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Today’s quote: Spiritual maturity isn’t measured by how high you jump in praise but how straight you walk in obedience.

TODAY’S TOPIC:   Anyform of relationship that involves sexual contact is regarded as fornication by the bible,  be it you are faithful to you partner or not..  If this is true what actually differentiates a honest Girl wit one bf  from Prostitute & a flirt? If they all die,  would they all go to hell?

BOSE: Fornication is fornication jare… Difference is a girl fornicate wit her bf or luver etc while prostitute have sex with whosoeva is interested my own opinion though. 

CHRIS: Fornication is fornication. And there really is no difference between a girl with a boyfriend she fornicates with and a prostitute. They’re the same thing.And all will go to hell if they aren’t born-again Christians whether the girl with a boyfriend or the prostitute. What gets you to heaven is regeneration which is what being born-again is.

GHOST: So which means Girl with one boyfriend  is no different  from a Prostitute, then why do people look down on Prostitutes? 

CHRIS: Yeah, there is no difference bro. If a girl has a boyfriend without engaging in sex with him, then its cool but the minute she engages sex with him who is not her husband, she is no different from a prostitute. Smiles.

BOSE: HMMM MM!  So Chris are you still a Virgin? 

CHRIS: I wish Miss Ademi. I lost my virginity regrettably at age 28. Now I’m 31, I still regret the ordeal. People look down on prostitutes because they think in their mind that a girl in sexual relationship with a guy is more tolerable than the other not realising that sin is sin whether you do it one time or several times, sin is sin the first minute its done. So, whether a girl is promiscuous (prostitute) or she has only one partner(sex mate), they both connote the same offence and degree. Its self-righteous which is often delusional to think that the number of partners you have is what makes you a prostitute or less a prostitute when both still engage in pre-marital sex. See, there’s no difference. And a girlfriend is a beneficiary of her boyfriends money so is a prostitute her clients money. One is only an old method of pre-marital sex(prostitute) and the other an advanced method of prostitution(sex-mate), Smiles.You can say that Chris who was a virgin became a prostitute to a sex-mate and then he returned to celibacy by the renewing power of the new birth in Christ Jesus which says If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are past away, behold, all things have become new. That’s my story.
JUDE: You have spoken well

BOSE: Nice

CHRIS: Thank you people. God bless you all.

JUDE: I am in supportive of a single word said.. But today, people don’t want to understand that premarital sex is a great act of sin… I hear lot of people say God will understand, understand what? That really funny and crazy. I am not a virgin, I lost that age 20, though with someone I learned to love, but there is always I time to get out of some act.. Which I already did 3 years back and I am OK with my life.. But I kissed last two weeks oooo. Just kiss, lol. 

CHRIS:The only thing God understands is righteousness. Even Jesus had to be punished for our sake so we can be righteous according to His obedience to God. Gods word is eternal, it doesn’t change because the world thinks its advancing in time and fashion. God is the same yesterday, today and forever, His word will never change so those who suddenly seem to be contending Gods position with Him in their blasphemy that “He will understand” can tell that to satan.Kissing is not a sin.. There is no commandment in the bible that forbids kissing.I encourage your celibate position Jude.. Keep it up.How do we know something isn’t good for us? Simple, cos God says it isn’t. That’s how we know truth from error.

JUDE: Thanks man… It have never been easy, but we never stop trying. 

CHRIS: God forbids pre-marital sex but the world disagrees with God.. The world now celebrates sin called ‘secular humanisms’ where if it feels right, then its right. Tell me, our feelings aren’t reliable and they’re sinful, how can one follow them when they aren’t even constant- feelings change. If we follow our feelings, we will be ever unreliable and will be changing per second.. Its that the authority to follow? Feelings! They also say follow your heart. How can you follow your heart when the bible rightly says that the heart of man is wicked, desperately evil, who can know it. No matter what they say, God’s word prevails.

JUDE: Gbam!!!  [thumbs up] 

CHRIS: Yeah, its not easy particularly for men whose fallen nature is promiscuous. But true repentance and a renewing of the mind with the help of the spirit can keep us chaste. That’s the deal. Here is my counsel, since Christians are on the road to perfection physically, they could make mistakes even compromise at some point but things shouldn’t be left there, we can confess and forsake our sins and get back on track.. Another thing is if a man/woman can’t shake it off as a result of their faith level, then such a one should get married instead of engaging in what offends God. People get married for different reasons and marriage is always as a result of a desire.. So, if sex is one of them, then get married and be honourable than reducing self to shame and disgrace cos pre-marital sex has diverse consequences to grievous to outline.

