That night I slept late and didn’t have dry undies so I just slept in a large tshirt, and I woke up a little bit because the door opened, but I kept pretending to be asleep because it was after 10 and I thought I’d be in trouble for being awake. Precious dad came in and sat down next to me and stayed there for a while, I guess to make sure I was asleep. And then he started slowly lifting my tshirt. I heard him kinda gasp/choke when my p*ssy became visible, and groaning “Oh my God…” when he pulled the shirt up to above my nips.

I heard a zip and then breathing that slowly got harder, and then a sort of wet slappy noise for a minute, and then it stopped and I felt something warm and wet slowly trail along my chest and touch my nips, and then felt it touch my mouth, pushing between my lips a little bit and touching my tongue. It tasted salty and kinda nice, so I murmured and licked at it a bit and heard her dad moan and felt him putting his hand on my knee and pulling my leg to the side, and then the taste was gone but the slappy noise came back and I felt the warm wet thing softly rubbing up between my legs and bouncing at the same speed as the slappy noise.

I was starting to feel really funny, and then I heard a hiss of breath and just felt warmth flooding the outside of my p*ssy, some warm gooey wet stuff covering me and tickling me as it dripped down to the bed. A minute later I felt him wiping me with something, and he quickly left.

When I was sure he was gone and that precious was still asleep next to me, I licked my lips and tasted more of the salty stuff, pulled up my nightshirt again, and started petting the spot where the warm wet thing had been sliding. The feeling was weird and the longer I did it the funnier I felt in my tummy. I fell asleep an hour later with my hand still between my legs, rubbing myself in my sleep.

I didn’t cum that night, I hadn’t cum for months now, the last time I did was with michael. But ever since that nite precious dad touched me,  I’d touch and pet myself whenever I could. A few days later I was awake at night again, and at the time I’d started trying all kinds of different things to rub myself with. I had a pair of smooth plastic sunglasses and was rubbing them up and down on my panties, the little gap between the lenses flicking at my button, and outside my room I heard the same slappy noise again, and soft moaning. I got up and snuck out to see what it was, and dropped down to the floor and crawled over to her dad’s room and peeked through the crack in his door.

He was on his back on top of his blankets, with his hand around a big thing that was sticking out from between his legs, kinda pulling on it up and down. I finally knew what it must have looked like that night when her dad touched me. I watched in amazement, wondering why I’d never noticed that thing before sticking out at the front of her dad’s pants, licking my lips at the memory of the salty taste of my friend’s dad, wondering if I could taste it again.

His movements got faster and I started rubbing myself again, crouched in front of his door and watching him stroke himself, watching his face. His eyes were closed and he was kinda frowning with his mouth slightly open, and it almost looked like he was in pain, but somehow it made the place between my legs even hotter and I petted myself faster, until he moaned and arched his back and something shot out of the tip. Now I knew what had been dripping down my p*ssy that night. He stopped moving and I snuck back to my room.

Wow. I didn’t know why, but I felt funnier than ever in my tummy, and it felt like the place between my legs was hot and throbby. I took off my panties and looked. It looked a bit puffy, and when I touched it it tingled. I kept touching it, little strokes near the top where it felt the best, on the little bump there. And I thought about the night with my friend’s dad, only this time I pictured the hard thing between his legs touching me, and… It felt like heat and tingling was collecting from my entire body, in that one little spot where I was touching myself, and my whole body tensed up…

And I whispered “Ohhhh michael…” and I felt a release, and a squeeze, and a release, and heat, and wetness, and tingles, and twitching, and WOW! It felt like all the tension that had built up in my body was pouring right out of me from between my legs!

After that, there was no stopping me. I touched myself even more than before, only now I knew how to take it all the way to the finish after all I am a pro. I was obsessed with making myself cum over and over again. If I had an hour at home alone, I’d cum 12 times.

It’s being like months  ago I had  sex and precious dad has just reignited the urge. it was getting so bad that I didn’t know what to do anymore. I was cumming more easily and frequently than ever, watching porn, reading sex stories, fantasizing, masturbating – and even cumming when I wasn’t playing with myself at all. On bumpy bus rides, on the back of a friend’s bike, even once on okada while sitting next to a stranger, lol………

To be continued……….