The Seduction Series #02
Seducing Michael

Seducing Michael is a full pure extract of Episode 03 of 60 SHADES OF JUDITH

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Wow,  it has being a week so far,  the last 2weeks has being the best part of my life sexually.  All the way from week 1 with my Social Media Lesbian to week 2  with my Medical Check up Madness,  I just hope I’m not turning to slut yet.
Wot a pity my new boyfriend doesn’t even know the kind of wild beast he has chosen as bae..  I feel bad for him tho,  I don’t deserve him,  he is way much of a good boy but then lucky me I got a husband material,  maybe he would be d one to teach me  how to close my legs better than my mouth, just maybe or vice versa…  I have made up my mind, nothing will distract me from seeing him dis week,  it has to be dis week. I Already promised him Friday unfailingly


I had just climbed out of the shower when the sound of the phone ringing came to my ear. Quickly toweling off my hair I then wrapped the towel around my waist and padded out to the bathroom . Since I just came back from market. I hoped the call might be from a friend which was why I decided to answer the phone. Behold it was my lovely boyfriend calling

“Hello” I said after hitting the talk button.

“Judith, are you still coming.” came the voice of my Michael over the line.

“It’s not like that michael , I’m on my way.”

“Yes I know Judith but I need to confirm if you are still coming, okay?”

“Sure I’m  Michael” I told him as I checked out my reflection in the mirror. Had to be honest that I looked good. Since I’d started working out, I had developed some decent size to go along with the definition I always had from being naturally slim and working hard all day in the sun had only tanned and hardened me further. Now I have to rush a bit to catch up with time,  it’s Friday and it’s already 1:00pm,  I’ve to see Michael today………………………

Michael was fixated on his blackberry, furiously attacked the keypad. He typed and laughed, and then typed some more. Sometimes, the laughter was longer, other times, he just chuckled.

He was at it for quite a while, oblivious to his surroundings. I watched him do this for a long while till I could no longer take it. I went over to where he sat and abruptly dragged the device from his fingers politely.

I hadn’t taken a step away from him when he held my hand and smiled, then said with a rather deep voice for me to return it after he had actually apologised  for not giving me his attention even tho I knew he did that because he was angry with me,  I eventually got to his place around 3:00pm..

“Sorry I came late Michael, I had to go to market first” I explained.

“it’s ok” He replied

We started chatting and we chatted for almost 1hr 30mins, i was enjoying the whole chat, jumping from one discussion to the other, one chat leading to another then it suddenly struck me that he hasn’t made any funny move towards me so far,  not that I was gng to let him have me on the first day tho but I expect some misbehavior from him,  every 9ja guy has that mentality especially wen a girl comes over to their to their house,  they always tend to misbehave.  Well Michael hasn’t done that yet,he was enjoying the chat, so i decided to lean on him a lil to see his reaction,  all I saw was a lil nice grin from him for seconds then there was silence then he broke the silence..

“Sorry, if was rude, I never asked you what you would like drink” He said

“Never mind” was my reply

Did not want to remove my head from his chest but he insisted I get a drink so I told him virju milk.  Then ask wot i would eat,  which I replied fast that I wasn’t hungry, I knew he might want to insist and truly he asked again “Wot would love to eat”,  dis time I knew the perfect answer to give him

“your lips would do” I replied

In a blink of an eye his mouth found mine and he kissed me. His lips were soft and full and without thinking I returned his kiss. now i wanted to grab his cock in the flesh But was still contemplating on weather I wanted  to sex him or not, I swear he was a good kisser and an addicted one for that matter but I knew I was way better.  All dis tort were ringing in my head when the sound of his phone alerted us.  He paused to pick the call,  it was his dad, he was close by. I knew wot that means,  it’s time for me to go home.  Just when things were about to get better,  his father spoilt his show,  me for one I was happy, if not for his dad’s upcoming arrival,  we might have had sex..

“lemme see you off” He said in a low disappointing voice.

We kept quiet for the better part of our journey, until i giggled. He asked why i was giggling and i reminded him that he still had erection. He was supposed to be embarrassed, but he laughed with me. I asked him why he still had erection and he replied It would reduce when I get home. i laughed some more, louder even. Then I told him I knew it was because of me..

“Are you a Virgin and has a girl sucked you before?” i asked.
It felt like his heart almost stopped beating and my mouth was wide open. honestly I wasn’t surprised I knew wot that meant already, he was no Virgin and he has had Experience with blowjob but before he could recovery from his shock,  I quickly asked again
“Hmmm, do you want me to do it?” i asked. He must be thinking I’m crazy. I bet he was even beginning to wonder if this was the real judith or if it was a clone of me asking him these things.
“Uhmmnn, well, yeah, but we can’t do it right now so…” he said.
“Who said we can’t? Come joor, we can look for a quiet place or  building before I get to the bustop.…” i replied

By the time we got  to a quiet place it was an uncompleted building, it was almost dark. I took him into one of the rooms which didn’t have much grass on it. We didn’t want to be there engaging in sexual pleasures while snakes observed us. I told him to rest against the wall and i went down and unzipped his fly, reaching in to grab his erecting penis as it anticipated the warmth of my mouth.
He held his hands against the wall and let me do my thing. I was hoping to give him the best blowjob he has ever had.

I let my tongue do all the magic, twirling and slurping all over his cock and making him move his hips as the sensation rocked his entire body. He held my head with both hands and sometimes tried to push me away when the sensations became too much for one penis to bear.
My lips continued kissing, licking and sucking on his dick going back and forth, literally trying to suck the life out of it. While i sucked, i moaned like i was having the best ice cream in the world. When i realized that he could no longer control the movement of his hips and how his cock plunged deeper into my mouth, my hand circled his shaft and i slowly worked up and down his turgid flesh. By now my  tongue had slipped into his mouth where it explored his teeth and tongue. His hands roamed my body like a gypsy. As i stroked his cock his hands felt the back of my legs and my small apple round ass. He kneaded the flesh between his fingers until i stood up, all the while i kept a firm grip on him.
The feeling he got when my tongue caressed the sensitive underside right below his head was undescribable. All he could do was let out a groan of pleasure to show how good it felt. Slowly i swallowed him inch by inch, my warm mouth sliding along the hot flesh as i took more of him inside. My hand found his balls and fondled them forcing another moan from him.

He was already on his way to cumming now from what i was doing to him. As his head slipped into my throat his balls tightened in my hand as i felt the cum rush forward so he did my best to warn me.
“arrgh!! I’m cumming…” he managed to get out as he started to explode.

I made no attempt to pull away, in fact what i did blew his mind. As he was buried in my mouth with my tongue lashing his shuddering cock  i actually sucked on him at the same time as if i was trying to inhale him into my lungs. His cum shot out in spurts and i eagerly swallowed them down until no more came. Only then did i pull his dick  off me and as our eyes met i kissed him all over, from his head down his shaft until i reached the base.

“Hmmm, you taste good michael. Did you enjoy that?” i asked with an eyebrow raised.

“That was so awesome judith” he answered all excited.

I just laughed and kissed the top of his prick again. I knew he enjoyed the exhilarating feeling, it was gone, leaving him wanting more, but not able to get it. When i was well dressed up again, we shared a small passionate kiss, before i told him goodbye and ran off to my house. Even when I looked back while going home I saw him just standing there looking at me go.

I just know next time I pay Michael a Visit it’s definitely going to be crazy……


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