$1m  taxi driver.

My name be Ghost..  I bin dey go dis new church for the past two sundays but this sunday special as the testimony one babe give change the vibe of dem church.  She too dey speak fonetics but i go talk the tory the way my brain fit remember am.  Her name na Bose.

Na early monday morning.  She don dress up do all dem necessary make-up, na so she waka commot.  As she reach bustop she no come see bus.  People plenty pass bus like “ant inside derica of garri”..  Na so she see cabu cabu.  She con say make kukuma enter as she no come see bus.  30mins after she don enter d taxi.  Na im another two guys enter join + the one woman wey don enter wey sit for front sit. Dat is to say the cab don full but for one yeye reason wey i no sabi na im the driver tlk say e wan carry another person n for front sit.  Na im d woman for front yari say e no possible.  Dem sha dey drag am like weyre.  Na im driver park car, go back of boot come bring out dollars from ghana must go,  he come dey shout ontop the woman say

“shey u tink say i no knw say na money you put for boot”

Na im the woman come dey beg come talk say she marry one rich mallam wey use am for sacrifice, say she manage escape come theif the money from d spiritual room join.

Driver come ask : how much be the money in total

Na d woman reply:na about $30m


The driver come talk say all dem must to share the money say make all of them take $1m each.  As bose ear $1m all her body just stander like person wey see God in HD version.  The weyre don dey imagine how she go use the money,  she don dey imagine how she go retire., how she go open salon and all other yeye tins.. Na im spider sense nak apako for her brain.  Na im she tell the driver say how he  sure say the money no be fake?  Driver reply sharperly say she fit come check am hersef.  Na so she vex say she wan commot for next busstop.  Na im one man for the cab wyhne  bose say why she go wan get down.  Say make the driver look for a quite place to park so dem go share the money sharperly, Na bose brain high again. She come agree along side the driver. As dem come reach quite place.  Dem park under one bridge.  Ghen!!  Ghen!!  Time to share the money don reach.  Na im the lady wey get the money say make driver pause,say shey dem no see red and black spiritual padlock ontop d money.  Say she wan go do spiritual cleansing for the money say she get one baba wey fit do am but dem go need small money wey no be part of the initial money wey dem wan share.  This time e be like say Holy Ghost give bose correct blow for brain because she talk say she no know how she take leave the cab in annoyance. She enter bike to office come dey narrate the story.

After d testimony she come dey  confess say she almost wan go redraw all d money wey she get for ac + her maale ac join.

God save am sha!….

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