Advice needed: what do I do, the heat becoming unbearable..


8 years ago I had a son for a man I met while I was in school. We are in d same line of job as well. When I was pregnant for him, he beats me most times that I landed in the hospital on many occasions. This continues till I delivered my son. I went to his parents then and explained to them that I observed he acts and talks abnormally sometimes and that’s when he beats me…

…for no genuine reason.
The father opened up to me that he once had a mental problem inflicted on him by the woman he first married who has a daughter for him but he was later healed of the mental disorder by God grace. I tried to help by going for prayer programs but then his mother made the matter worst for me. She accused me each time we av issues that it’s my fault.

I was once beaten to a stage I had miscarriage… so I left him when my son was a year and half old. Since then I’ve been taking care of my baby alone. Until recent he started calling again and he also help a little in the school fees. So i bought a phone for my son so he can call him directly. Two weeks ago he said he wanted to take the custody of the child.

Meanwhile he’s presently with another woman who also had a child for him before me.’ (Not the one that inflict him with madness). Now he said I should take the child to his mum for Easter if I don’t want trouble. His mother never called me for once to ask about the well-being of the child for the past 7years. Please, direct me to any lawyer or an organisation that can help me.

I don’t have another child. Haven’t remarried ‘cos I’m scared of what I went through in his hand. What do I do? I need your advice pls pls pls.


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