Good morning folks

Facts for the day: Keep an onion near you if you have stuffy nose. 

PREVIOUSLY ON #THEBLUNTS:  who has more control/say in a relationship,  Man or woman?

Topic of the day: Which is better, love or lust?

CHRIS: Yeah, what’s your opinion on this Benita since I’m the moderator today. Smiles.

BENITA: Eiii… me? So the topic is which is preferable love or lust?

CHRIS: Yeah. And please give your detailed reasons. Smiles.

BENITA: Many of us in our wild society today mistake two things to be “love”. They are lust and infatuation. Now lust is having strong sexual desire for the opposite sex, intense enthusiastic feeling for someone. And when we think of infatuation we go way back to when we all had our first love.. infatuation is like a short term affection towards the other… only a few really understands when they are in any of these situations. The way we live or act when we are in love is way too emotional than we are lusting for the opposite sex. When we love, we don’t just love that person because we are sexual let attracted to them, or because we like the way they seem to appear. No we love them because we can share things with them, we can rub minds with them, we feel compassion for eachother, we have respect for each other, we do not have sex and still get tired of each other…. lust does not come with all these package.. lust is you finding yourself loving the opposite sex because you have imagined how they’ll look like underneath that dress, that suit and tie,that cool and gentle behaviour… and when you sit and think of why you think of them that way.. you lie to yourself and refer to it as love anyway. I asked a pretty girl who’s in her late teens what love really is to her.. her explanations were funny… that aside… when you love you give in your all not minding how the end results will eventually come out to be. When you lust you are confused. To me I prefer love to lust. 

CHRIS: Okay. From your detailed response, I deduce that you prefer love to lust and view lust as sexual desire but love as non-sexual predisposition to friendship or commitment. Cool but what about hidden love? Do you think there is anything like that Benita?

[Michael enters the room,  without any greeting or introduction] 

MICHAEL: I Just know most of us will choose love. As a matter of fact,  love is better but for controversial reason i will be in support of lust. But why do we like to deceive ourself naaa,  everybody loves “love”  but we all practice “lust”, love is better but lust is sweeter.

BENITA: Michael lust don’t last forever. No matter how hard you try to keep calm. It won’t last.

MICHAEL: Of course lust is not suppose to last forever but what creates love is lust,  only agape love is quite genuine,  which is found with God almighty and mothers love for their children.  Not relationship or marriage.

BENITA: I cannot lust over you and find love later. Lust does not create love. Lust does not sidely define love. Please.

MICHAEL: Smh! Men love by what they see,  women love by what they hear.

BENITA: It’s reversible these days.  

MICHAEL: Now,  that being said,  when a man see a woman,  the first the thing that makes attracts the man to the woman is lust.

BENITA: Women can lust over a man too…

MICHAEL: The first thing that attracts a lady to a man, is the way composes himself and speaks,  it is lust not love.  But over time due to closeness,  you begin to develop the Love,  the love starts to grow. Lust is the beginning of love. 

BENITA: Lol if you love the way another person composes his or herself in public.. that’s what you love about that person. It’s the first feeling you’ve had towards that person. Obsession might come in because whatever anyone does linking to what you saw in that person, it don’t excite you because they don’t do it like the person you fell in love with in terms of their composure. Lust is way farther than that with all due respect sir. And the happy thing about this love situation is that it don’t even need “closeness” to start with.

MICHAEL: I’m a conductor, If  i walk towards you in a bus,  and tell you directly that i love you,  would you ans positively?

BENITA: What exactly do you love about me? I lust over people a lot and it’s for one thing in them, “Their voice”, The way they blink their eye or pat their eyelashes. The composure. 

JUDE: I agree with Benita. 

[Michael interrupts] 

MICHAEL: That’s the issue,  you must not have reason to love. We humans do understand the fact that our subconsciousness recognizes energy of other people,  some call it natural likeness but we are buzy forming love because of one thing or the other.

BENITA: Love is from the heart, It is genuine, Love is loving everything about a person including their flaws.

MICHAEL: If you love someone because of a particular thing or reason,  it’s lust no matter how you wanna address it.

BENITA: If you are lusting over a girl online and you find out this girl has got one leg your nervous system will react negatively, You won’t even know what lust is, You would run for your life. 

