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Quote of the day: Sometimes you have to forget whats gone, appreciate what still remains, and look forward to what’s coming next.


Topic for the day: Is “church going” the through definition of Christianity? How important is it?

Bose: Nice quote, Good morning, I don’t think church going is the true definition of Christianity oo, No amount of church attendance will earn eternity in heaven. No lack of church attendance will result in the loss of salvation. However, church attendance is important.

CHRIS: Miss Ademi is right. Christianity has a process; you first repent, receive the life of Jesus(born-again) then He(Jesus) plants you in a church for your Christian service and development. Church is only relevant for the unsaved as a ground and pillar of truth where they learn what they must to do get saved. It is also relevant for the saved as a gathering of the saints but church isn’t a prerequisite to heaven but ‘salvation’ which is repentance and regeneration(born-again). Church can’t save, Chris can’t save, no Christian can save but Jesus alone. The church is a mixed multitude of the saved and unsaved and this is allowed cos it(church) is the only authorised entity given to mankind by God to show the way of salvation. And salvation is recognising that one is a sinner and needs to get saved. Without recognition and acceptance of ones sin, repentance can’t take place. The bible says “if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, thou shall be saved.” That’s the prayer of salvation or the sinners prayer and it isn’t about church but a personal need of salvation. Thank you.

Teejay: Church going is by no means the definition of Christianity. Christianity is a life style of being a Christian. To be a Christian, you have to be Christ like in nature and that is impossible if Christ hasn’t taken total control of your life through the ministration of the Holy Spirit. This can only happen if you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and personal savior.
Nevertheless, church going is necessary because the gathering of fellow believer will help strength our faith and that is necessary for spiritual growth. I must emphatically add that church going is referred to as nominal Christianity. It’s also startling how many so-called Christians go to church for the sake of it and don’t even practice or believe what they are taught.

CHRIS: Teejay is right as well and nominal Christianity is the same thing as Churchianity which is just church-going or attendance, it has nothing to do with Christianity. Christianity and Churchianity are two different things. The former is a regenerated person while the latter is just a band-wagon member of social pomp/pageantry of a civilised gathering. Churchianity won’t save a person without being born-again and Christianity is the identification of the regenerated believer. Its an absurd social complex that Christianity is tagged a religion and is required under legal protocols as a religion whereas Christianity isn’t a religion, belief system etc but faith in Christ Jesus. Teejay is right to mention the apathy of said believers in their inadequacy of the practise of true Christianity in life and conduct.. That’s another issue entirely as the church accommodates the saved and unsaved and even the unsaved will think they’re Christians just because they go to church or were born into a Christian family. How is it to be expected that such a person will live by the true tenets of Christianity without having a personal relationship with Jesus? Then among the saved, you have persons at different faith levels and so develop at uneven paces cos the church will always have new converts and such a convert won’t be expected to be at par with a prior convert. So, all these are experiences of the Christian faith but very good thing we can thread on these issues. Smiles.

Uleta: Christianity ain’t a process , christian is a way of life, its a reflection of ur inner mind, Christianity has nothing 2 do with church going, although church going is important, it is written somewhere in d holy book”do not 4sake the gathering of d brethrens, but d question we should ask ourselves is this,if all church goers are christians and they believe in God, why is the world not yet a better place.

CHRIS: I didn’t define Christianity as a process Dan, I explained that Christianity has a process. What is without a process in life? Except you want to tell me that people are born saved? We were all born in sin but became Christians by choice. And there is a process to becoming a Christian, it starts by repentance and the acknowledgement of sin and the need to be saved. And not all church goers are Christians- that is not true. Except you want to tell me that every one who visits the market place wants to buy something?

Uleta: Majority of the church goers we have 2day are hypocrites who use name “Christians” to cover their wickedness and their hypocritical interest. No you dont get me.

CHRIS: The world is not a better place physically because not everyone that goes to church is a Christian. Satan goes to church too. Infact, satan has his own church(topic for another day).

Uleta: Many pple use the name christians to cover their hypocritic nature.

