#The Blunts: Is the endowment of the body really a key to a successful relationship/marriage, because the majority have been susceptible by this sentiment.. What’s  your take on this? S01. E05

​Good morning beautiful people….

Quote of the day: Don’t be so quick to believe what you hear because lies spread quicker than the truth.

PREVIOUSLY ON #THEBLUNTS: which is better, Love or Lost? 

Jude: I would be dropping a topic I feel would stipulate some level of opinion and view, though it might not b base on experience because I don’t expect you to experience such before you could give your candid opinion… And it might also not be too emphasized. So expect the topic soon. 

Topic for the day: I have countlessly come across this sentiment were you have to be massive beneath to satisfy a woman, and this have left so many men insecure, making them diminutive of themselves even lead to broken homes. So my point is.. Does the endowment of the body really a key to a successful relationship/marriage, because the majority have been susceptible by this sentiment.. What’s your take on this?

CHRIS: Mmm. Simple bro. Order and love are the keys to the stability of a marital relationship not a huge male-reproductive organ.. I relegate the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship in this matter cos they shouldn’t be having sex until they’re married in the first place so I radar married couples here. This is a matter strictly for married couples. Marriage should have fulfilment of physical and spiritual requirements but its overall stability and threshold stipulated by its divine initiator is that a man love his wife and a woman submit to her husband. It is an aberration to think that without a major enlargement or degree in size of the sex organ to arouse sexual fulfilment in marriage, its overall experience is at stake. Men/women of modern times are plugged or hard-wired with the ever renaissance trend of scientific breakthrough or technological advancements in cultural revolution of lifestyle to think that without the use of some method or being alien to several physical enhancements possibilities jeopardise love or marriage. Before the industrial revolution and technological advancements where access to such enhancements were non-existent, people thrived. There wasn’t apathy, there was contentment but now science has brought about a misplacement of will-power where the latter assumes top most priority which shouldn’t be. I don’t subscribe to sentiments at the expense of moral perpendicularity cos in the end, the traditional principles of life prevails. Will a woman tell me that she didn’t discuss her man’s sexual preference and physiological properties with him? Or they didn’t even dialogue about this before tying the nuptial knot or let’s say that betrayal was in the offing, do they balkanise their union because she discovered he is small down there? What if the woman also seem very loose down there cos she was never a virgin and had had a lot of people drill her valley for precious stones. Com’on, people celebrate sentiments but marriage remains honourable and the bed un-defiled; that should be its threshold or staying power and not because some lady thinks her man is small down there or she just discovered or she has preference for guys with bigger sex-organs. I have nothing wrong in a woman’s sexual-organ preference whether big or small but whichever she decides, let her deal with it and if there seemed no light shared in that area from the on-set, I speak of control measures by establishing that marriage is above all these sentiments when its underway. Women have physiological preferences and men have too. But what should hold sway when doubt or foul play arises is how that can be controlled. I wouldn’t support that a woman cheat on her husband all because he is small down there and vice-versa. If she doesn’t seem to accommodate the matter then there’s no point saying “I do” and if she somehow finds herself in marriage-land, then they should both deal with the psychological mis-match and work on control measures. Thank you.

Teejay: And Michael will complain that my grammar is too much. He is right on this one.

Bose: Chris is on point. 

Jude: That was a candid one….  Point made..So Chris are you saying a man need to tell his Lady the kind of man he his under the mountain before marriage. We have got such opinions like… My husband don’t satisfy me in bed. Do you think this ladies/women are greedy.. Because hey he his suppose to,  but he can’t, and you talked about control, how do you mean, demand should b lesser?

Chris: Yes oo.. That’s what I am saying. A lady should do same before marriage as what exists before marriage is a friendship and friendship requires trust, transparency etc. This helps in strengthening love for love is strengthened by knowledge and trust is strengthened by love.

Bose: Is not about bin greedy, both of dem should just go for counselling den dey will be able to cope wit Dat. 

Jude: What type of counseling. We talking about. Sex therapy?