MICHAEL: I disagree,  everyday you see girls under age,  Cripples getting pregnant,  you think as a bad guy I meet a girl online, I find her attractive,  then we met and i noticed she has one leg,  as bad guy,  even if she has one eye,  i will still Nak her and disappear,  it’s  called “hit & run”  baby…

JUDE: Love never begin with lust Michael.. I don’t agree to that. 

BENITA: Love does not begin with lust!

MICHAEL: Love is crazy and unexplainable.

BENITA: NOOOO!  Love is not crazy, Crazy is part of the package at the middle stage of a relationship. I disagreeI, I totally disagree, You are explaining and dropping your opinions like a teenager. I am a therapist a relationship therapist. You cannot come to me and tell me you prefer lust to love for heavens sake…

JUDE: i agree again with her. 

BENITA: Having to love someone away from your family shouldn’t be toyed with.. it’s not a joke. Please think this through and understand me. 

JUDE: Michael have been ensnare by lust.. Though how you grow up and were you grow up can really affect your love life, morals and all that.. So I see point from his opinion. 

BENITA: are we done? It’s almost time for lunch, I’m dying of hunger, I’ve bin having love related feelings over  food lately. 

JUDE: Wen it comes to love, their is a lot involved, am not a therapy or love guru! But I have falling deep in love that I never knew I could get out, and I have also lust on a lady I actually had no relationship with, now look at this two funny scenario, love is never built on lust, because I am not the fall in love at first sight, I take my time, and what made me really feel in love was because I love how smart she was, common you don’t sex smartness or do we? So bro love is not lust or begin with lust and lust is not love… This are two different entity that are likely or two bisected part ways.. And binita.. Nice points. 

BENITA: God bless you Jude.

JUDE: U wlc ma’am.. privileged. 

CHRIS: What would be your response to people who are of the opinion that when they’re in love with someone, they shouldn’t let them know about it. That its much safer to conceal love than to show it so people don’t take advantage of their love? A lady once said that a woman takes advantage of a mans love when he makes it obvious to her? Is this true?

JUDE: I go with Chris  last statement… Is it true, yes it is..

: Mmm. Interesting Mike. And what will be your reason for choosing lust? Please share with us?

BENITA: No that’s not true. No woman takes a man’s loves for granted. It’s either she never loved him, or she had no affection towards him.

MICHAEL: in response to Chris,  Maybe jude is right,  I had relationship, flings,  I have being sold out,  loved and lust..  Being a therapist makes you understand love by textbook but when go trough experiences,  you will understand the actuall feelings.   Lemme all ask you,  are you are aware that two partners who choose to flirt with eachoda are more truthful to themselves than those who are in a relationship or marriage?  There so are so many hidden things you might never know without experience,  you sit down in your office listening to people’s problems,  don’t you know people would tell you their stories in a way it would favour them.  Therapist does not make understand love. Take note i said love is better but I stand to proove my point why lust can be better or lust being the beginning of love.

BENITA: Look… the happiest thing in the world as a woman is for her man to return back the love she has for him. 

JUDE: Yea we are talking about the either.. In her heart, it is An either

BENITA: Oh my God there’s an unexplained reaction to that. Lol we’ve all had our own piece of the love cake. 
JUDE: Such answer is kind of personal because not 100% of ladies do that.. I don’t know who does that but  ladies do… Wen a man  love a lady or Start liking a lady, I expect him to express him self… That  a beautiful thing to do, it never wrong,  and wen a lady says, am sorry I can’t, am in love with someone else, a man should learn to accept that and move on, because wen you get her too occupied with your love series, you might b living her with no choice than double date with you,  at this point you might get her thinking off what love really is and would want to keep up with you just to take advantage of what you could offer, but this set of ladies are those that haven’t gotten the full picture of what love really is.

MICHAEL: Benita,  have you ever heard the word “sold out”  before,  have you ever experienced it,  have you ever dated a prostitute before Mr jude,  have any of you ever had a sex partner before or a fling,  have you ever being heart broken before,  have ever done something so foolish for a stupid reason because of someone before,  i bet you all are always cautious of not  being hurt.  I understand all your points of love over lust,  sadly if it was 20yrs back I would have accepted, the world we are today,  you think it’s love or lust.. ?