CHRIS: Okay, I see your point now. True. And that’s because the church is of a mixed multitude of believers and unbelievers. And even among the believers, there are still hypocrites too.

Uleta: The name christian was first said by unbelievers, they called the apostles Christians owing 2 the fact they were like Christ, the Christ nature and lifestyle was seen in them. I didn’t say there aren’t Christians who really believe n live d examplery life.

CHRIS: Believers are on different faith levels and maturity levels. Same thing. And for the world to be a better place by Christians or the church, then Christians/church must win the battle for evangelism, exhibit Godly conducts in words and deeds and then get into politics to rule. Christians are the ones born to rule and not the Northerners in Nigeria. We are the ones with the mandate to occupy till Jesus comes and this has both spiritual, physical and nationalistic templates. Yeah, sure Mr Dan. The church isn’t united denominationally but are united mystically. That is why there are several denominations of do’s and don’t’s and that’s based on a very parochial interpretation of scripture.

Uleta: All am saying is dat church going is not a basis 4 calling anyone a Christian. Church going is important and very necessary, but there are now more hypocrites in church than the true believers.

CHRIS: Yeah, sure. It is not a basis, never has been.

Uleta: Yea I get ur point.

CHRIS: However it is important for both the saved and unsaved despite the hypocritical woes.

Uleta: We work out our salvation with trembling of hearts. Let the Bible be our guide.

CHRIS: That’s in reference to reverence of God after one must have been saved. Romans 10:9 is the salvation process. Sure, the bible is our guide.

Uleta: God has already giving us laid down principles 2 guide us n lead us through d right path.

CHRIS: sure, that’s correct. But a lot of people ignorantly interpret the bible(topic for another day).

Uleta: yes, Jehovah’s witnesses, I call them the Christian scientists. We’ll talk more on that when the time comes.

CHRIS: Mm. I call them the unbelievers. Its one thing to have denominational differences and its another to be a sect masquerading as Christian(topic for another day).

CHRIS: Katie is just laughing. Wish I could share in her excitement. Smiles. Michael, Christianity is a topic larger than our very existence itself.. Its a complex labyrinth of issues after issues.. If we go on, it will be till eternity. However, we’ve all had a common ground on the topic for the day. Smiles.

Bose: smiles

Uleta: smiles

Katie: lol

GHOST: One of us in this group is a witness, and expect him /her not to agree with Uleta, Benita, Katie and Jude are yet to speak.
Katie, please do more of contribution than laughing.

CHRIS: Yes I do Miss Ademi. Smiles. I can see you’re a very good dancer. We can’t help but be precise here Mike, there’s only one way to Christianity and its the way of the truth.

Bose: Not really

GHOST: Since Chris and uleta have said jehova witness is not Christianity, please state the real churches that practice Christianity. Secondly, Why do people/ congregation worship their pastors rather than God especially the church workers, they never accept when an outsider sees the wrong of their pastors instead they back him up.

Uleta: Christianity in Nigeria is nothing to write home about, this days people worship preachers instead of God, they tend to forget about the gospel which is a guide and fall prey to the glutinous nature of this wealth seeking preachers. Jehovah witnesses is a topic for another day, I don’t have anything against them, but sorry to say, they misinterpret the Bible, Religion n science are 2 different paths that can never meet.

CHRIS: Mmm. Mike. That will be an endless list to make. However, the church is the body of Christ; His mystical body as the Christ is a compound figure while Jesus is the humanity of God cos Jesus is a man-God figure. Now, a church is said to be true if it believes that Jesus came in the flesh and died, rose and is coming back. The New Testament church foundation is based on the principles of grace through faith in Christ Jesus vice-versa. The five fold ministry is mainly: Apostles, evangelists, teaching pastors, prophets and pastors. And the four square gospel is: Apostles doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer. The New testament has its own doctrine and compliance cos it is about the revelation of the Christ. Denominationalism is caused by a very parochial interpretation of scripture which is a man-made error of ignorance and not the spirit of God. Its a holier-than-thou offshoot characterised in broad-base ignorance. That an assemblage of people bear a certain Christian nomenclature or theme doesn’t make it Christian but by that assemblages allegiance to the truth of the New Testament of which I outlined above. There are rules to follow in the New Testament which authenticates ecumenical and ecclesiastical practises therefore ignorance is no excuse and by this ill-conformity of certain assemblies, we tell error from truth.

