Ladies Only!!!,  5 rules of sending nud€ pictures #unigoss

​There are ways to send tasteful N.Udes and have some fun without looking tacky or risk being on the receiving end of revenge p@.rn.

It’s 2016 and social media is the rave. Choosing to send an unclad photo of yourself to someone else is a completely personal choice, but you must understand that just because you are sending a N.Ude photo does not mean it has to be tasteless.

There are ways to send tasteful N.Udes and have some fun without looking tacky or risk being a target of revenge p@.rn.

1. Consider the maturity of the boy:

This is the most important rule. No, there’s no way of ever truly knowing a person, but if you’ve seen him leak pics of other women please proceed with caution. Any guy who has/alludes to/jokes about leaking pictures is probably not someone you should be sending your n.Udes to.
That’s not all,  if your boyfriend is very temperamental,  if he is someone that takes action before thinking when he is angry, then you should not,  I repeat you should not send your nudes to avoid future disaster if the relationship does not last. 

2. Be creative: 

When you want to send your nude,  don’t just send it it like you are sending a picture of a bag of rice,  try teasing your partner with seductive pose,  bikini pose,  transparent/translucent clothes,  send pictures that are not totally nude at first to tease him before you actually send ur nude,  one full nude is enough after teasing him with enough sexy pics, it would leave him wanting more.  He would definitely miss you more, he would want you more and he would value you more based on attraction.  If you choose to send like 10 straight full pixs without any creativity,  your partner would get bored,  you will also loose your value in his eyes. 

3. No Face:

When sending a N.Ude pictures of yourself, be sure to think about focusing on the right angles. Angles have the ability to enhance the S3@.x:’y and show off one’s creativity. A solid lip + boob shot can be much more effective than an entire selfie. Keep your face off the camera lens and find creative ways to show off your body. 

4. Avoid distinctive traits:

If you have a a chest tattoo or birth mark, for instance, consider putting on a tank top and using good lighting to get a great nipple pic or staying out of the boob area entirely and head a little down south to capture something a lot more intimate that could belong to any woman.

5. Watch the mirrors and background:

If these pictures do find their way onto the timeline, it’s kind of hard to say it wasn’t you when it has those same picture frames adorning your walls. The same exact ones in just about every other selfie you’ve posted in the last two years. Location. It’s all about location.

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