JUDE: From all you listed above bro I have experienced all, except going extra mile to date a prostitute,and I am not intending to date one.. And for the 20 years back, you have no experience of what love was because you probably might have just been a little boy… So be happy you accept d change….  If you need true love or you want your love life to last forever.. Then you need to have a rethink and get those lust sentiment off your head, because  you can’t  give lust and receive true love, our mind is a powerful elements that you actually don’t know the material it is make up of, but you can build it to suit you and that is what you have done…   

It was a beautiful topic. . 

MICHAEL: It lust over love.  You guys need to be sincere wit ursef,  obviously you can’t see a Prostitute and date one unless you never knew in the first place.

JUDE: What ever you believe in your heart can be done and undone because the heart is wat really make you.. And in wen it come to love if you expect too much.. You might get disappointed. 

MICHAEL: Chris you are quiet  today,  for a girl that chooses to keep your relationship low key,  it’s simple,  love is not a lowkey substance, The only exception to that is if her parents are not in support of your love to their daughter,  then can she request for you to stay lowkey till she solves the issue. 

JUDE: Most times parent may be out of this. 

BENITA: Put parents out of this for a while.

MICHAEL: hmm, Which mean hidden relationship is not love then or is there a genuine reason why love should be lowkey?

JUDE: This days parent got 20% say in a child love life. 

CHRIS: Smiles. See why I shouldn’t be made the moderator, it limits my impact however, I have heard you all and you all did exceptionally well but I’d be back with the results as you’d expect the topic initiator to have something to say right? Yeah, so I’d be back with my response to my own topic and will also declare the winner.. Oops, there really is no winner cos you all have done tremendously well.


CHRIS: Michael, Benita and Jude.. The amazing trio.. Congratulations..

JUDE: Thanks

CHRIS: The most finest individuals are the Blunts. Benita, you can take that lunch break.. You deserve it.. Jude, you’re exceptional and Michael, I dust my hat for you. Amazing!

MICHAEL: But i never even drop all my points sha oooo but lemme rest. 

JUDE: I would b dropping a topic also… Funny but that what I see trending on *social media* … And I would love lot of comment on this and the ladies should b the once in the best place to answer or give their personal view. 

MICHAEL: 1. Most people believe love leads to marriage right?,  why then the divorce and broken homes.. 

2. Love is from the heart right yet rich people don’t love poor people,  abi love is expensive? 

3. Define love,  define lost, define relationship  and then define marriage. 

: 1. because we are imperfect humans and even God knows our limitation down to the point he made a ground for divorce on just one singular condition, which is Adultery. 

2. A rich man can marry a poor woman and vice vasa, most likely love comes in were you find your self… It that simple. 

MICHAEL: Jude stop using textbook love to answer my questions, We are in reality here. 95% of married men cheat,  so why did they marry in the name of love in the first place? 

JUDE: Love can’t be define but expressed unconditionally, most times in a way you can’t explain,  lust in the other Hand is a mutual feeling two people exhibit, sexually and noting really attached, relationship is the act of two people in communication, though depend on the time of relationship you talking about and it have a level at which it is initiated, and marriage, is the coming together of two people in agreement to live together as one entity, no matter the condition, most times it is not inline with love… But a real marriage is built on love, affection and a great deal of understanding. 

MICHAEL: Do you know if you tell a girl that you are just attracted to her but you’re not sure its love and you two agree to to keep an open relationship, it tends to last longer than when two people confuse lust for love and go into a relationship?

JUDE: I dropped my genuine answer broke…  I have phobia for reading love books, 100% of my opinion is base on my little experience. 

MICHAEL: I doubt,  all your senator’s daughter,  and governors daughter and presidents daughter are persuaded to marry another big family for business purposes and the daughters gladly agree,  of cause most of the marriages don’t last but the ones that last,  will also tell their daughters to go for rich people,  my point is we all believe LOVE is better but 95% of the world practice LUST yet we are expecting a fairytale ending…

BENITA: I’ll faint oooo


BENITA: Comeon jude… drop more points.

[Katiepearl joins the crew] 

MICHAEL: please welcome Katiepearl, Topic of the day: Which is better,  love or lust?

