The Seduction series #01
Seducing Bose

Bose is any girl reading this now,  basically I’m seducing you….

It is a rainy sunday night and I had only one thing on my mind: you. The ever so sexy bose

We had only been on two or three dates but this was already becoming quite the steamy love affair. We had already made out all over and everywhere possible and fooled around at any given opportunity but I still hadn’t gotten the chance to do the one thing I wanted most: play with your p*ssy and sex you…

You are absolutely gorgeous and we were insanely hot for each other. We couldn’t go five minutes without making out in public or me playing with your perfect hips and teasing your nipples in broad daylight. But whenever my hand reached down under your dress, you would slap my hand away with a sultry grin on your face and say “not just yet, big boy…”

It was driving me crazy, I was fantasizing about you all week long. While I was at work, all I could think about was burying my face into your warm, wet p*ssy and licking your clit until you were grabbing the back of my head and moaning out my name. I called you up as soon as I got bk to my room and asked you to come see that new movie. But I didn’t give a fuck about the movie. I knew exactly what I wanted. Tonight, I was going to make you fucking cum.

We started d movie,  I had just paused my previous seasonal movie dat I was watching. I create a comfortable space for  us. I had scan the whole compound earlier,  no one but us. Excellent.

The lights dim down and the movie starts. While the opening credits roll by, I turn my head to look at you. My god, you look absolutely gorgeous right now. A perfect smile, dazzling eyes, short, silky black coiling hair,  I was already flowing downward past your shoulders and down to your magnificent breasts. You look so incredibly sexy right now. I haven’t seen you in a couple of days and I am horny as fuck. I want you so bad…

Ten minutes into the movie, I can’t take it anymore..

Without saying a word or even looking away from the screen, I slowly reach out to you. I place my hand gently on your knee, softly grazing up your outer thigh. Your skin is so warm and soft. I love the touch of your gorgeous legs.

[I know you reading this,  relax,  open your mind,  I  right at you back lying down closely tight to you,  feel free to Fantasize,    open ur inner stripper,  let loose and embrace the sensation]

My hand starts to run along the inside of your thighs. Slowly tracing a path higher and higher…

You’re wearing boxers but your legs are closed. Ever so slowly, my fingers reach the cross between your legs and can go no further.

Without saying a word, I look at you and you look right at me.
For a moment, I can tell you’re thinking what to do. Your eyes tell me before it even happens. You want this. You want my fingers to keep going. Even further up…

I feel your legs open slowly, hesitantly…
Your eyes fall down nervously and I see you, ever so subtly, biting your lip.
A devilish grin lands on my face. I am absolutely loving how much I’m turning you on.

I don’t move my fingers at all. For a moment, you wonder if I am going to stop.
Your eyes come up again and look right at me once more.
Your eyes are practically begging me.
I decide to let you have it.

My fingers, ever so slowly, travel up your soft, warm inner thighs.
My fingers are getting warmer, feeling the heat from your pussy.
Just inches away…

At last, my fingers hit the soft, lacey fabric of you panties….
You let out a soft gasp as my fingers first touch your dripping panties.

I pull my fingers back down you leg. Teasing you even more.
You want me to jump right in and rub your p*ssy hard but I won’t let you have it so easy.

My fingers keep rubbing your innermost thighs.
Every so often, grazing the fabric of your panties.
I can feel it getting wetter and wetter each time…

You start to move your hips, trying to press them forward against my prick.
Desperately trying to get my fingers to touch your pussy.

And that’s when I do.

My fingers press against your dripping panties.
Not softly grazing as before.
I’m pressing the fabric into the dripping wet folds of your pussy.

The thinnest sheet of lace is all that remains between my fingers and your pussy.
But you’re so fucking turned on, you let out a moan.

You catch yourself making noise but you can’t help yourself.
My fingers press deeper and deeper into your pussy.
Running from the bottom up to the top.
Pressing even harder when I get to your engorged clit.

At this point, your panties are a fucking wreck.
They are so wet and worn out from my furious rubbing.
I could fucking tear them to shreds if I wanted to.
And that’s what I do.

My fingers reach around your drenched panties and grab the fabric in front of your soaking p*ssy.
And I slowly rip those panties right off of you.

