9JA Stories: 60 Shades of Judith [Season 02 Episode 03] written by #michael_ghost



I have a laptop and sometimes I’ll watch porn in the middle of the night when precious dad’s asleep, and a while ago I was on it at 2am. Usually I just look at porn and stuff but sometimes I try to chat to people on 2go. Not very often though, because if I tell the truth about my age and location, they just get weird and leave, or lecture me that I shouldn’t be there, and if I lie about my age they just wonder why I won’t send my nude pixs or video.





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Anyway, I was reeeeeeally really horny that night, so I was kinda more daring than usual and went to the chatroom with the name “flirty_judith” and got the usual avalanche of friend requests and invitations to group chats. I always accept the personal invites but not the group invite. I get to look at the cocks that fill my screen, but they usually disconnect after a while.
So this time a guy charted me up by sending me his nude pix first, and O. M. G. he had such a gorgeous cock!!!! It was big, not like freakishly huge but really impressive and sooooo rock hard, you could see all the veins standing out on it. I soooo wanted to lick and suck it, and he teased the crap out of me, lol. He also sent a short video where he was just sitting and using his fingertips to stroke his cock sooo slowly, pulling the foreskin all the way up and then down again, sloooowly making the head peek out and make the skin go tighter until the head slipped through it. It looked shiny and wet and delicious and I wanted it sooooo bad.
Then he messaged me.
Sam: Like what you see?
This was it, he’d ask about me and find out my age and disconnect, or I’d lie and he’d ask me to send nude pixs and I couldn’t. And that gorgeous cock would be gone, I actually got sad at the thought. So I thought, fuck it, I’m screwed either way.
Flirty_judith: wow, yessssss. It’s incredible!
Sam: Show me that clitty of yours.
Filrty_judith: I can’t.
Sam: Why not?
Flirty_judith: because I don’t like sending nudes
James: hmm, . How old? I guess I should leave you
So I told him my age. He stopped typing, I did not receive any message for what seemed like ages, nothing happened. Then….
He started typing.
Sam: send me a short video,  u don’t have to be nude
My heart was pounding in my chest. I did not want him to remove me from his friend list neither do I want send any pixs or video, He didn’t disconnect! At least not yet. He wanted me send a video . Omg. I’d never done this before, but I really didn’t want him to leave. Seriously, his cock was THAT gorgeous. But I was naked! I quickly pulled my blankets up to my chin, took a deep breath, and sent a sort video.
Sam: wow.
Firlty_judith: what.
Sam: You’re very, very pretty.
Flirty_judith: thank you.
Sam: Why are you all covered up?
Flirty_judith: because I’m not wearing anything lol
Sam: Lower the blanket.
I hesitated,
Flirty_judith: Noooo!
There was silence for a long while..
“Come back, beautiful cock!” Was all that was ringing in my head
Sam is writing………..
Sam: Lower The Blanket.
I bit my lip, closed my eyes, and let it drop to my waist. and  I sent the picture. Again I was sure he’d disconnect, let’s just say I don’t exactly have an impressive rack yet. At the time I was pretty much flat, just two rock hard nips on a slight swelling of flesh.
Sam: Wow.
Flirty_judith: yeah. I know, disappointing.
Sam: No. You’re beautiful.
I laughed, … could he mean it? He sure looked like he liked what he saw. I felt a little less shy and began to relax, then toy with him by smiling coyly and using one finger to flick my hard nips. [sent him another pixs]
Sam: Get rid of the rest of the blanket.