KATIEPEAL: Tanks, Love is better but nowaday pple don’t no the vaule of love pple only say it but can’t praticalise it so what pple do now and prefer is lust besides there is no true love the only love we have is God. 

MICHAEL: Thank you pearl,  help me tell them. They are saying love since,  I told earlier thay  my point is we all believe LOVE is better but 95% of the world practice LUST yet we are expecting a fairytale ending…

BENITA: So are u saying or insinuating that everyone who’s in a relationship and marriage now are lusting over eachother and not practicing true love pearl? Can we keep God’s love for us out of this pls. 


BENITA: But the question is which do you prefer, Not some debate or something, Different opinions entirely, You prefer lust because you practically are part of the people who does lust and it’s going well for you. 

MICHAEL: Everyone agrees love is better but in truth we do more of lust.

BENITA: I prefer love… because it conquers all… put God back in this instance for me… “God’s love for his children is everlasting “, Love is powerful, Lust is something temporary, Words can’t describe lovelove. It’s wayyyy to big for words to describe.

JUDE: One thing is certain… Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion..

BENITA: Exactly jude. 

MICHAEL: When your opinion is not realistic or true,  an outsiders needs to knok the” necessary or the missing” information inside your head,  so would understand reality better.

KATIEPEARL: See no love in this cuntry any more days y suferrness is much if there is love there will be trust married men n women won’t cheat on their wives or husband especially married men cheating on their wives same as young ladies n girls dating older men all because of money and material things etc my dear go to families and young marriages of today what woman are facing men cheating if there is love wil our men husbands and fathers be cheating??? The answer is NO so there is no love.

BENITA: Don’t sit there and speak for the whole country.

Katiepearl laff….

BENITA: Smiles,  Even if buhari dey f*ck up now, I don’t love that man. 

KATIEPEARL: And speaking for cus there is no love but I prefer love bcus Our God is love.

BENITA: Have you ever loved someone before?, Have you ever felt like you expect as much love from someone you think you can die for?, Don’t act like love is such a bad thing. Stop it! [Benita shouts] 

JUDE: And let me let you know something.. Right from the day our first parent ate the fruit.. Badness have been in the world.. Noting like now a days… People were living in tradition but now is the time love is really being practice even though we still got wicked people in the world…. Back then a man get married to countless of the feminine, would you say he lust over them all or love them all… So get now are days off the picture…  Lust is not a feeling, it is just an act express by two people who are not ready to she the best part of themselves.

BENITA: that’s it. 

KATIEPEARL: Sure I have loved and all I could get in retire was lies cheat deceite etc.

MICHAEL: This what experience gives you,  not sitting behind your desk and listening to other people’s relationship issues,  this is reality not therapist asylum. 

BENITA: No matter how hurt you are love can always pick u up..Pearl… for the fact that we failed don’t mean we won’t pass one day. What do you say to someone that loved for seven years and found out it was all lies?. But still gave love a chance. That is me. Don’t give up on love because someone stepped on your heart.Away from this. There’s love in Nigeria 😂😂😂 we are just broke at the moment.

KATIEPEARL: Hmmm, LOL, Am so sorry about that dear, Yea, I blive u, But all d same love is d best wen there is love there is God. 

JUDE: Jude Daniel would never Go for lust because it has no gain, and don’t ask what are the gains in love… It countless… Because you think lusting is your way does not mean you are correct or give you any possibility of such.. Love is love, lust is lust, I love to love.

BENITA: Nice to have you here bae. This guy’s almost made me faint. Especially Michael..he never does admits things easily 😘😘😘😘😘

JUDE: I love such people… It give you room for unending argument:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:, And welcome Katiepearl. 

TEEJAY: lol, see argument oooo,  I am enjoying this

KATIE: Tankz too you all, Teejay say something don’t enjoy. 

MICHAEL: Is not about how long,  is about how many times you have tried and you failed.  When you try love like 10times in your life,  back 2 back and you are heartbroken,  pained and full of hatred,  even when you give love a chance it is then you realize that love is scarce,  Lust ti take over. 

BENITA: somebody hit Michael for me, lol. 

JUDE: I am about doing that. 

[Everyone laughs]….. 