CHRIS: My point exactly, why all the complains.. Complains arise when two friends weren’t cordial, real and transparent enough cos I don’t see why you shouldn’t tell the man/woman you want to spend your life with what’s obtainable underneath your clothes. Should they wait until they’re married to start of a cold-war of sexual dissatisfaction. And if this careless partners navigated into marriage, should they call it quits all because either of them possesses a dispassionate genital ideal. Wrong. Marriages destroyed on the grounds of sexual-dissatisfaction or genital inadequacy is a betrayal to the institution of marriage which speaks of headship, honourability and fidelity.

Bose: Jude any of d counselling dat suit their problem. 

CHRIS: Its greediness cos why didn’t they take prior precaution before marriage? What were they hiding? That the partner will dump them upon knowledge that they don’t parade a worthy sex-organ? And if such a party decides to leave on such grounds then so be it but not wait until marriage to discover how cheated, ill-opportuned they’re. Makes no sense to me.

Bose: Den how will d partner no if he or she is a virgin at least una talk say no testing na

Jude: Like I said earlier on.. Today might not be a controversial convo, and Chris have said so well base on his ideology,experience … Let others make a contributions,  like Chris said… Communication is the life hold of friendship

CHRIS: Okay. Cool. I don’t want to repeat yesterdays experience but I’ve got somewhat to say yet.. No testing genital to genital but what about in confidence, that’s not such a terrible thing cos trust is automatically deployed when one expresses in confidence about a matter. And what about sight? That’s another testing. A man is only forbidden to see the nakedness of a married except for medical reasons but not a single woman. She could strip naked for her would-be husband without intercourse so he can view what’s obtainable in that sacred region. A little eyes doesn’t hurt at all for the motive isn’t for intercourse but transparency. These are just for testings but the ultimate testing which is rooted in trust is to verbalise same and let the parties hold each other in confidence.

Jude: I don’t see a reason why I can’t tell my lady that I have had sex with 10 ladies. 

CHRIS: Yeah, sure Jude. Without communication friendship dies and without trust, there can be no friendship. That’s how it works. 

Teejay: in response to Jude; I can too,  but these women ehn…. *laughs quietly*. 

CHRIS: Yeah, Teejay, I said so. I’m keeping it real. For those women/men that will create some excuse later, let them strip and see what’s there without intercourse.

Jude: Lol… A well religious lady won’t strip for you to see her body members.. Pls let keep this real. 

CHRIS: Smiles Teejay.

Teejay: That one is very much religion dependent. It differs from religion to religion. 

CHRIS: Yeah, religious you say not a well-informed Christian. They’re two different things Jude. There is no commandment in the bible that forbids seeing the nakedness of a single lady. The only embargo is on a married woman. Smiles.

 Teejay: Not to discredit any one religion though,  I think it’s down to what they both want and the trust built in the relationship. 

CHRIS: Correct Teejay.

KATIEPEAL: LOL, I don die, Dis topic is so hot sweet and succulent. 

CHRIS: Haba Katiepearl.

Teejay: Errr…..okay o.

Jude: One thing lead to another… So Chris is rightfully say I can look at the nakedness of a single Lady… They sound creepy to my ears, so it also not forbidden to visit a strip club all in the name to watch single Lady go naked too. 

Teejay: Its a bit of an erroneous viewpoint to think that all men will have penises (yes, penises) of the same size.  Even anatomical medicine has proven that there are varieties. They all carry out the same functions but the fact that these varieties exist is something to ponder upon. So yes,  a woman should know what her man carries under. However,  how she intends to find out is purely a conundrum she and her spouse should solve.

CHRIS: Miss Ademi.. The best counsel for married people about marital matters of all kinds is the bible, any other constitutes third-partism and that is a direct opposition to the tenets of such a union. Its because of third-party infringement that we have all kinds of marital crisis besides those constituted by the parties involved. Marriage has a creator which is God, so therefore in the wake of any malfunction, troubleshooting steps are after His will and what His word says. I always divorce marriage from secular indoctrinations and manipulations cos those institutions didn’t create marriage, marriage was created by God Himself therefore He only has the blue-print to its best practise and success. Every other will fail. Smiles. Splendid Teejay, I should go on a holiday here. Thanks.