The sound of your panties ripping turns you on like nothing else.
And you let out another moan.
And moan my name out loud.

“ohh Fuuuck baby…” you moan even louder than before.

I was your ecstacy won’t alert attention towards us

They would definitely know what we’re doing..
They might be around and think we just playing  but that I am rubbing your pussy right here, they have no idea
I know that I am gonna make you cum with noone here in the room.
But I don’t give a fuck if anyone sees us.

I am going to make you cum. Hard.

My fingers rub all along your dripping wet pussy from the bottom to the top.
My fingers are already soaking wet but I want to taste.

For a second, I pull my fingers away.
I look right at you and put my fingers in my mouth.
Savouring the taste of your sweet soft p#ssy…

My fingers go back up your boxers, your p#ssy is even wetter than it was a minute ago….

I feel your clit sticking up, stiff and wet. Slick with your cum…

My fingers rub tiny circles around your clit.
You close your eyes, bite your lip and moan under my touch.

“mhmmm that feels sooo f*cking good….” you purr to me…

My fingers keep spiraling round and round your clit.
I can feel your legs start to tremble.
Your abdomen rising and falling with each breath.
I know I can make you cum any second now.
But not like this.
I know exactly how I want you to cum…

My left hand keeps rubbing circles around your clit.
While I reach over with my right hand and rub my two fingers against your inner p#ssy lips.
You are so fucking wet right now.
Wetter than you have ever been…

My two fingers tease up and down your soaking lips,
And then.
I plunge both fingers into your p#ssy…

While my other hand rubs your clit,
My right hand slowly thrusts in and out…

My fingers curl inside of you.
Curling up.
Feeling the rough, wet patch of your G spot.
You moan when my fingers first press against it.

I decide now is the time.
I want you to f#cking cum for me.
I want you to f#cking cum all over my fucking hands.
Right here in this room.
Noone is watching…

I pick up the pace to a furious tempo.
My fingers rubbing strong and fast against your clit.
My fingers pressing deeper and deeper into your p#ssy.
My fingers f*cking you faster and faster…

I feel your p#ssy squeezing my fingers so hard.
You’re going to cum any second now.
As your legs quiver,
and your chest rises and falls, panting for breath.

I whisper into your ear,
“I want you to f*cking cum for me baby”

As I press my fingers even harder against your clit.
And my fingers fuck your p*ssy even harder.
Pressing even deeper..
Thrusting faster and faster…

Your p#ssy is squeezing my fingers so hard,
It feels like you’re gonna break my fucking fingers off.
But my fingers are strong,
And fight back,
And press against your G spot again.

I hear you moan..
“oh fuck… Oh fuck… Oh shiiit…”

“cum for me baby. I want you to f*cking cum for me!”

Your p#ssy fucking explodes…

You feel the orgasm hit you harder than ever before.

” fuuuuuckkkkkk!!!”
Your p*ssy squeezes my fingers even harder than before.
As your p#ssy gushes cum all over my hands.
All over the floor.
And the seat in front of you.

“oh fuck baby…. You’re cumming so hard!”

You feel the orgasm send waves of pleasure all across your body,
As your mind goes blank.
Lost in the feeling of the most powerful orgasm of your life.

“holy fuck…..” you pant for breath

“You came so much baby… That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

You turn your face to me and we laugh, you chuckling between deep breaths. We kissed,  so passionate.

“mhmm baby… that was sooo f*cking good….”
“you made me cum so hard… that was the best orgasm of my life…” you whisper between pants of breath.

“It was my pleasure baby…” I smile as I take your hand and give you a soft, tender kiss on the back of your hand.

Your breathing slows down as you look right at me.
Your eyes glance down and you notice that massive bulge I have in my shorts.

You take your hand from my lips and place it on my bulge, feeling my prick hard as a f*cking rock under my shorts.

“mhmm is this another present you have for me?” you bite your lip as you look up at me with a naughty look in your eye.

“what can I say? I’m feeling very generous today babe..” I whisper as I feel your fingers playfully trace the outline of my rock hard prick through my shorts.

“mhmm lucky me.. Let’s stop our rough play for now. I want to watch  the movie…” u said to me….

To be continued….


I decided to try out a new style of writing,  i hope you enjoyed it,  pls drop comments below…