How a father tried to rape his two daughters


An irate woman angry because of her husband’s randy nature has dragged the man to court for trying to have s*x with their two daughters.

A woman has dragged her husband to court for repeatedly making sexual advances at his two daughters. The woman dragged the man before a Bulawayo court for trying every means possible to lure the girls into having s*x with him.

According to B Metro News, Virginia Mpala claimed her husband, Albert Zingwiri has been making sexual advances towards their daughters who are now living in fear after he threatened then with unspecified action as punishment for turning down his advances.

Mpala who seemed to have a natural instinct to protect her daughters from being sexually sampled by their father bared her soul at the Bulawayo Civil court where she sought a protection order against her husband.

“I am customarily married to Albert Zingwiri and we have two daughters together. He is violent and has been abusing me for many years.He has been making sexual advances towards our two daughters. On March 20 he bit me on my breast,reason being that I had reprimanded him for harassing our 25-year old daughter.


“Our daughters now live in fear after he threatened them after failed to force himself on the other one who is 17 years old. I am no longer living in peace and I want this court to protect me by granting an interim protection order which bars him from coming to where I stay now with our daughters,” she said.

Zingwiri did not come to court leading presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova to grant the order in his absence. In his ruling the magistrate ordered Zingwiri not to abuse his wife or threaten her in any way and not to go to her home and workplace. The incident happened in Kenya.

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