Lillian & Vivian

Once upon a time,  a set of identical twins were born   they were so identical that it was a problem for even the mother to know the difference. As time went on,  the twins grew up as Lillian and vivian,  things went smoothly until they were taken to the village to visit their grandma. Lillian was very jovial and too forward while vivian was calm and reserve.

Grandma was ill,  the twins were to help her with house chores while grandma was on medications till she gets better, usually while vivian tidies the whole house, Lillian gives grandma her prescribed medications.  Both twins were in jss3 at this time,  so they knew a lil about relationships,  and other stuffs,  boys had started disturbing them,  they were both pretty,  Lillian likes the attention,  she was always outing and all.  On a particular day,  Lillian needed to go out, so she did the ouse chores and told vivian to give mama her medications when the time is due to do so, so she left..

After hours of outing,  Lillian was back,  she gisted her sister the fun she had,  they chatted for a while the Lillian decided to ask vivian if she remembered to give mama her drugs,  Vivian said yes,  she tried to xplain to her sister all the drugs she gave mama,  it was then Lillian noticed vivian had accidentally given mama overdose of a particular drug,  which is not meant to be but both sisters kept it as a secret.  Few days later mama condition which was getting better before got worse, Schools had resumed and both twins were taken back home to continue studies while mama was transferred to the general Hospital.

Months later,  mama died…..

Life moved on for the twins,  they did well in secondary school,  got scholarships into universities,  passed out with first class degree and were set for their NYSC service. They were both posted to the same state.
Fews days after camp started,  one very good bad Corper was able to put Lillian to bed and make her a woman,  from there on, Lillian’s adventure started, she started jumping from one man to the other,  nysc life was so sweet she got carried away while her twin sister vivian choose to remain calm as she has always being.  Few times she covers up for her sister ‘lillian’ when one of her numerous boyfriends come looking for her.. There is this one of Lillian’s  recent  boyfriend “Jude”,  who came visiting,  Lillian was about to go out to see a rich guy who was just one of her suitors,  so she called her sister to cover up as usual. As time moved on, Jude and vivian became close  though jude thought vivian was Lillian,  since they were identical twins it’s very hard to spot the difference,  actually the only difference they have is their character.  Vivian hardly socialize so many people don’t know vivian.  Any time jude comes to pay a visit,  Vivian acts as Lillian and play along,  even when he  asks after after vivian thinking he is chatting with Lillian,  she replies him that her sister is never around. Things became rosy within them,  Jude thought to himself “omo e be like say Lillian don change ooo,  i love this babe,  and i better marry her before it’s too late”  so he proposed to vivian but vivian told him to give her time..
When Lillian was back from her outing,  Vivian explain everything to her sister and told her jude has taken the relationship serious that he has proposed, it’s time for Lillian to get serious and continue from where she stopped but Lillian said no that her sister should keep stalling him,  she wanted to have more fun,  she is not ready for jude. Vivian kept stalling jude but as she was doing  so, she was falling for him,  the more they meet the more she falls in love. Then eventually vivian made up her mind that jude is her man,  she won’t let him go,  she accepted jude’s proposal and she told her sister,  it was then it occurred to Lillian that she wanted to be serious too,  so she told her sister that she has to step aside,  so that she can engage with jude.  Vivian refused and said no.  I’m in love with jude and I am not prepared to loose him,  she replied her sister..  Vivian also reminded Lillian that the last 3times  she did the same thing,  she would cover up for her, wen she finally falls in love she would eventually step aside for sister to continue just because she said she was now serious but in the end she won’t marry them or get engaged to them but this time she is not going to step aside. Lillian threatened to spill the secret they had when they were in jss3 but vivian cared less.They argued for days,  did not talk to eachoda for days,  then finally Lillian started begging her sister,  that she should please give her one more chance,  she begged and begged, then finally vivian accepted but she gave her sister a condition…

[THE SECRET: after grandma died,  Vivian taught it was because of the overdose she gave mama that’s why she died, well Lillian tort so too, thinking vivian killed mama.  So they kept the overdose tin a secret..  Ever since then, once Lillian needs a favour and vivian is not willing to help,  she threatens vivian that she would leak the secret.  Vivian lived with that guilt from jss3 till now.]

The Secret must be told to our parents,  and you must also tell jude that it is me vivian he had being chatting with all this while not you…

aaah! I can’t ooo,  replied Lillian
She begged  and begged her sister but vivian said the condition cannot be changed, either that or she should forget about jude.  3weeks passed, Lillian did not say anything to the parents nor confess to jude,  soon jude and vivian did engagement, Vivian was still hoping for her sister to do the necessary conditions and claim jude but instead,  lillian decided to pretend as if she was sick,  so she did not attend her sisters engagement..  Few months after the engagement jude and vivian got married , Lillian did not attend the wedding,  she was still pretending to be sick.  The sickness became obvious that her parents decided to take Lillian to the hospital to test her but doctor confirmed that Lillian is ok that Only Lillian  might know why she is sick..
Lillian kept pretending until a month after jude and her sister had done their Wedding. Then she taught to herself “since I begged you as a sister,  you refused, me myself will show you that you won’t enjoy your marriage”.  She called her sister and told her that since she has finally married and she is happy,  that it is now she is ready to tell everybody the whole Secret……….

1. What should vivian  do?

2. How should jude react if he finds     out the truth?

3.  If you were the twins parent,  who would you blame?

4. Honestly has a guy, Jude has slept with both sisters,  do you think he should have noticed  the difference between them at point in time before the engagement?

5. If you were Lillian, what would you have done?

To be continued……….

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