Good Morning Blunts

Quote of the Day: keeping one girl interested for years & loving her is a lot more to brag about than pulling girls every weekend like an immature little boy.


Topic of the day: Should a guy or girl date his/her crush? What is the difference between crush & lust?

Teejay: good morning, I won’t comment just yet, a bit busy.

Uleta: Hmmm that’s a tricky one there, I see no problem with you dating ur crush, that’s why you had a crush on them in the first place.
Lust and crush are the different paths that never meet. When we lust after someone we do it for all the selfish reasons most especially sex, lusting after someone literary means craving for sex from that person without giving f*ck about their emotions.

Jude: Checking the initial definition of lust, it actually did not pin point on sex.. It is referred to as a desire to have or do something, though it meaning have been misinterpreted by majority making lust sound like a sin. You can date who ever you have a crush on, though everything happens with time, except you don’t Know d meaning of love, then that wen you get into a relationship without defining your feelings for him/her. Crush is likely describe as infatuation that is a sum of attraction for something… Sound alike and could actually mean the same thing as lust over some or saying she is my lust.. Since it tend to b a desire, it is not wrong…
Good morning.

CHRIS: Mmm. Jude Daniel has said it all on the topic.. But as customary and within my genetic behaviour, I’d only buttress. Jude is right on all counts in saying that lust and crush mean the same thing. Like my topic of before on lust and love, this is pretty much the same only that it centres more on lust which is the aftermath of love. Crush, whatever definition you give to it is lust and you can date whoever you crush or lust after because you shouldn’t be seen to lust/crush after someone without loving them first as the likes of crushing/lusting are offshoots of love. Lust/crush have no differences experientially though their lexicon definitions may differ but their practical realities weighed judiciously, appear the same. Like my topic of before, the misconception was on lust being sexual immorality by lexicon definition and lust being desire by etymology. However, my stance was on its etymological meaning which makes lust simply a desire before its meaning evolved under lexical uses of words as sexual immorality. I do not support sexual immorality but I support desire. In conclusion like Jude rightly explained, lust/crush are practically the same thing but the question is whether or not love has been in the offing before that lust/crush as lust/crush must have love attached to it for its practical reality. And com’on, you can date anyone you decide to, it is your decision like any other decision you make. The only lapse to dating which is friendship is the motive involved. Dating is like friendship, they’re based on choice and have an element of love in them.

GHOST: Teejay, Benita, Bose, Katie…. You guys should show up now….

BENITA: good evening, Guys have said theirs.. I think it’s time for ladies to say something too.

Uleta: evening, we are listening.

BENITA: It’s not a crime or a biggie if anyone chooses to date someone they crushing on. That’s like one of the cutest thing in the world. But the question is what if they don’t feel same about you? Or don’t know you atall? What do you do? How do you handle the issue of letting go? It’s sometimes quite difficult though… but mind you, you might just be lusting over this person at the same time or even doing both. Eg:i find this guy really attractive because he would kiss good, merely looking at him.. and every now and then I find myself making his picture my front mirror, day dreaming about how his lips would feel on mine.” you know and that’s when we crush over someone. We talk to them about it. If they’re cool with it good for you, if they ain’t or tell you they got someone and it ain’t possible between you both. The feeling or what you attracted to them just die off… most times its like a heart break because you’ve thought about this person highly… all these are practically what makes up “love” I tell you. It’s in two ways.. crush and lust goes well for some people, There’s alotta crazy difference between them.. but if one is defined wrongly it will bring you back to one, or you just might be mistaken one for the other. So no its not a crime to date someone you’re crushing on. But we crush annoyingly most times.. on artists and all lol.

GHOST: Hmm, nice point, but guys are not honest as we all know it, don’t you fink if you crush on a guy and he knows it, he would pretend to like you then he dates you, gets want he wants which is sex, then take you for granted?

BENITA: But I’m not saying you can just crush over someone by thinking sexually,we crush on anything about a person, same as lusting.