KATIE: Lol, Micheal for real love ti take over oooooooooooo,  E bi like say na dat lust sure pass now.

: And now I am wondering if he have really gotten 10 heart break… Probably he started dating early and call that love wen he don’t actually know what it is.. Good we are learning.Maybe 2 heart break every year😂😂😂😂

MICHAEL: Jude Daniel y now abeg oooooo, LOL. 

JUDE: I only pick out d point that most matters.. Lol.. He can’t have 5 heart break at a time… That every 2.5months:oops::oops::oops::oops:.. Lol.. Just anticipating..:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

[Katie laughs out loud]….. 

JUDE: But on a more serious note.. 10 times failure or even 20 can’t b compare to a single new trial… Because you only would get what you want if only you never stop trying… Maybe some motivation daily would help. Could be called maybe keep up.. Lol. 

MICHAEL: But Jude do you know when people have mutual flirting,  they tend to be honest to eachother than when they are in a relationship…  Do you know why?

KATIE: Yea you right Micheal,  please  why? 

MICHAEL: I need jude & Benita to guess why before I give them the obvious answer. 

JUDE: Because they think they have noting to lose because noting was initially attached buddy. 

MICHAEL: Partly right

JUDE: loose 

KATIE: So u only want to hear frm jude n benita abi? 

MICHAEL: Very simple,  I walk up to Girl and first i said was the truth, Now based on the truth,  you two decided to flirt,  you have nothing to loose And because you have nothing to loose,  you tend to tell urself everything  because you know you two don’t have right to be jealous over each other. Now you decided to flirt because you like eachother  not because of any other reason, Which means you both are flirting unconditionally,  you don’t care weather he his rich, handsome or poor, you just love f*cking him. There is no reason to lie in flirting, Do you know rumors and Gossip can never affect flirtationship. Anything that makes a man promote his babe from.  Flirting to relationship,  it means love has being generated,  he has had sex with her,  she knows all his tricks and secrets,  he knows all her past,  and they still choose marry,  believe me that marriage would last.

KATIE: hmm

CHRIS: That’s not flirting Mike but a sexual relationship. That’s a different kind of relationship that has all kinds of urban themes to it. Sex-mate, fuck-mate, fuck-buddy, friends with benefit etc. Smiles. Pardon my use of vulgar words but I had to be objective at that point.

MICHAEL: Sex-mate is classified under flirting not love.

JUDE: Ride buddy.. Great controversy. 

CHRIS: There are even platonic relationships, the forbidden one- same-sex relationships. There are all kinds of relationship out there so let’s not mix words or signification. Yes Mike, and a flirtatious relationship isn’t about love but subjective to a sensual rhythm and predisposition.

MICHAEL: We are saying the same thing,  they are not love but they seem to workout better than the so called “LOVE”

CHRIS: You all have trashed out the matter most impressively. Mike advocates lust, Benita is for love, Jude is for love and Katie is hanging in the balance.However, my position to my topic is that lust is better than love. Mike was close to it and Katie tried as well but nothing taking away from Jude and Benita who make me so proud.But my answer is that lust is preferred to love or even better than love and I’d explain..

CHRIS: Nothing works out better than love Mike and I’d explain. Those relationships aren’t even love or lust; I’m referring to sex relationships.. That’s not even lust. That’s pure sex, it has nothing to do with lust. What is love? And what is lust?

Love is an unconditional commitment, decision or choice to someone or something.Lust simply means desire. The root word for lust and its etymological classification simply means desire. The secondary meaning attached to lust as sensual or sexual pleasure for someone isn’t part of its root definition. Therefore, lust simply means one word, ‘desire.’. Now, desire is the most profound principle on earth cos when desire meets any enterprise, it gives fruition to it. It gives animation, character, enthusiasm and vigour.

What will love be without lust(desire)? Nothing. Cos love is always in a state of inaction. A latent state to be precise with no power or impetus. But when you add desire to love, you give love a breather. Love becomes suddenly alive, invigorated, regenerated, galvanised, charged, animated and mechanicalised! That’s what lust does to love bearing in mind that lust is simply desire and not sexual desire but DESIRE. So, when a man or any individual loves someone or something without lust(desire) that thing suffers until lust is attached to it.

