Aunty shola by all standards is very smart,  Endowed lady,  in shot she was a carbon copy of the popular OAP Toolz,  but she is a bit short but with all her beauty and brains,  she no get 1 single boyfriend,  her friends are very few,  she has a nice character but work had consumed her,  she works has a banker at one of the branches of Zenith bank.  She hardly has time for herself.

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BREAKING News  !!!!  “Aunty shola  is getting married”,  the trending topic among the family,  I seem to be a lil bit confused,  how,  when, who,  I had all these questions on my head,  not because I did not expect her to have a good relationship life but it felt too sudden,  nobody heard any rumour of her being close to anybody on her street or she bringing in guys to her apartment.
Later on while I was doing ofofo,  that’s was I heard that,  she and one of her colleagues that works at the bank have been close for while,  one thing led to another,  she is one week pregnant, now she plans to do engagement,  court wedding and church wedding withing 3months. Glory be to heaven, Aunty Shola was smart enough,  she planned everything out,  things worked as planned.

The 3months have elapsed,  she is married, expecting baby,  and work was going well. But as we all know it “happily ever after”  hardly exist.  She had miscarriage, she felt bad,  it affected her at work place but as time moved on she was getting over it,  just when all seems to be well,  price of fuel increased drastically because of the removal of fuel subsidy,  inflation in Nigeria increased like hard prick rising,  naira currency kept falling against dollars like a 90 year old fat woman’s breast.  Companys were forced to down size their workers to reduce cost and still maximize profit.  Aunty Shola made the cut to be part of the members to be retained at her work place but her husband wasn’t lucky.  High rate of unemployment in Nigeria is killing faster than a bullet,  we asked for changed,  looks like the change is also going to change the faith of some relationship and families also.  Aunty shola’s husband [Mr tunde] is just part of those people the change affected mentally,  he gave up on hope or anything called faith,  always thinking,  he became temperamental over time and would be nagging with Aunty Shola his wife.  Aunty Shola took the responsibility of the whole house,  she became the bread winner of the house,  she loved her husband,  she understood he was just being frustrated but he needs to call down,  he would eventually calm down,  so she thought. A year and six months into the relationship,  Tunde was still aggressive to his wife,  as a matter of fact, it became a abusive relationship,  Aunty Shola get bruises all over her face anytime she comes over to our house but some how she manages to use make up to cover it up anytime she goes to work, so nobody noticed.

On a faithful day,  the bank manager called her to his office.  I have noticed that,  recently you have being moody,  it’s good that you being able to make sure it doesn’t affect your work here but as times goes on if you don’t clear your head it would affect your work,  hope no problem,  asked the bank manager.  No problem sir,  she replied.  The bank Manger was not just a boss to her but he was also her good friend before he got promoted.  Dare was once a worker like Aunty Shola,  in Zenith bank,  the duo where the best at work but their could be only one new  bank manager,  which happened to be dare. When Dare was new appointed as bank Manger,  he went on course training for a year,  it was during that time tunde was employed to fill up dare’s position as a worker.
After work that day,  dare stay outside the office and waited for Aunty Shola, not long after she worked out of the office looking tiresome.  Shola !,  Dare called unto her,  then she changed her direction towards him. Shola you look all sad,  I have talked to you as a boss  now is time for me to ask you what is wrong with you as a friend,  asked dare.  In few minutes she narrated the whole Ordeal to him,  she was definitely frustrated but dare who happen to be a boss and a friend had to advice her to hold on and he gave some friendly advice that could help stop or reduce the relationship abuse she was experiencing.  As time moved on they became close but not intimate,  dare was helping out in his own little way with his church mind,  sometimes he did give Aunty Shola money just ease her struggles as she is the breadwinner of her own house,  tunde her husband on the other hand got worse,  now goes out drink,  comes back late,  the option of looking for a job is not a possibility for him, everyday he got more worse/ worst than his previous yesterday..  Aunty Shola couldn’t take it anymore she wanted to give up but yet she held on for sake of love and dare was there to advice her and calm her down,  At a point in time dare gave her 3weeks off and he gave her huge sum money to travel and relax but accidentally her husband found the money and was furious on how she got that kind of money,  she abused her,  cursed,  he called her names,  Prostitute and all other indecent names he could think of.  She tried to explain to him,  that a friend gave it to her but all her explanation was vain.  Aunty Shola decided to go back to dare and explain to him that,  her husband won’t allow her travel alone and he was already calling her names self,  Dare decided to sponsor both Aunty shola and her husband to abroad…  While in abroad,  her husband became very nice,  caring and humble again,  they had all they wanted, things went smoothly, 3weeks was over and they came back to Nigeria, not long after they came back her husband resumed his former state of madness and uncaring attitude.  She reported the case to dare.  Dare just kept telling her  to hold on,  he even advice her to be more submissive,  he helped  her with money and he was caring,  he did this all this based on friendship,  he never passed his boundaries even when Aunty Shola goes to his house.
As usual,  Aunty Shola was given a slap  by her husband because she came late from work,  she was called names,  she was hurt,  she couldn’t take it anymore.  The  next day after work,  she told dare she was tired and she doesn’t know what to do,  dare told her to relax that all she has to do is find a job for him,  and he would change,  so dare took Aunty Shola to his house as usual just to relax,  gist and watch movie,  just to make her at least happy,  Aunty Shola deserves to be happy he taught,  she was the most hardworking in office,  she was very humble and nice, yet she does not have peace of mind. The best he could is make her happy.
While they where having fun,  mistakely both of them had skin contact,  which sent a sensational vibe to their body and before they knew what was happening, they were caught in the Web of Seduction,  and they made love.  This continued for couples of week..

Olofofo!!  My senior sister screamed at me,  I was at the door listening to Aunty Shola explaining her Ordeal to her sister who happens to be my mum. Somethimes I feel like slapping my sister in her brain,  she does not have sense,  she just like spoiling my show..  Well i couldn’t hear the rest of the story but I’m pretty sure that’s like 98% percent of the story i heard , so lemme ask my question,

I know Aunty Shola is confused that is why she came to my mum for advice.  What is your advice for  aunty Shola before things get out of hand?


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