Jude: I agree with you. 

KATIEPEAL: My people there should be no sex until after marriage so if we all keep to that I see no reason one should complain about the incapability of his or her partner no satisfying him or her we all have to take it the way we see it or better still talk about it by both parties husband and wife and make a better decision and means of satisfying each other as for me, I don’t have any issue with big or small as far as it’s was fun and enjoyable, it’s cool, it’s marriage so anything you see, take it or better still both parties should work over it in the best way to suit each other. 

Jude: Please welcome a very smart lady here.. Gladys is her name. 

[Gladys joins the crew] 

Gladys: Gudmornin sweeties. 

Jude: Nice point Katie 

CHRIS: Jude, sin is only judged by the motive behind it and not until the act is actually committed to substantiate the strip-club visit or in the need to view the hallowed region of your would-be wife. I just told you that no law in the bible frowns against beholding the nakedness of a single woman except for her married counterpart. I can go to a strip club without the motive to have any one stripper accompany home for sexual pleasure, its entirely up to me cos I know the ambits of the bible and what sin is in the New Testament. That’s not saying that we feed the temptation to visit a strip-club cos we all are at various faith levels but I only establish what sin in respect to the nakedness of a woman and particularly the one you desire to spend your life with. Such a test isn’t wrong.

KATIEPEAL: It’s not only by seeing the size of your partner sexual organ that will make you know if both parties will satisfy each other, it’s by using it, it’s not by big or small. 

CHRIS: Spot on Katie.. God bless ya. Smiles.

KATIEPEAL: It’s how good and well he or she can use it to make it fun enjoyable and remarkable. 

CHRIS: Then when it is used after marriage as Chris implied and she doesn’t feel confident, will you say she is greedy?

KATIEPEAL: Most men don’t know how to satisfy their wives it’s not all about inserting the prick and jeking for hours. Couples should know were to touch themslve that will make them feel the pleasure and sweetness of sex in other to be both satisfied.

Jude: Hagahahaha.. I agree to that as well. 

CHRIS: Mmm. Amazing Katie.. Viewing is one half of the matter, the good use of it is another. However, the latter can only happen in marriage as that’s what its supposed to be so until that time, both parties should keep communication lines open and hold each-other in confidence, trust. True, Katie.., Sure, love, foreplay, intercourse, discovering each-other sexual preferences is key to sexual satisfaction. Sex has no rules for married couples, they’re authorised to engage in any which way they deem fit except for anything that’s harmful to the sexual experience.


Jude: Hhhhmmmm … Lots of point made .. But I still feel there is still a long drill to make out of this.. As ghost, Benita, Jasmin, Gladys still got their opinion yet to be dropped. 

Teejay: Ergo foreplay

Gladys: Still here…skimming all your opinions. 

Teejay: You are welcome to skim and contribute. 

Jude: When you are done skimming, your candid preview and overview would be liked and appreciated If you drop just a simply sentence with and explanation for your opinion. 

Gladys: you guys are wonderful, u’ve said it al..In d office rite now, mind on duty, my opinion comes later..thanks y’all

Jude: Fair enough.. I guess this is going to drag down to the night crawlers … Benita, ghost and Jasmin.


Jude: Chris all your point were just an extraordinary point, I envy your knowledge… 

 Tee jay you spoke so well even if this is not your kind of topic… You made good outlines.

Katie, that a natural Lady talking, your opinion give hope to men that have the below average… They should go learn how to make use of it… Size doesn’t matter to you…Thanks guys.

CHRIS: Wow. Awesome analysis bro. However, we all are exceptional. You’re welcome.

Katie: Yeah Yeah, I love u. 

Teejay: you love who? 

CHRIS: smiles 

Katie: Teejay and Chris, lol

Teejay: thank you ma

BENITA: Good day everyone

KATIE: Trust you’re good today Teejay. 