MICHAEL: so lust leads to love? 

CHRIS: John 3:16- For God so loved the world that He GAVE His one and only son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. Now, God did something to the love He had for us. He gave. What is giving? An act of self deprivation for some other benefit. That giving was lust demonstrated by God. No Mike. Love leads to lust.

: Ride I love that response [tongues out to michael] 

CHRIS: Cos its when you have love that you show or demonstrate it in lust(desire). For modern English that defines lust as sexual desire, I have one word to that, call a spade a spade. That’s not lust but a sex relationship.Lust doesn’t mean sex, it means desire.How can a man profess to love a woman and cannot desire(lust) after her? That’s a lie. That can’t be love cos love is action but can only become action when it moves to lust. Lust is the action of love.

MICHAEL: Help me tell Benita and jude ooo0.

Teejay: Hmm,  So what Chris is saying is that the English definition for lust should be readjusted. 

CHRIS: Humanity is advised to love all of humanity but we can’t seem to lust after humanity at the same time despite we love them. So, lust is what we give to people dear to us. A friend, a lover, a confidant, family, neighbour etc. Just name it. We walk the chequered pavement of the mortal existence but rarely make an impact of lust to all and sundry because we cannot seem to do so. We can only lust after a selective few. We love our enemies as admonished by the bible but do we lust after our enemies? No. We cannot lust after them else they kill us being our enemies but we love them.

Teejay: Technically speaking,  love requires more than just the words or the feelings.  It requires a great deal of sacrifice. One that is beyond self. I can’t seem to agree with this prognosis. Not sure why,  I think it’s experience of other people that’s is the main factor.

CHRIS: Lust is the proof of love. You can love someone in your heart without ever wishing to verbalise same cos that’s what love is- it is in a latent state of inaction until you add lust to it. A man can love a woman but will only begin romance when he moves that love to lust for lust is desire and not sexual. Just desire.If you see a beggar on the street and decide to give alms, you have just lusted on that beggar with the desire to help the needy. That’s what lust can do to love.

MICHAEL: Erm erm,  clears throat,  I am not sure about that.

TOSIN: Sorry Chris, contextually you are using the word “lust” neutrally here.

CHRIS: When a man kisses a woman, he just lusted after her. When a man sacrifices for a woman’s well-being, he just lusted after her. When you obey the commandments of Jesus, you just lusted after Him. That’s what lust can do to love. Thank you everyone for your participation. God bless you all.

Teejay: Lust has no positive or neutral connotation, Lust has a negative connotation for a reason.  It describes the inappropriateness of the desire not just the thoughts behind it. Nope, I I disagree to your last statement. 

CHRIS: I just explained that lust originally means desire but it was attached to negative inclinations by scholars who thought to encompass the word with its dual consequences but I speak of its original sense Teejay. And how that largely defines love. You can’t define love without lust. Love and lust are knitted together so jettisoning the lexicon ideals, love and lust its original sense are jointly interlayed.That’s what gives me the authority to explain its significance.

Teejay: And your lexical backup is?

BENITA: hmmm,  I’ll faint

CHRIS: I just explained that lust as defined within lexicon territories isn’t sufficient to the etymological meaning of the word which is ‘desire.’And the negative aspect of its urban use is an offshoot of the abuse of lust which revolutionised its original context Teejay.Lust should be controlled in righteousness.Lust has its limit when its done right.

Teejay: Bros,  lust is lust, Lust is defined as inappropriate desire, Keyword here being inappropriate, Something with negative connotation should be done away with not controlled, It’s just like saying sin should be controlled.

KATIE: !’hmmmm true talk

CHRIS: Sin is not lust Teejay. You’re holding on to the revised use for the word lust. Lust in its original context isn’t that which speaks of an illegitimate desire but simply desire. There’s no neutrality to desire. Desire is desire. Any negative connotation has a  derived word it represents. Sex is sex. That’s not lust. Evil is evil, that’s not lust. Lust is simply desire. That which is desired, but when desire finally births, the further implication must have its own unique terminology.That’s how it works. For love in itself has its lenial consequence which is lust. And this lust is simply desire. Or that which is desired.

Teejay: The problem I have with your reply here is simply lexical. Etymology is historical. We are in the present. 

