The Edge || written by Michael_Ghost #michael_ghost




We’re Living on the edge of darkness.
We’re Fighting on the edge of insanity.
We’re Breathing on the edge of success.
Ignorance at the edge of vanity.
We’re Smiling on the edge of success.

We’re Grumbling at the sound of scarcity.
We’re Breathing on the edge of madness.
Wishing fantasy was our reality.
We’re Searching for the word, happiness.
Lies become our natural necessity.
Loosing Hope at the taste of sadness.
The Real creation is now a sin city
Faith lost at the brink of greatness.

We’re at the verge of loosing the edge
Comes the savior, the great Bass of parties
Jolliment at the expense of wastage
Joy at the expense money.
Time against age
A lot of short good memories
Everyone begins a personal crusade.
Life happens like movies
Sin over sins,  nudity at high rate
It’s Injustice on the edge on clarity
Pain at an increasing rage
THE Edge is all about possibilities
Possibility over the edge negativity…..


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