, I had to ask her, “how come you didn’t let me cum in you?”

She answered, “I’m not ready for that, does that matter?”

“Not really, but..” I replied.

“Listen buddy, I may be forty, but the factory is still open” she said with a very serious under tone.

Do not know why, but this turned me on, my prick started to grow.

“You have got to be kidding me, that turns you on?” She queried.

Looking down at my now hard dick, then looked up at her with a big shit eating grin.

“Ok, here’s the deal, keep this a secret from your Mother, you can cum in my cunt. Until then, no way, and that is final,” she stated.

I lay in bed going over what had transpired through out the day, not believing my luck. Thinking that this whole day was a dream until Aunty lizi rolled over on her back exposing her prime naked tits. Yes, this was real!

I fucked my forty-year-old Aunty and I was already thinking of  impregnating her, yes I think I’m insane,  mum must not find out not to talk of my dad, this was unreal. Am I really that sick?…..

Now  that you have finish reading,  I have one question for you and I need your sincere answers…   Older women are always in love with me,  please advice me on what to do?

Kindly drop your comments below…..

To be continued…..

Next on S01 EPISODE 10

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