9ja Story: Awkward Moment || written by Michael_Ghost #michael_ghost


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That Awkward moment when a good guy loves a girl and the girl loves a bad guy and the bad guy is a nice guy..  Weird shey,  you would  eventually love this story..

Michael loves and has crush on shantel, they  were course Mates,  but shantel was dating Rafael, .  Rafael was a perfect big boy,  he had a car and he was a party popper and a ladies guy. Michael as the good guy was the one always doing shantel’s assignment, He was always asking about her not minding the fact she was dating Rafael,  shantel on her own part never noticed anything because she was engrossed with her recent boyfriend. Along the line Rafael moved on with another lady leaving Shantel alone.  Meanwhile  Michael was still doing his Mr good boy,  it took a while for Shantel to notice Michael,  eventually they started dating.  Michael is a gentle easy going guy,  who is a also a born again Christian,  he believed so much in sex after marriage,  so during their relationship in school there was no touching,  curdling or any form of sexual sensation.  They passed out,  went for NYSC service at different states, they kept in touch still,  after NYSC they got married,  5months into the marriage Michael and shantel still have not had sex or  any form of sexual activity.
Shantel was curious,  body no be firewood,  she couldn’t take it anymore,  so she confronted Michael,  asking him what is wrong,  does he want her to go and have sex outside?,  she asked. No problem,  since you’re now my wife and I am your husband,  no problem we would make love, replied michael…  So they planned and agreed on a day to make love…

That particular day eventually came….

Things were rosy,  shantel was all prepaid,  she was happy,  eventually Michael would touch her,  he would eventually give it to her..  Eventually Michael was back from work,  Michael entered straight to his room to meet his wife on bed,  as he laid on the bed,  she jump on him, sitting on his stomach she was surprised as to how long she had waited. As she prepared for her next step the butterflies swelled up in her stomach. Was he really going to do this?, she tort. The hot wetness between her legs told her yes, and so did her desire to have him. She was going to take that final step, the one that would finally make him a man.
Leaning forward, with her hands on his chest, she lifted her hips up from her seated position and inched her way backward. What felt like a trip across the country, in actuality, was only a few inches as her anticipation of feeling him grew. Her heart was pounding in her ears and her breath was only a slight little flutter as it felt like her body was floating in midair, not connected to anything on the earth, but longing to be anchored her to push against him. She was a long way up from being able to sit down on him again. Would she be able to take all of him inside her? Her mind raced around in wild circles as her weight began to push the end of his stiff member up inside me, digging him in just a little deeper.

Looking down at him this very pleasant smile came across his face as his prick started to enter her and has the action started fully,  shantel started whimpering and whispering in voice of ecstacy “ooh I have missed you Rafael,  oh God Rafael  I really miss you,  hug me tighter,  faster,  deeper”,  Michael paused and asked “Shantel what did u just say?, ” Rafael don’t stop,  please continue”,  she replied.  Michael got pissed, stood up and left the room,  when Shantel realize her mistake,  she stood up and started pleading,  that it’s not what he thinks.

Right now,  Michael thinks, Shantel is not yet over Rafael,  that she still probably loves him but Shantel is pleading that it was a mistake.

1. What would you do,  if u were Michael

2. Who is to be blamed?

3. An advice to them as a couple?

4. An advice for Michael?

5. What would you do if you were Shantel?

6.  Does this mean Michael is not great on bed like rafael?

Please drop comments…

15 thoughts on “9ja Story: Awkward Moment || written by Michael_Ghost #michael_ghost

  1. lolz so funny I don’t blame shantel and I blame her too and I don’t fink Michael is rong for not touching her bfor dey married Michael shud calm down and sort tinsout

  2. Hmmmm……. Michael does not have a blame. Likewise shantel. Shantel mistakenly say those words because she has made sex for long. And the last one she did Was with Michael.

  3. Uhmm, why would I be married for three months without sex in the first place when the guy no craze.shantel definately did that cause she isn’t over rapheall with the fact that there want any close inimacy between them during courtship(not sex)

  4. YK. .that is where I don’t understand.. For three good month…but the Michael I know won’t do that … That same night, shantel would have gotten it hot.in a roll…lol

  5. YK. .that is where I don’t understand.. For three good month…but the Michael I know won’t that … That same night, shantel would have gotten it hot.in a roll…lol

  6. it all boil down to Michael though.. but what wrong with shantel na…old things are passed away.. the marriage need sex.

  7. it all boil down to Michael though.. but what wrong with shantel name…old things are passed away.. the marriage need sex.

  8. If I was Mike, I will vex sha o.. But after 2 bottles of beer I wee calm down

    Mike is to be blamed sha.. Tbh

    They should work on the bedroom ring tone

    Old boy Mike.. Jes chill Maine.. She waited long enough
    Do it again.. And again till she forgets him

    Cry myself to sleep.. And pray I don’t go screaming Rafael during d next intercourse

    Maine.. It means Mike is as good as Rafael.. Even better.. For her to be screaming “I’ve missed u Rafael” 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. hmmm… it’s Michaels fault.. long before now he should at least come close to her… probably they never discussed a lot about there sex life before… avoiding to talk about can result to dis… my advise for d couple is to let it in an forget d past…. try moving closer.. talk more and play more

  10. 1, I’d let some steam out then try again.

    2, Michael is mostly to blame for delaying marital consummation in sexual intercourse for 5 months after nuptial knots were tied; his actions only led his wife to fantasize about the past hence a subconscious sexual predisposition to Rafael which could have been avoided loosing the grounds of temptation.

    3, They both shouldn’t deny each other of their bodies. Such denial will only breed the elements of infidelity and mistrust.

    4, Sex is a physical representation of headship that should exist within a marital relationship. He should allow himself the dividends of the conjugal relationship with openess, trust and selflessness. As the head of the home, he should enhance the potential of togetherness, love and sacrifice with exemplary leadership for a sound healthy, spiritual and physical experience.

    5, I’d apologise, submit my will, mind and emotions to my husband and bury the past for good. I’d win him over by submission and obedience in love, order and truth.

    6, Sex is like sport, it get better with practise so whether Michael is good in bed or not is besides the point, both parties had their flaws which betrayed each others weaknesses so mirroring their errors, they can both make corrections. And how can a man be judged by sexual competence first time coming? He was probably a virgin or celibate. Michael can sure get better with time. God bless.

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