Uleta: Not all guys think the same way @ghost

BENITA: Not all guys will.

GHOST: The percentage is low. Honest guys are scarce.

Uleta: My girlfriend approached me and talked to me first and that’s one of the reasons i respect her and value her very much. Any girl that’s bold enough to tell you she has a crush on you, really cares about u.

CHRIS: Guys that take advantage of ladies crush/lust for them are simply selfish.

Uleta: Yea some guys are foolish enough to wanna take advantage of them.

CHRIS: I support Mr Dan on your personal profiling and further offensive within that context.

Uleta: But thinking about properly, it takes a lot of courage, pride defiance & humility for a lady to express her feelings to you first. For the wise guys, those girls are diamonds don’t let them go. Hmmm ghost you flex your masculinity and sexual prowess that’s why those girls are drawn to you for the wrong reasons, and that’s lust not crush.

Jude: So are you saying those that guys approach aren’t diamonds too? Just anticipating.

CHRIS: True Mr Dan. For Mike, such a lady who has a boyfriend and yet flirts with another depending on the context in which she does is simply confused or worst pathological to the opposite sex.

Jude: I like the word confused.. I would rather Go with that. Crush or lust are the same thing.. Just like we have a meaning that have different pronouns and sound.

GHOST: Thanks Uleta, what someone that has serious crush on a girl that has a boyfriend already, though they are friends but he wants a relationship, what should he do?

Uleta: We are Africans
In the black world it is rather unusual for a lady 2 express her feelings.

CHRIS: Ofcourse, friendship is permitted to go either way in terms of its initiation without stereotyping the effort as moral degenerate, what I find offensive is widespread promiscuity and sexual immorality.

Uleta: Been matured and wise implies knowing when to let go, she’s in a relationship with some else who she probably loves, you will be hurting urself the more hoping and crushing.

CHRIS: Such a guy has a fair share to the lady as well. Its only a married woman that’s off limits.

Jude: so true

Uleta: Yea true but sometimes the people you crush on don’t even know you exist.

BENITA: I need more girls in this. You guys are just getting it all wrong

GHOST: I will attend to that miss Benita, but if you have anyone you wish to add, please lemme know. Please enlighten us.

Uleta: So why kill yourself over someone who’s probably having a funfilled life.

BENITA: It ain’t the same point in a girls perspective.

CHRIS: Sure Dan, but only a married woman is off limits but even at, they still have to deal with male admirers cos besides the marital ring, no married woman ever walks around with “I am married” on her face.

Uleta: Yeah, When it comes to crushing any body can be crushed on, I know a friend who has a crush on Obama.

BENITA: That’s insane

Jude: I’m all ears dear, And were is Katie.. I miss her already, she is so natural in her points.

GHOST: Benita, please enlighten us, as we all know that girls do more crushing than guys, a woman’s fantasy is quite wild & endless

Jude: Ademi ooooooo.. Come out and buttress.

Uleta: Girls girls girls, The world revolves around them.

CHRIS: The only time a woman/man is off limits is when they’re married though they still encounter incursions from the opposite sex. A boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is very open and can go either way. The only way to ensure such a relationship is to tie the nuptial knot. I know we Africans have a lot of mental syndromes but com’on I admire ladies who crush on guys first and let them know and vice-versa. I am pragmatic to issues; lust and crush mean the same thing practically and are signs of love. See, love is first sexual before it delves into commitment. Sexual here isn’t to intercourse but the fact that male/female species attract as opposed to what transpires in other forms of forbidden relationships like homosexualism, asexualism etc bringing it into practical spheres, why do we get different when we sit next to someone who doesn’t share our ties of consanguinity? Cos such a person is the opposite sex and therefore their sexuality makes us conscious of our own sexuality that we are opposite in creation. This is not sexual intercourse but simply the laws of attraction. We are more likely to be in love with a sexy woman/man than an unsexy personage. Cos what attracts the initial love is our sex(that we are male/female) so the same principle controls why we lust/crush on the opposite sex. That’s my point.