Flirty_judith: um
Sam: Do it or I’m gone.
I’d learned my lesson the last time, and simply obeyed. I pushed the blanket down and away, completely naked now. Nervous again, but also hornier than I’d ever felt before. I felt exposed, like I could almost *feel* his eyes on me, touching every part of me, and I wanted to open my legs, feel his gaze touch me where I needed to be touched most…
Sam: Wow. That smooth little triangle… Spread your legs for me baby.
Sam: Oh. My. God…
I spread my legs slowly, exposing my little p*ssy to full view, and the wetness between my legs was actually visibly glinting in the soft light. He was squeezing his cock with a hard fist now, appearing to breathe heavy, typing with one hand only so as not to release the death grip he had on his cock.
We exchange series of videos and pictures
Sam: Lick your finger and rub your nips, honey.
I did as he asked and discovered something I’d never known before – wet nips were sensitive to air, and they quickly seemed to get even harder and sent a weird tingling feeling all the way down to my p*ssy. I wriggled a little at the effect.
Sam: Lower your right hand and extend only your middle finger. Barely touching, start at the top of your p*ssy and run your finger lightly along the left lip all the way to the bottom, then up again on the right.
As horny as I’d constantly been for the past months and as much as I’d masturbated, I’d always just gone straight for my clitty and never experimented with the sensations a light touch could bring to the rest of my p*ssy. It was starting to throb as I languidly circled my p*ssy with one lazy finger, my knees pulled up showing my core to this stranger.

[wait…  Wait…  Wait….,  I use to be a wild pro b4 but after the kidnapping case,  it feels like I’ve lost all my experience and knowledge of my past Sexcapades,  the funny thing,  the naughty chat I’m having with Sam seems to be bringing memories bk….]  let’s just say memory of my past is bk to me at 40%…….
Sam: Place your fingertip softly at the bottom, in the center of your pussy, and slowly caress upwards along the slit… On it, not between it…
I shivered as my finger passed tantalizingly close to my clitty, only separated from it by my pussy lips.
Sam: Do it again, but press just a little harder this time, let your fingertip slip between those juicy lips slightly… stop before you reach your clitty baby, don’t touch it yet.
Sam: Lower your other hand and spread your lips with two fingers.
Sam: Ohhhhh my God you’re so fucking perfect…
Sam: Keep yourself spread open for me honey… Run the finger of your other hand gently along your inner lips, up one side and down the other, across the top just above your clitty…
Sam: Good girl… Keep gently circling… God you’re so soft and pink…
I’d never wanted to rub my clitty so badly before in my life and felt like I was going to cum at the slightest touch. I was panting hard at this point, moaning softly, staring at his cock greedily and picturing it next to my mouth, imagining kissing it, licking my lips…
Sam: Put your fingertip on the entrance to your hot little hole, sweetie. Put just a little pressure on it, let your fingertip slip between your inner lips and into you just a little, then back out… Keep dipping into your sweet little honeypot like that baby… feel how wet you are…
Sam: Go just a little deeper, up to the first knuckle, but no further. You might feel your cherry, don’t push against it. When your fingertip is inside you, curl your finger inside you, up towards your clitty…
I groaned. The area I was pressing on felt swollen and sensitive, and was almost like touching my clitty from the inside somehow. I could feel my p*ssy squeezing around my finger, my hips started to buck involuntarily, trying to fuck myself deeper onto my finger. All I could picture now as I stared at his cock was it taking the place of my finger, pushing itself into me, my p*ssy squeezing it and trying to pull it in deeper… He was beginning to stroke himself in earnest now, long slow firm strokes, milking his cock for me….
Sam: Are you close?
I nodded.
Sam: Me too. Let’s cum together, sweetie. Rub yourself inside with little circular motions honey… and with your other hand, take your clitty between two fingers and squeeze it softly, pull on it a little, roll it around between your fingers… Cum for me baby… Imagine yourself placing your p*ssy on the tip of my hard cock and slowly pushing down, impaling yourself on it, taking me inside you deeply as I get closer to cumming, feeling me stretch and fill you… You want me to fill you, don’t you honey? You want to feel my hot creamy cum pumped deep into your tummy… Cum for me sweetheart… Cum baby… Cum…
I barely had time to read his message before his cock started to pump out gushes and gushes of creamy white cum that ran all over his hand, and oh God I was cumming so hard nothing else mattered, all I could think about was my gushing p*ssy and his creaming cock, not caring if I woke up precious dad, moaning loudly “Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhh yessssss I’m cummingggggggggg….!!!”
The funny thing is precious who was sleeping beside me never woke up,  after I had cum,  my memories of my past experiences and skills seems to be back at 100%, it was then I found out I have broken my rules and I have messed up..
Chai,  Judith see your life I taught to my self,  you that you always tell people not to share nude pixs,  I’m fucked,  Chai,  In total I must have sent 15 videos and 20 nude pixs.  I’m finished…..
To be continued. . . ……


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