#The Blunts: What is the minimum age for a girl to get married and why hasn’t a bill being passed against child marriage? S01. E02

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Today’s Topic: What is the minimum age for a girl to get married..  And why hasn’t a bill being passed against child marriage. Consider the fact that they say “when there is love age is just a number”.

CHRIS: The only time one could consider a minimum age for girls to get married is in the wake of widespread abuse of the girl child. I remember that that bill is yet to be passed by Nigeria’s law-making body because several interest groups have conflicting views particularly religious ones where Islam is chief. Feminist groups, human-rights groups, Christians have a role to play regarding such a bill cos it affects young women and their future in a secular state like Nigeria.. But trust Nigeria, nothing happens until there is a major disaster.. It wasn’t until Muslims started abusing young girls in child marriage that the nation was alerted to the need for a legislation to curb those excesses. I for one is against adolescent marriage and child-abuse or the molestation of minors but what can I do, I’ve got to remain vocal till the right thing is done. As a Christian, when God created Adam and Eve(the first man and woman to be married), they were full-fledged adults as a pointer that marriage requires a certain level of physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, moral maturity. Why are we legally allowed to vote at 18yrs of age but won’t pass legislation against child-marriage to stop Islamic incursion in our society? It beats me.. Marriage is more complex than universal adult suffrage so why isn’t it taking more seriously and especially in the wake of child-marriage which is wrong on all counts. I see it as a savage approach to feminine slavery! And feminists won’t condemn the act but will only appear in the scene when they’re unevenly balanced in the polity. Love has nothing to do with age but love has certain attributes which qualify it. You cannot constitute an offence to a minors sense of judgement by child-marriage and call it love. That’s criminal! And since majority of people the world over don’t know what love is, then how does age determine love? Cos a lot of over-aged people and under-aged people don’t know what love is. Therefore love is not an age issue but a knowledge issue. Love is a decision, a commitment you make to something unconditionally. Love is borne out of the heart of the lover to the beloved as a result of the value that the lover has placed on the object of his affection. And that requires a certain level of moral maturity to do- so where does age come in? No where. Moral maturity isn’t predicated on age but on the principles of life that are statutes of general applications a person is willing to follow . So, one can be young or old and yet fail in what love is and also be young or old and excel in what love is; its entirely up to moral maturity as love isn’t an emotion, feeling or sex. Yeah, love can feel things, express emotions and can also express sex but that’s not love. Love is strictly a commitment. Cos what happens when sex fails, your emotions and feelings? Does it mean love is over? Nope. Cos it is a decision, it should be constant and change not. So, the most important thing here isn’t age but the knowledge of what love is and the moral maturity to do that. Thanks.

GHOST: If a child is below 16 and has her version of knowledge of love,  is she allowed to Marry a man of 35?

CHRIS: Having an exclusive version of love is proof that such a 16yr old shouldn’t even consider such a thing. She could, only if she has moral maturity for marriage.

GHOST: What age is considered maturity?

CHRIS: That’s the thing.. No one can tell.. Only the individual in question can but one could investigate. Such a minor will most definitely require counselling to determine maturity.

GHOST: Now some traditions do child marriage,  how can the law which the parents of the child are in support of,  but we want a bill to be passed to stop child marriage yet these parents are not ready to change their tradition. 

CHRIS: Smiles. It doesn’t matter whether they’re in support or not with the bill. Like every other law, once this bill against adolescent marriage is passed, it will be enforced. Any parent who will not adhere to it will be prosecuted by the law. Simple.

GHOST: That being said,  we have discussed this issues from a mutual interest point of view,  what about the child abuse and child rape,  forceful incense child marriage. What should be the punishment?

CHRIS: Simple. Incarceration! Imprisonment! Cos they’re criminal offences, issues.

JUDE: Like Chris has said… Wen considering marriage, it should be done with diligent consideration, and for the time to b matured for marriage, it all boil down to the thinking ability of the individual in question, talking about morals. That’s the key,  and my opinion is any child below the age of 18 is not qualified, be it you are mentally sound with a great thinking faculty or morals, you need to b of that age bracket because that is wen you manage to pass your first stage of adolescent. The body is just half way grown… If the government won’t allow the under age (below 18) to vote, then why is it so hard to enforce the law to every household of the country…. Though I recently heard they are doing and taking action towards that in some northern part of the country.. And let see how things turns out… That is child abuse, the body is not Even matured to receive anything out side it reach…. 

CHRIS: Splendid. Jude. Great one.

JUDE: Thank you. 

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If you have points to proove or you disagree with any of the above opinions, please share your views with us by commenting below…..

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