This story is based on a real life situation… 7% fiction.




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Gbenga and Vanessa are happily married couples,  both couples are working and their pay is good. They reside at ikeja. They had daughter called Grace after 3yrs of their marriage.

After  2years of marriage,  Gbenga has a friend in their area where they live,  the friend was a female,  her name was Lucia. Lucia works in lagos island, coincidentally Gbenga also works somewhere on the  island too.
After four years of marriage Gbenga later found out that Lucia’s work place was just 2blocks away from his own office and has time moved on Gbenga and Lucia started going to office together and coming back together,  this happened for like 4months and counting until one day Vanessa saw Gbenga dropping Lucia somewhere in their area.  When Gbenga got home,  his wife confronted him and asked who the girl she saw him dropping off was?  Gbenga explained to her that it was friend Lucia  who stays in the same street with them and they happen  to be working almost at the same place,  so they go to office and come back together. Vennessa was Suprised,  for how long have you two been going to work together,  she asked.  It should be up to 4months now, replied her husband.  And I am not aware of this,  why didn’t you tell me,  why?  She asked.  Her husband explained to her that it’s no big deal that he was just helping Lucia due to the high rise of fuel.  Vennessa was ok with explanation and did not bother again. Gbenga and Lucia continued their friendship paroll. 
On  a particular day,  Vanessa was on her way back from market when she saw her husband on a street close to their street, sitting on his car, laughing and chatting with Lucia.  She just passed by without saying a word.  When Gbenga got home,  he was confronted by his wife. Haven’t I told you I don’t want you with that lady,  asked Vanessa,  what’s your own with that lady sef,  your closeness is getting on my nerve,  I don’t want to see you two together  again, she said. What is wrong with you sef,  sheybi is outside you saw us not inside,  can’t I just help her,  the price of fuel is high naa,  if it was your sister nko… Replied Gbenga.  Price of fuel? How does that make you to start chatting and laughing with her,  is there scarcity of laughter too,  Vanessa yelled back.
They manage to settle the argument. A month after, Vanessa saw her husband and Lucia gisting on the street again.  When Gbenga got home,  she asked him why he was still chatting with Lucia,  she was so pissed then she told Gbenga  “see it is either leave lucia or I will pack out of the house”.,  if you like pack out what is my business, replied her husband. Because of this  little issue you are now threaten to pack out. Before the day was over  Vanessa packed out of the house.

One month,  two month,  hoping her husband would come to beg her,  three months,  five months,  a year, her husband did not come to ask for her.  Meanwhile her husband on the other hand is enjoying the freedom,  he and Lucia where now flirting full time.  One street olofofo  now decided to hint Vanessa that her husband no send am, her husband would be completely snatched away from her if she is not careful,  that she better go back to her home.
She taught over it and decided to go back to her husband house.
When she came back,  Gbenga did  not complain but he became Unnecessarily angry,  he did not talk to his wife.  Vanessa would cook,  her husband would eat,  she was also the only one catering for her daughter,  she would wash his cloth,  he would wear it,  but when she greets him,  he would not reply.  Once Gbenga gets home, if he sees food in the kitchen he would, he comes in and goes out of the house at will without talking to his wife. This continued for 18months [a year and six months] while Gbenga and Lucia where having the fun of their life. Vanessa couldn’t take it anymore, how can my husband and I be living like flatmates,  I can’t accept this, she thought.  so one night around 1 am,  she decided to go to her husband’s room to plead,  “Gbenga,  anyhow I may have offended you please for give me,  it’s almost a year now,  you refuse to talk to me or Touch me,  please forgive me whatever the case maybe,  we are family,  if not for me, think of my daughter………….”  Gbenga was just looking at Vanessa as she was pleading on her knees,  and he told her straight to her face, “you know what, as you are begging me, you dey  smell like shit for my eye”..  Vanessa looked at her husband for minutes as tears rolled down her eyes,  Gbenga stood up and left the room for her.
Vanessa slowly moving to her room. While murmuring “my husband said I smell like shit”  she just kept saying that without eating or drinking,  she didn’t even attend to her daughter.  Her daughter got frustrated and called the attention of neighbors to help her mum out.
The neighbors tried their best to convince Vanessa that everything will  be ok,  asking her what happened,  all she kept saying was “my husband said I smell like shit” she wouldn’t stop . She fell sick yet she didn’t stop  saying “my husband said I smell like shit” ,  as time moved she was transferred to yabaleft,  due to the fact that nobody understood what was wrong with her,  then she was later transfered back to the general Hospital,  all she kept saying was “my husband said I smell like shit”  at times while saying these words, tears rolled down her cheeks. Meanwhile all this time Gbenga was still enjoying life with Lucia.  Vanessa soon fell into  comma,  her blood pressure was like 600/80 [a normal person blood pressure is 120/80], her body was so hot,  and not long after she went into comma,  her last words were “my husband said I smell like shit”..  She was in a state of comma for two weeks before Gbenga came to visit her at the hospital.  He just started wondering  ” how could that small statement I made put this woman to comma,  was the statement that bad” he asked himself.  Vanessa eventually died with her last words “my husband said I smell like shit”..
Three weeks later, Gbenga still was wondering how the statement he made could have affected his wife, while wondering how , he became unconscious too, in-between life and death. During all these, Lucia was nowhere to be found…

The End

1. Who is to blame.

2.  Do you think Gbenga deserve to die? 
  Do not forget he has a daughter to take care of.

3. Was it right for Vanessa to leave her husband house in the first place.

4. The statement “you smell like shit”, was it bad enough to cause emotional trauma for Vanessa?

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