9JA Stories: 60 Shades of Judith [Season 02 Episode 05] written by #michael_ghost



I swallowed hard, and took courage to open the inbox.

Offline message…..

Sam: baby I’m missing you
Sam: where are you
Sam: I’ve being dreaming about you lately
Sam: please reply me anytime you are online or drop me your number so I can call.

Hmmm! I had a lil smile on, a bit happy that it’s not what I taught would happen that happen, I was a bit lightened up, I chatted for a while b4 then I logged out.. My mood was ok, I was able to read well for jamb, I started chatting with Sam after a while, we became close, once in a while we would talk dirty but I gave all sort of excuses to avoid sending my nude pixs or any video, all went well for a while until Sam insisted we share nude in politest way he could, he said a thousand romantic words to lure me to send video but I refused, I was bk to my old sensible wild self, there way I could tell Sam that tho but I kept refusing, I finally told I him…..

Me: Sam, please I don’t do stuffs like that again

Sam: why?

Me: nothing

Sam: please baby, my sweetest please

Me: no Sam please

Sam: ok, one more time, the last time dear

Judith: no dear, please respect my wish, if you truly love me, you would not ask for my nude again

Sam: ok o, at least gimme a reason, so I won’t disturb you again

Judith: I’m born again,

Sam: oh ok, what of your past videos and puxs with me, what should I do with it.

Judith: please delete it

Sam: no probs I would but before I do so at least can you pay me a visit.

Judith: I won’t be able to, I’m preparing for jamb exam

Sam: please now, a day doesn’t mean you would fail now

Judith: no

I log out of 2go, due to low bat3, let me get this point straight to all teenage & youth girls out there fortunate to readings this story,
“no matter how much you love/trust a stranger, never agree to pay them a visit at their house, always choose a neutral ground that you are OK with, the moment you agree to go to a guy’s house, it means you are ready to accept whatever happens to you, be it rape, gang rape or drug, I tell you it’s never a good idea to go to a boys place until he is your boyfriend and you are willing to have sex” based on this reason I knew quite well I’m never going to visit Sam at his ouse, as much as I admired his cock, I have decided not to go to his house yet, I would probably go to his house a day before i travel back and give him goodbye sex or so I tort…

The next day, precious, her dad and I, went out to catch some fun, that was I got an offline msg from Sam, I opened my 2go account, hoping to have some naughty chat with Sam, only for me to my inbox and see some of my nude pixs sent to me by Sam, what’s all these, why is Sam sending me my pictures, I tort he promised to delete them, why send them to me again, my mind was absent from the fun, all I could think of Sam, I waited online for long, checked my phone every few seconds just to chat with Sam, but no avail..

After 2days of being online waiting hopelessly for Sam, I gave up dropped an offline msg for him

Me: why send me all these pictures, I tort you promised to delete them, please make sure you delete them dear…

For while my mind was at peace, I read for most part of the week….

It’s a week to my jamb exam, I haven’t heard from Sam in a week, I wondered why but I was too occupied to even border about him, JAMB is major thing on my mind, my preparation was intense, I read hard and well.

Beep Beep !!
2go offline msg

Sam: come online baby

Finally he is online, I was happy yet, I missed Sam alot

Me: sup dear

Sam: am good and you….

[chat continues for a long while….]

Me: ehn ehn, Sam I want to ask you something

Sam: yea I’m all ears but b4 then I want you to pay me a visit

Me: I told you I can’t, maybe after my exams

Sam: pls [continues pleading consecutively]

After much pleading, I agreed to pay him Visit but i chose a middle ground “a restaurant”

×××××××××××××Next day×××××××××××××

Woke up smiling, and I knew the reason already, even tho Sam had to beg seriously before I agreed to see him, deep within me I also wanted to see him, today looks like the perfect day, I did all the house chores, and set to leave, I came online on 2go and messaged Sam that I’m on my way already, I’m also on my way replied…

In 30mins I was there at the restaurant, as I entered I looked around a bit to study my environment but majorly to sight Sam, luckily I Sam him, a wild grin fell on my face as I moved towards where he was sitting…

We discussed at length, for first 1hr I laughed like never before, due my happiness I made up my mind I would go to his house not minding what he might do. I never gave any hint that I was willing to following him home tho. But in the last 1hr I ended up being sad, disappointed, scared and heart broken… What happened??, What went wrong??
I went home. I couldn’t face another precious and her dad and just dropped a note on the table informing them I’d Sleeping and I don’t want any disturbance. All I wanted to do was take a long quiet soak in the hot tub. I got in the tub before filling it and laid down on my back, letting the water level slowly rise around me, filling my ears and making the world silent.

My hands absently caressed my body and pinched my nips. The water level rose enough to start tickling my p*ssy, and I thought back to how it had felt to have my clitty in sam’s mouth. My hand traveled lower and played with the water streaming from the faucet, angling a small drizzle from the stream towards my clitty. The way I wish he’d taken me into his mouth, sucked me in, licked me like he’d wanted to devour me…

I scooched my butt down and raised my legs to the edges of the tub, letting the stream of water fall directly on my burning button. With my eyes closed, I imagined his rock hard cock throbbing on my tongue… And to sam’s cock, teasing just the entrance to my little hole… Why did Sam do this to me? Why wouldn’t he just be patient, if only he knew my plans for him.. All I wanted was him to be patient but he just messed up completely…

To be continued…….






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