Uleta: Signs of the end time
All this signs were stated clearly in Revelation, not all who call me lord shall enter d kingdom, false prophets shall arise with deceptive n lieng tongues all after their own selfish gains n interest.

CHRIS: Mr Dan, Jehovah Witness’ aren’t Christians cos they don’t believe in Jesus as God. They believe in Jehovah of the Old Testament but not His incarnate form as Jesus Christ. They believe in paradise or the Millennial kingdom of Jehovah in ignorance and misinterpretation therefore I cannot call them Christian cos any spirit, person, organisation or angel that does not believe that God was manifest as Christ in the flesh is anti-christ.

Uleta: They Dont believe there’s hell, We’ll continue this later, I av an exam to write, i’m graduating today.

CHRIS: Yeah, Mr Dan. That’s why they’re anti-christ(Jehovah Witness).

Uleta: They are scientific Christians.

CHRIS: Smiles. Okay. Congratulations in advance.

Uleta: Thanks bro.

CHRIS: There is nothing like scientific Christians thought there is a term called Christian science which differs in meaning to ‘scientific Christians. Jehovah Witness aren’t Christians at all. And the true vestiges of science will not contradict Genesis cos God created science. He created all things but satan and man have perverted science into religious connotations for which the theory of Evolution is chief- what a fallacy is the theory of evolution. Evolution is not science but religion cos it cannot be quantified yet people believe the fallacy to buttress the fact that mankind is as gullible and delusional as ever.
Yeah, you’re welcome Uleta.
As for Christian leaders that receive reverence from their members, that is aberration ab initio and should not be tolerated. The bible says respect your elders, regard those who are in authority over you as unto the Lord not men-pleasers but what we have today in congregational worship is a certain incursion of self(carnality) into divine enclaves. I advocate that we respect our ecclesiastical leaders but not worship them- to worship them is an abomination and no one religious leader is above any other Christian. What they have is just an office and with certain spiritual gifts to go with it; this in no way make them better than any other Christian as we(Christians) have the same spiritual baptism and priesthood. And the priesthood is above any ecclesiastical office be it pastor, evangelist, apostle and prophet. They’re just offices of service which Jesus has given to the church at this time. When we get to heaven, there would be nothing like pastors, evangelists, prophets or apostles; we will be one and the same. So, I advocate respect of those who serve us but not worship. Worship is exclusively to God. Lastly, we do not have respect to the man of God but the bible so where the bibles truth, principles and practise isn’t adhered to, such a Christian should not be a complicit with evil but depart from such an environment. Every Christian is a man of God. Whether the Christian is a new convert or a pastor. Every Christian is a man of God cos the priesthood of our Lord Jesus Christ is one and the same which we all share and is above any ecclesiastical office whether its pastor, evangelist etc. For the churches that are error complaint in our nation, I could make an endless list but I’d leave that for now. Like Dan rightly mentioned, we live in the end-times where Christianity has been counterfeited by satan’ agents everywhere. That an assembly bears a certain Christian nomenclature does not make it for Christ. There a lot of anti-christ ministries/churches in our nation where magic, mysticism, occult sciences are practised. Then, the prosperity in the church has been hijacked by greedy people and agents of darkness who utilise church principles to self aggradisement. Church prosperity was made possible by Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross.. So, church prosperity isn’t a path to wealth for the said ecclesiastical leader but to enable the church perform its duties and tasks. Ministers of the gospel can be wealthy personally cos they stand in representative capacities for Christ but at some point greed gets in the way and then satan’s agents seize the opportunity to deceive many with signs and lying wonders, abominable heresies/doctrines etc. That’s why I mentioned earlier that issues affecting Christianity are cumbersome and not something one can treat in a day but truth be told at all times. If I were to list out churches practising real Christianity in Nigeria, they won’t be more than 5 but for the ones in the way of error, we won’t leave here today. But I refrain from doing so cos one isn’t meant to be seen balkanising the body of Christ which is united mystically by creating impressions to the outside community that we aren’t united. As for workers in churches that worship their pastors, they’re just ignorant and by such conduct betray the influx of traditions of men creeping into Gods house at an alarming degree. They’re in the error of zeal without knowledge and one can trace such behaviour to how superficial their Christian experience is and their parochial understanding of scripture. We are advised to have regard for the word preached and not the preacher. Like every establishment, you have fanatical followers therefore that’s what they are. Its not even about outside party infringements into practise within their fold but a knowledge of who they’re and what’s in alignment with scripture. If one knows the truth, you’d know if an outsider is right or wrong. But these ones are blinded spiritually in ill-growth that they arrogate honours to men than God. That’s the order of the day in Nigeria; not any different from a local village council and formation. I hate that the traditions of men have crept into the church; its not Gods doing but the ignorance of such congregational followers. The biggest problem in the body of Christ today is a lack of knowledge. Jesus says my people perish for lack of knowledge. At the expense of knowledge, people will perish and oppose their maker Himself. Very pathetic but my exhortation this afternoon is that we pray for the church in Nigeria that there’d be a revival and refreshing. Also, it is our duty to seek wisdom, know the scriptures for ourselves and wisely join an assemblage after exhausting all the right conformities it subscribes too if not, we do the needful, walk away!
I actually don’t argue about religion, and I don’t intend to so I won’t be saying anything for today to because I already begin to see criticism and comparison.