CHRIS: Smiles. What is lexical.. A reformed use of grammar. Etymology is its historical or root meaning. That its revised doesn’t take away its use grammatically or semantics wise. Howbeit, grandiloquence was never an unlawful manner of speech.

Teejay: Let me quote you here on a comment to made with the word: “lusting after Jesus”

CHRIS: Well, in this context of loves mechanical progression, lust which characterises its end result is valid here.

Teejay: Historical translations and meanings do not matter to the modern day man, unless it serves an academic purpose. 

CHRIS: Sure. If you love Jesus, who can tell? Nobody. But if you lust after Him, it will be obvious, undeniable.

Teejay: Really? Seriously?  Do you know the real reason why Jesus condemned the Hebrews as regards adultery?

CHRIS: Even modern day lexicons include the archaic definitions and etymological meanings to words which proves its valid/authorised use.

Teejay: Okay then… Happy lusting o

CHRIS: Jesus never condemned the Hebrews but the act.

Teejay: Nuff said.  Yes and the act was what?

CHRIS: Sure. I have been lusting and I still do because if I don’t lust, then I can’t qualify/establish love.

Teejay: thumbs up, Note that I am not establishing myself as upright.  I just disagree with the lexical use of the word.

CHRIS: Lust. Lust(desire) has a limit and that’s righteousness. If it misses that standard, then its sin.Well, that’s a wide misconception and misapplication of literacy but lust is lust which is desire. Smiles.
Teejay: Just so you know I will paste a few things here now. Lust is an emotion or feeling of intense desire in the body. The lust can take any form such as the lust for sex, lust for expensive objects (extravagance) or the lust for power. It can take such mundane forms as the lust for food as distinct from the need for food. Lust is a psychological force producing intense wanting for an object, or circumstance fulfilling the emotion.

Religions, especially Christianity, separate the definition of passion and lust by further categorizing lust as an inappropriate desire or a desire that is inappropriately strong, therefore being morally wrong. While passion for proper purposes is maintained as something God-given and moral.Note here that the word used is Passion not love. The dictionary definition of lust is “1) intense or unrestrained sexual craving, or 2) an overwhelming desire or craving.” The Bible speaks of lust in several ways. Exodus 20:14 , 17 (NLT),”Do not commit adultery. . . Do not covet your neighbor’s house. Do not covet your neighbors wife, male or female servant, ox or donkey, or anything else your neighbor owns,” or Matthew 5:28 , “But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust in his eye has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Job 31:11-12 (NLT) sums up lust quite nicely: “For lust is a shameful sin, a crime that should be punished. It is a devastating fire that destroys to hell. It would wipe out everything I own.” Lust has as its focus pleasing oneself, and it often leads to unwholesome actions to fulfill one’s desires with no regard to the consequences. Lust is about possession and greed. The Christian faith is about selflessness and is marked by holy living ( Romans 6:19 , 12:1-2 ; 1 Corinthians 1:2 , 30 , 6:19-20 ; Ephesians 1:4 , 4:24 ; Colossians 3:12 ; 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8 , 5:23 ; 2 Timothy 1:9 ; Hebrews 12:14 ; 1 Peter 1:15-16 ). The goal of each person who has put his/her faith in Jesus Christ is to become more and more like Him each day. This means putting off the old way of life of which sin was in control, and conforming one’s thoughts and actions to the standard put forth in Scripture. Lust is in opposition to this ideal. This is just a brief form of crosschecking, All what you have said has been on point.  But I take my stand on the use of the word.

CHRIS: The same King James version of the English bible was translated from the original Greek and Hebrew texts which had in its Etymological use of words meanings used differently in the bible. Apostle Paul used the word lust in his exhortation for the need to acquire spiritual gifts. “Lust after the best gifts.” That’s why I speak of etymology cos English originated from the ancient Latin but the New Testament of the bible was translated from ancient Greek.

Teejay: Ehn… English originated from where?, No sir, English did not originate from Latin sirI, Which is why the Vatican referred to it as the “bastard language”, Latin birthed the Iberian languages sir, And they are Spanish, French,  Italian and Portuguese.

CHRIS: I guess you just impeached the credibility of our group chat by comments from outside sources which Mike has been known to implicate. Outside sources takes away from the group chats so narrow your comments to your own sources. Thanks.

