​For the remaining part of the week I was not my self,  I was scared,  I did not chat again,  I was scared to chat,  Chai,  everybody knows how Nigerian guys can be with nude pixs,  I was so scared,  Chai so my nude pixs would eventually be leaked..  I guess I don’t have much of a choice,  I couldn’t even ask anybody for advice because everybody sees me as an advocate of anti-nude pixs,  and I’m proud of it sef,  Chai, see my life,  my own don finish,  for some reason I decided not to delete the video Sam had also sent to me,  that’s my only hope, revenge! just incase worse comes to worst.

It was now I remembered I had a boyfriend,  Chai,  how will I tell michael,  before he finds out,  Michael is very conversant with the Internet,  so if anybody was to find out first it would be him…  I have to find a nice way to tell him before he gets to know. While I was pondering  I blanked out, the next thing, I woke myself up with soft moaning sounds. I’d only opened my eyes a crack before I realized where I was and what was happening.

Michael had been behind me on the bed, sharing a blanket with me, and precious was on her own, asleep -maybe I’m dreaming about michael, because in my sleep I’d started grinding my butt into michael’s crotch. Oops…
Except… I felt a bulge. Was michael… turned on??
I couldn’t believe this was real, but seriously, I was ALWAYS horny and the one thing I wanted more than anything was prick… so I pretended to be asleep and kept rubbing up on michael. I was pressed against him so closely at this point that his lips were touching my ear, and his breathing got steadily more laboured. I don’t know what it was about the sound of his soft grunting, but in that moment I became determined to make him cum no matter what. I shifted a little and groaned as though I was dreaming, angling my butt up so the bulge in his boxers would fall just under it and become nestled between my legs, tilting my torso sideways and arching my back so my rock hard little nips would poke through the fabric of my sleep shirt. Wriggling around his bulge I moved my arm to his side and found his forearm, stroking it and moving towards his hand. Michael froze, but I gave no indication of being awake, and his heavy breathing soon started up again.
I gently took his hand and moved it to my hip, murmuring something nonsensical, and started moving it down towards the front of my panties. And when he first made contact with the very obviously damp crotch, his breath caught in his throat and he groaned.
Finally he got the hint and placed a finger along the fold in the center of my panties, and started softly stroking. Ohhh God it felt incredible to have him touch me, my hips started moving back and forth towards his hand and back to his bulge and my juices started flowing more than ever.
I moved my hand back behind me and reached for his bulge, and once again he froze – his hand shot away from my pussy and to my wrist, trying to stop me. But my continued grinding made him falter, and as his grip relaxed, I moved his hand back to my p*sy and very openly and obviously reached for his bulge again, caressing it before pulling his boxers slightly down.
He whispered. “Judith… are you awake?” I no longer cared and opened my eyes, looked at him biting my lower lip, and reached into his boxers, grasping his incredibly hard prick and guiding it out.
“Juith, what are you doing??”
“Shh. You’ll wake precious.”
That shut him up alright. She was still asleep, but her recliner was almost facing us, and all she’d have to do was open her eyes to see something was going on. Or maybe she wouldn’t know. We were moving very slowly, and the blanket covered us. He could stop and maybe get away with it. So I started pulling my shirt up, exposing my rock hard nips and guiding his other arm, the one I was laying on, towards them. He gulped and started to paw at me, softly squeezing and flicking. I pushed the blanket down, exposing his hand’s work on my panties, hearing him groan at the sight, and I reached back again.
His dick felt so hard under the skin, but so soft on the outside… I aimed it back down between my legs and reached back to his hand on my p*ssy, moving my panties to the side.
Finally feeling his skin on mine, his fingers softly and easily burrowing between my slippery lips, shooting incredible shocks through me with every touch of my button. I began thrusting my hips again, now feeling my slippery p*ssy slide along the outside of his hard shaft, coating him in my juices, jerking him off between my legs, moving more frantically the closer I got to cumming, wanting to feel it inside me… My shirt up and blanket down, panties to the side, all precious had to do was open her eyes and she’d see us completely exposed, his hand pawing at my nips and his fingers slipping and sliding on my p*sy, the wet shiny head of his prick poking through to the front of my crotch and grazing my clitty.
Me intentionally tilting my p*sy up to him on one of the strokes, before moving back again and feeling the head of his hot prick pressed up against the entrance of my tight little hole.
Again, his hand on my hip, stopping me from going further. Me pushing back ever so slowly anyway. The head of his dick stretching my opening and finally, with a slight pop, entering me. I froze at the incredible sensation – even just the tip of a penis inside me felt hotter than anything I’d ever experienced before. I felt my pussy squeezing around the throbbing head, like it wanted to pull it in deeper, and as michael groaned hotly in my ear, I soon got the idea and started purposely using my p*sy muscles to squeeze him more.
We were completely holding still, but inside me my p*sy was jerking him off and trying to suck him deep into me, and he gripped my hip tightly. “Judith… stop…. please….” Oh God his groans were incredibly hot, I was so close to cumming… and I kept squeezing him… massaging his dick with my silky little hole… hearing his breathing turn erratic… feeling his prick swell up inside me… and as he began to cum into me, I came too, feeling happier than ever before, feeling almost satisied. Almost… Just almost…..
Michael: wake up
Me: I’m awake
But Michael kept calling my name and hitting me hard to wake up,  until I finally woke up and found out it was precious that was waking me up sef,  Chai so it was a dream,  how will I be dreaming this kind of dream when I’m in trouble…
I decided to login to 2go to even find out if Sam had drop any message for me,  at least lemme know if I’m trouble already or I still have  to wait for the trouble in future.
As I opened my my 2go,  I saw messages from Sam I was scared to read,  what will it entail???
To be continued……