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Mrs ill luck

She woke up with migraine ,  this life have being perfect for her so far,  she is a petty trader/ full house wife,  she has a decent rich husband,  she has a lil son,  and the family has being so perfect until today….
Constant headache won’t let her get herself well,  but she struggles to do the house chores,  she sat down and tried to remember the dream she had but she cldn’t.  She was wondering what her dead grandmother meant by “be prepaid,  there is no good without evil,  be cautious,  be wise”..  That’s all she could remember from the whole dream,  those are the exact same words mama would tell her when she was alive,  so she over looked it and said to her self “I’m probably missing my mum too much dis days”  it’s the 7th time I’m seeing her in my dreams.  She stood up to bath her 4yrs old son,  while bathing for her son she saw ringworm on her son’s head,  she was shocked ,  she is highly hygienic,  so she was wondering where this her 4yrs old son went to borrow ringworm and put on his head.  After the bathing process,  she also cleaned up herself and set to leave to the salon,  she took her son along.  She got to the salon while her hair was being styled she got into a good conversation with another customer at the salon,  from one topic to the other the two women enjoyed their chat,  eventually mama tobi explain to the other lady what she saw on her child’s head,  and that she needed advice on how to make it go,  most of the customers gave different opinions and advice but the other lady whose name by the way was Cynthia, has gained the trust of Mama tobi due to the interesting chat they had,  it’s not about the chat but most of what Cynthia said to mama tobi during the gist were true,  some of which  mamatobi knew already. So she felt of course if she was going to take any body’s advice in that salon, it would be Cynthia’s own,  she asked Cynthia for her own opinion,  Cynthia told her that for the ringworm to be gone in 2hrs, she had to use sandpaper.  Mama tobi thanked her,  her hair was done,  she did not initially plan to go out since the saloon was not far from.   Her place [20mins walk], so what she wore was skimpy black skirt and a very lite black top but now she needed to go to the market to look for sandpaper.  She went to the market like that leaving her son at the saloon,  she searched and searched for the sandpaper,  she did not see,  it was so scarce,  after like 3hrs she eventually found a sawmill and was able to get the sandpaper,  on her way back home she bought oranges,  as soon as she entered the Danfo,  she decided to take the oranges to give her small energy. There was traffic but who cares mama tobi was enjoying her oranges and when she is through with one she would trow the trash outside the bus,  as the bus was about to move, that is how one man just packed in front of the bus,  instructed the driver to pack,  he went straight to window side where mama tobi was,  scolded her to get down,  mama tobi was still wondering who the person was and what was is problem with her,  what authority did he have over her that he would be shouting on her,  but the crowd in bus interved , persuaded mama tobi to get down first which she did,  then the man instructed her to start picking all the orange pills she littered on the road,  it was when mama tobi saw his boot,  she recognize that the man was an army,  she had no choice but to obey but she was wearing a very short skirt which was also a low waist skirt,  anyhow she bend down it was going  to expose part of her butts, this was embarrassing but she had no choice,  she did as she was told,  she became an object of ridicule as she bent down to pick every orange pill with the seeds she threw on the road. Most embracing moment of her life.  When she was done,  she entered the bus back and the driver drove off.  Mama tobi was a well Endowed lady front and back,  after the display of her butts while picking orange pills, guys were trying to woo her in the bus.  She was so pissed but she kept calm…

She eventually got home, after a good rest, she sat her son down put his head in between her tighs and started using the sandpaper to scrap the ringworm away,  tobi cried and cried but the his mother held on tight and kept rubbing the sandpaper against his ringwormed head, his head pilled,  mama tobi could see see white scalp on her son’s head with blood,  she was a bit scared,  she sharperly took her son to hospital. The case was no more a simple matter again,  tobi had to be admitted.  Tobi’s father was back at home,  he had his wife was at the hospital,  so he rushed there,  when he found all that has happened to his son from his wife.  He did not say word but he was definitely not happy.  There was now a sour on  tobi head,  it affected tobi physiological,  tobi was treated and bandage was rapped around his head.  Out of anger mama tobi and babatobi  went to the saloon to ask for Cynthia who gave her a bad advice but no body know Cynthia’s whereabouts…

Since after the incident,  tobi usually look at his mother with bad eyes to the extent that anytime his mother sees him she always tell him sorry.  Her husband on the other has being quite and has not giving his wife any form of attention. On a particular night [2days after the incident], Robbers enter their house, asked for all their money and valuables. After they collected what they can, they gave tobi’s father an injection with
instructions to inject his wife wit HIV or else he would be shot himself.
Tobi’s father gets the injection, points it at his wife and hesitates. He taught of
what he has gone through in life with his wife and how she has suffered and sacrificed for him even though she messed up recently. He hands back the injection and says, “I am sorry I
can’t do this… “The boss of the robbers silently collects the injection from him and passes it
on to the wife with the same
instruction but threatened to kill her son. Mama tobi takes the injection and with little hesitation,  she pointed it to her husband’s hand and injects him.
The robbers collected their injection  and walk out of the house laughing.

For the remaining hours till the next morning mama tobi was crying,  pleading to her husband to forgive her,  tobi’s father did not say a word he stood up took his car keys and was about to drive out when his wife stood in front of the car still begging,  he ordered her to enter into the car and he zoomed off..  Eventually they arrived at the hospital,  tobi’s father took a general checkup and he had made up his mind,  he just wanted the necessary medications to make sure he lived a healthy life,  when the result were out,  he was negative,  he had no HIV,  he was probably injected with just colored water, the doctor said…



1. If you were tobi’s father how would you react concerning the sandpaper used on tobi’s head.

2. Do blame mamatobi for taking advice from Stanger in the saloon

3. If you were tobi,  would you hate your mother

4. If you were tobi’s father how would you react towards your wife concerning the HIV injection?

5. If you were the mamatobi, what
explanation can you give to your

6. If you were invited to bring peace between this couples, what advice would you give?

7. Do you think mamatobi is under spiritual attack or she has just being unlucky?

8. If you were Baba tobi,  sit down and rethink everything that has happened,  what would you do?

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