GHOST: you people know i don’t like it when you all support one notion, I just have to be controversial to speak from the other side of things…

BENITA: Today’s topic is a bit heavy lol.

GHOST: How will you guys just conclude that love is not based on shape or size or beauty or endowment. Lemme tell you the truth,  only a Virgin won’t care weather you endowed or not,  she would be satisfied because it is her first time.

Katie: LOL, how? in what way?

BENITA: this topic is not for me

GHOST: For every other lady who is not a Virgin,  na lie u talk ooo,  your ex-boyfriend is a specialist in bed,  he cuddles,  sex you well and and eats you out and he is well endowed,  one tin or other happened,  you broke up wit him,  you then choose to date another guy who happens to be a Virgin [omo mummy]..  And he has a small pelvis,  believe me you no go marry am,  the love go reduce drastically over  time. This is one reasons why most girls don’t get over their ex-boyfriends. 

CHRIS: Welcome on board Mike, Benita.. And other correspondents Buntus and Jasmine still in abeyance. Well, the rest of us are cool. Smiles.

Mmm. Mike, physical qualities appear as the initial attraction to love as we are impressionable beings but soon after that, love will take its place. Sexual attraction or sensual attraction is part of love but that’s love in the first stage.. Before the likes of commitment, choice, fidelity, decision etc follow suit.

However, love has properties like every other organism has. And one of them is selflessness, so for married couples with this sexual disaffection, control measures must be administered by the both of them in regards to relevant procedures. I didn’t want to mention the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship cos why should they be involved in sex in the first place? Or should I counsel sin? No. But for those of us who have had this past experience with sex, we know where Michael is coming from. That’s what sex does when one engages in it before the time, it makes one lose sight of love and its qualities and makes the individual very objective to sensuality and sexuality. And one tends to carry this thought pattern all through their journey to the promise land. Rightly said Mike, a virgin won’t be able to tell the difference as regards sex-organ preference as such a persons faculty won’t be predicated on sensuality but on one’s mutual compatibility which is often based on decision to love. I don’t have a problem with those sensualities/preferences, particularly for the experienced ones out there but then friendship must be done the right way after all those preferences have been sorted out and for marriage, that’s why the couples involved should have knowledge of each-other before they take a leap as excuses emanating from such careless/ignorant disposition won’t hold water. That’s my point.

BENITA: Sorry what was the topic again?

GHOST: is the endowment of the body really a key to a successful relationship/marriage, because the majority have been susceptible by this sentiment.. What your take on this?

CHRIS: Negligence before marriage is not an excuse one bit. People are too holier than thou in approach to their individual character which is often hypocritical. You want to tell me that adults who are friends and maybe happen to live alone or together or can create some privacy for them don’t discuss sex? Or they don’t talk intimately? Tell me, except its a platonic relationship or attraction but if you tell me that people are in love, will they talk about trips to planet Mars or rocket science which in the Nigerian context we have nothing like that. Or they’d talk about the Bermuda triangle and its oddities? Com’on they’d bring their conversation nearer home to intimate grounds which is why I reiterated that whether a man is big or small down there, shouldn’t it be a topic for discussion particularly if such a person has had sexual experience before which majority of society has. Or talk about sexual matters where they can iron out their sex appeal etc. I’m just keeping it real my people. That’s how it is so it isn’t wrong to want Mr A for his endowments or Miss B for her endowments but right after this phase or line of intimacy has been disclose or appreciated, then they both can ready themselves for the future but a woman/man coming right after in marriage to say that she is disenchanted with the union then idiotism is at the door for such agitation will be a premise to infidelity and mistrust. Smiles.

GHOST: Chris,  all this Grammer no fit solve the problem,  make i yarn you wella, some men dey like boobi, some they like ikebe, some dey like yansh.  And you know as our ladies dey always package, nothing is ever real,  i am sure you heard of the trending news earlier this year on Twitter of a guy who divorced his wife because after wedding as he wan Nak im wife na im e notice say she no get brezzzz, then she come ugly join,  everything wey she get na packaging and makeup.