Jude: Jesus is not God and would never be God. No point to proof to you… So keep up. Greetings everyone.

GHOST: Jude I am surprised at your comments, I wasn’t wrong when I said you don’t like to argue, you simply support or vice versa.

Buntus: @ghost what do you expect him to say?

GHOST: He is a witness, I expect more from him.

Jude: Because I don’t see why I should argue.

GHOST: But a least prove a point, Remember we educating each other, You have state some facts that that we don’t know not bow to defeat.

Jude: Base on the topic for today, it is obvious that Christianity has taking another face, due to the fact that we are living in a world controlled by Satan himself, sometimes what we think think is right or mean noting to God himself is actually a big one, but why because Satan is in control of the world, and this is not just patterning to Christian, and this can’t get better until Satan is no More, but as long as he lives, our Christian Faith would always be on altered, and we can’t help this fact than keep doing our best to keep our faith in Jehovah God our Redeemer through Christ Jesus… Today people leave only their religious teachers to tell them what next to do forgetting the fact that for you to know the deep things of God you need to make your personal findings, wen you talking about accepting Jesus as your personal Savior, u need to know there is a lot involved and things to do, it is a process and only when you follow processes you get along. The true definition of Christianity is acting in a Christ like form, not just acting but be doers of his word and keep faith to the ransom he paid on a tortured stick . it is important more than ever that we cloth our self in the complete braze of armor as we are living in this critical time were things hard to deal with will be here, salvation is personal and need serious considerations and also keeping in mind not to forsake the gathering of God people because you have the opportunity to receive interchange of encouragement which help our faith stay strong to overcome challenges that seems beyond our reach as imperfect humans living in an ungodly world ruled by Satan the devil.

GHOST: that’s better.. Nice points, Miss buntus it’s the 2nd topic and you are yet to make/say/ contribute to any of the two pics since you joined, I would prefer you contribute rather than observing.

Buntus: My dear i’m a busy person and I don’t have much time to contribute…I wil only contribute wen I feel like..thanks @ghost.

GHOST: OK, no probs, feel free, the rules of the crew still stands tho…. Thanks for your understanding in advance.

Buntus: no stress [said in a sarcastic way].

Uleta: Well spoken.

Katie: Gud, evening everyone, i’ve been busy.

GHOST: OK, urwc.

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