Teejay: Lool, I doubt I would do that sir, 

KATIE: Hmmmmmm

Teejay: A simple clarification using biblical means was necessary to clear the air sir. 

CHRIS: Why take me on a Merry-go-round ill-destination. Your outside sources still defined lust as desire..Lust is not a sin. Is desire a sin? No.

Teejay: Show your love with pure actions,  devoid of lust which is carnal. 

CHRIS: You speak of passion, loyalty.. What’s all that without desire?

Teejay: I will reiterate that lust is inappropriate desire, It’s the inappropriateness that makes desire lust.

CHRIS: Semantics here and there but desire is the chief most galvanising force on earth.

Teejay: smh!  Semantics is the same reasons why these words exist.  It’s because of this that parallels are drawn.

CHRIS: According to what lexicons substantiate but its desire before its negative/positive connotation.

Teejay: Lust and love work in parallel,  I still disagree. 

CHRIS: Yeah, desire is proof of love which is lust.

Teejay: Do you know why words are synonymous and not exact?

CHRIS: Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I know in practical conformities that lust is preferred to love cos it qualifies love in its true sense.They’re not exact but they’re derivables which often times maintain slight distinctions for variability .The fact that you give love action is the lusting.Call sin by its name where you see it. Every known equivalent of negative desire has its own term. Just call it by that. Whether it be sexual immorality, call it that. Whether it be fornication, adultery, greed, theft etc. Call it by name.. Lust is simply a desire but when its negative attribute is demonstrated, call it by name.

Teejay: smh

CHRIS: Lust simply means desire and is preferred to love cos it gives love action and desire. You can love yourself or someone but that’s unknown till you show desire. And that’s where lust comes in.

Teejay: drinking garri without sugar in slow motion.

MICHAEL: Chris and TOSIN,  let’s take a break. All this Grammer,  chai.

JUDE: Chris… Seriously I am not much of the English guy… But am trying. 

CHRIS: Mmm. English is foreign to us all. If it weren’t for the copy and paste of history, dictionary and bible scriptures which we all can do, my words would have been limited here. We don’t have to copy, paste an entire source material to buttress our point, we would emasculate our efforts here. Thanks.

MICHAEL: I need to jot down the points,  it’s stressful if you don’t gimme break to catch up, please. 

TEE-JAY: Chris just took a smart swipe at me. 

MICHAEL: please be calm. We are on break, and you can continue after. 

TEE-JAY: I am done please. 

JUDE: I have noting more to emphasis on this topic as it have gotten it extreme point, dispute and all that… Love has noting to do with lust… Love has it own feeling and I don’t believe lust make me show or put my love in action.. That is really a blunt misinterpretation I won’t accept…  Base on everything read, one thing led to the other bringing a different interpretation of what lust is … And wen critically looked, most of us are expressing  topic base on how we feel it to be. Jude prefer love to lust because he knows this are two different bodies that have slight resemblance, but his able to identify that.

Thank you so much for today

CHRIS: I respect everyone’s views here but I reiterate that you can’t have love without proof which is desire. Love that has no desire(lust) isn’t love but something else. The misconception to ‘lust’ is largely due to its lexicon definition but no one here could prove to me a love without lust(desire) in concrete terms. Anything we do or mechanically externalise is desire(lust) of that thing be it love or any other virtue. Smiles.That you even share your opinion on this group chat is your lust for the topic at hand. A man/woman cannot love in isolation, that love must show and when it shows, it is the lust(desire) of it. Even saying “hi” to a girl or guy that you love/like is lust which is love in action. Thank you everyone. God bless you all.

MICHAEL: Good points from everyone,  the question is ” which is better, ” love or lust”    love is better,  I was controversial enough to make you guys understand that most people practice lust which brought about the argument if there can be love without lust. Everybody has his own point of view, God loves us all not lust.  We cannot lust on God either. I appreciate the topic and I appreciate everyone’s effort.  This topic  can be dragged on and on without end… Then I would appreciate we stop using Bible and God to back our arguments, God is constant, there is no point dragging him into arguments,  let discuss issues based on facts, data and experience…Thank you Blunts,  that should be all for today….

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