CHRIS: And for test-proof measures, I suggested or advised that a lady or guy can reveal their bodies for empirical judgements without intercourse being initiated after communications in the relationship still require further proof. This was only an advise based on certain liberties we have as Christians but love for what it is could have knowledge but will still understand that actual sex contact will wait till marriage and if after all these past prognosis prove insufficient, then love must endure, look for control measures in such marital realms/situations.

BENITA: sighs! 

CHRIS: And a man only begins to love a woman in marriage but before marriage, its usually just a strong attraction or desire. (That too is another topic). 

CHRIS: My ex-girlfriend was beautiful and I remember she used to be much endowed growing up till she emaciated. I rarely used to visit her so on this occasion that I did, she had a full protruding breast which got me lusting but she was sincere to tell me that she wore a padded bra. She was sincere. Some ladies don’t and I loved her very much anyway that even if she had hid that to me till marriage, it wouldn’t have mattered cos my decision to love her was unquestionable. Women and their beauty enhancements(another topic too). I don’t want to digress but this it Mike. The choice is entirely on the people involved.
Jude: Benita, ghost and Gladys are yet to give me their personal view… Like we all know today topic is less a controversial one.. Because it depend on each individual, the questions now is, what category of the individual..

For Chris it’s a No

 For Katie, it’s a No

Ademi went for No

GHOST still not yet defined, very creepy dude.

Teejay..  It’s a No

BENITA: lol, I can’t say anything on today’s topic..

Katie: that Michael ehn  

GHOST: Endowment is a good factor for choosing a partner, you cannot marry your girlfriend and still be eyeing her sister’s yansh. 
Teejay: Err…. Okay….

Jude: Sound like someone has a total different opinion on today topic, because her first comment was….

Hhhhhh today topic is very heavy.. ..

Personally as the moderator of today topic, I anchor my claim base on personal want, yea we all know men love what they see and I might have falling into that category 40%,  it would have been lot easier if the below of a man was obvious as the above of a woman were it is measured at a first sight, but it fortunately not. Personally the size of a man is relatively small if only he can make good use of it, rightly said by Katie. This is for you..😘. Am man can be heavy under and could be less active with that. come to think of it, we have lot of guys also in pain because they are just too much of a pistol beneath and this same ladies don’t find that comfortable, so it a vise vassal issue here… If I try my best in bed together with all the four play and jingle, you still not measuring up in average of satisfaction, then there is something wrong.  And just as Chris said, love is all about relationship and relationship is the act of relating with somebody or something you like/love .  so to keep your letter embarrassment of the hook, it would be recommended such issues should be discus as pre-couple. Body dey sweet, but is not a ground for a successful relationship/marriage..

NEXT ON #THEBLUNTS: Do you think the northern side does not contribute to Nigeria as a whole? Do they contribute more harm than good to the country?

If you have points to proove or you disagree with any of the above opinions, please share your views with us by commenting below…..

4 thoughts on “#The Blunts: Is the endowment of the body really a key to a successful relationship/marriage, because the majority have been susceptible by this sentiment.. What’s  your take on this? S01. E05

  1. Nigga ur grammar n long notes are too much…u don’t have to write history before u buttress ur point…

    ghost…itz official… ya mad

  2. Love is a great misconception so I don’t blame the fellow girl. SHe can’t help it. Smiles. Well, if she’s man enough, she should join the Blunts, we’d have her skewered for real. That’s not a fan Michael.. That’s a loose canyon with no respects. Mmm. Okay. Guess she was Ghost-bustered! Well, she’s got some masculine ego I’d say.. She’s no match definitely but only got verbal somersaults, its nice to know that we crossed her mind for a second.

  3. Hahahahhahahhahhhahahhha, Chisox, Lmao, Thunder una, Gbogbo yin e Ti ya weyre, Una dy get on my nerves, Jude sef dy yarn like imbe, Thunder will fire u for me, E Ti ya weyre Gbo gbo yin, Abeg from where u see DAT imbe Chris, Hand no dy pain am?, LolLOL, He say I am 31 I got disvirgined at 28..

    And I’m like..nigga who ask u!…

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