GHOST: Kiss leads to lustful desire &  it’s one of the most important stage of foreplay.  How on earth is it not a sin,  bcos it’s is not mentioned in the Bible?

CHRIS: Okay Michael, sin means ‘missing the mark’ from the greek word harmattia. When we miss the mark or standard that God has set for us or humanity. Now, in the New Testament, Jesus says that when a man looks at a woman to lust after her, he has already committed fornication with her in his heart. Not the looking is sin but the looking with a motive which is to lust.. Same applies to kissing, if you kiss with the intent to only express love, its cool but if you kiss with the motive for sex, foreplay, then its sin. In the Old Testament, its forbidden for a man to look at the nakedness of a woman who is not his wife. But today, doctors look at the nakedness of pregnant women in the theatre.. How is that allowed by God.. Because the doctors motive is to deliver a child and not to lust after her body to sex. The minute the doctor switches from his motive from child-delivery to sex, then it becomes sin. So, sin is driven by our motive as 90% of the sins committed today in the sight of God are in the mind and only 10% accounts for the actual physical act. Once you accept that thought in your heart and mind, it is sin without doing it physically. What is to think? Saying words in your head. And sin in the mind/heart as a result of motive is what God looks out for before it is even committed physically.

GHOST: hmmm!  You have a point tho but it doesn’t justify kiss not being a sin.

CHRIS: Smiles. Not my point bro but I only reveal Gods word to you. Its your choice to take it or leave it but it changes not.I have kissed so many times without the intent to make love. Infact let me say this, when love is pure between a man and woman, there’d be no need for sex until they’re both ready to do it the right way. Kissing as an express of love is one of the best things in the world. The one of foreplay is cool but let them both be married before they switch motive from love to sex as sex is not love and love is not sex. Yeah, love can be expressed through sex yet it is not sex. Love is a commitment and sex is a physical sign of marriage. The Apostles in the bible are even encourage to give holy kisses. What is a holy kiss? A kiss with a motive that is strictly love without sex intent. And that type of kiss is authorised by God for people who aren’t married. Smiles.

JUDE: Am loving this topic, I swear down to my heart. 

CHRIS: I’m encouraged, Smiles. Thank you Jude. Appreciate.

GHOST: So if kissing is not a sin per say,  it means one can curdle without sex,  it won’t be regarded as a sin also? 

CHRIS: Yes Mike, so far your cuddling is without the intent for sex.

GHOST: A boy and girl,  pure Virgins,  they love each other,  they have never touched eachoda other before,   on a particular day the boy did a  sacrificial stuff for the girl to make her successful,  she subconsciously kiss him and from there it felt so good,  they  curdled a bit more before they regained their senses to stop. Did they sin or not?

CHRIS: Sex is the only thing forbidden by God. Any other act of foreplay is subject to the motive behind it before it can be called sin or not.Well, you’re referring to kids who probably are very impressionable but let me say this, so far the youngsters didn’t have any motive of sex in that hug, kiss and touch, then its cool.

GHOST: Curdling is not sin  I don’t  believe that, How can u curdle without  sexual intentions? 

CHRIS: Mike, are you trying to tell me that every kiss, hug, touch is sexually inclined? What about massages, heart attacks, departure hugs? Don’t people do that for the immediate need and not necessarily for sexual intent.How you can cuddle without the sexual intent is the motive behind it.

GHOST: Curdling between  lovers is different from massage. 

CHRIS: If someone like me can cuddle, kiss and touch without sexual intent, then no one can say it is not possible. Smiles. That’s what I’m saying Mike, the massage is for a motive for medical reasons to prove that not all touch is sinful. The one between lovers is subject to the motive driving the cuddling. Don’t forget, love is different from sex so how can two people in love cuddle cos they want sex. Its only when they know they’re on the right path to a sex life that the motives can naturally switch. But promiscuous people who are in sex with each-other not love can cuddle with the motive for sex. That’s how it works Mike. E.g Pornography.. That’s not love there but sex so every hug, cuddle, kiss has sex intent written all over it.

GHOST: hmmmmm

CHRIS: Let me give you another example.. Jesus out of His 12 disciples had one He loved so much. That particular disciple will cuddle up on Jesus you’d think he was gay but no, that was love in action there. That was cuddle with the intent of love. Jesus knows everything so if that particular disciple had sex or homosexual intent, Jesus would have rebuked that. But there is no account of that in the bible so that was clean.

GHOST: point taken. 

JUDE: You very correct. 

CHRIS: Thank you.

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