BENITA: No I once had a crush on my dad’s younger brother to be honest… and when I found out “we” was never possible it hurt me soo bad.

CHRIS: Yeah Benita, there are forbidden lines. Incest is one of them.

GHOST: please, can I faint?

“Jude in shock”

Uleta: Hahahahahaha Jude its a crush atleast she wasn’t crushed by it.

BENITA: No I got over it eventually.

CHRIS: There’s nothing unusual about Benita’s account. Our degenerate nature is capable of anything. At age 8 thereabout, I once crushed on my step mother but killed it almost immediately. Anything is possible in the realms of crushing/lusting.

“Uleta shocked at Chris statement.”

BENITA: 😭😭😭he was just so adorable.

Jude: Holy mula:oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil:😣, Chris!!!

Uleta: OK now we know we can crush on anybody the heart has no brain so it doesn’t think.

Jude: I was about asking if I don’t think before I love.

Uleta: The heart has no brain, you can find urself loving someone you never dreamt of been with, it happens.

Jude: I disagree to that.. There is always a reason you love someone though sometimes it can be unexplainable… Except them Cook concosion for you

CHRIS: My own be say, you don see person wey love person e no show am? Me never see ooo. I just dey talk my own.

GHOST: I love this crew, everyone has an experience, so Chris can speak pidgin? He go come dey scatter us with Grammar for here.

CHRIS: Mike, I was born and bred in Nigeria. One can’t deny that lingo?

Jude: I have actually falling into that scenario, I had great feelings for this flashlight I call her, lol.. But I just can’t show it.

GHOST: Who on earth calls his babe touch light, Jude!!!!

Jude: I chose to call her that because she sparkles.. Lol

Uleta: Lols call her generator instead. She brings lights.

GHOST: lwkmd.

CHRIS: Mmm. Mr Dan, love isn’t a heart thing but a choice thing which comes from the innermost recesses of will. Mike, you never see terms of endearment ooo, When it comes to terms of endearment, there are no limits. Smiles.

Jude: Let mike know

CHRIS: Sugar, salt, honey, potato, pepper, baby, my meal.. You never hear oo

GHOST: lol

CHRIS: The truth is you can’t love without decision, commitment, choice, will and you can’t love in isolation. Love in isolation isn’t love but just mere laws of attraction except there are roadblocks.

Uleta: Roadblocks???

CHRIS: When it comes to terms of endearment, there are no limits, only the people involved determine within their unlimited right, discretion. They’re prerogatives. Roadblocks like forbidden love.. Desiring another man’s wife. Smiles.

Jude: lol

CHRIS: The unmarried status of a man/woman is enough pedestal to forge relationship whether they have partners or not. There are no rules on that level. What does the bible say about the human heart? That it is evil, desperately wicked, who can know it. Even the person who owns the heart can’t know his/her heart so how can you love from such an evil degenerate place. But then there is an innermost recess in every human-being which galvanises your will, choice, decision to love someone. That’s what love really is and who can say they love someone and not talk to them, show them a proof of it? No one so therefore in the showing of love, one is actually exhibiting lust/desire all the same. God love the world, in the past but He didn’t lust for us till He demonstrated that love by giving us a ransom to sins when He killed Jesus for us. That’s how it works. The minute love is demonstrated, it has moved to lust for lust is simply desire.

GHOST: Benita please I’m still waiting for you to enlighten us, The guys really have had their say but the girls haven’t, so I would be extending the topic till tomorrow, which we treating the same topic tomorrow too, so that the ladies can have their own say.

Teejay: To be honest, Benita has her point and Chris et al has their points also. I cannot add much here, because most has been said.

GHOST: Have you once had a crush Mr tee-jay, share ur experience.

Teejay: Lol, Of course I have, And I have had a three day crush on Benita sef, I would love to share my experience but in another installment. I am very busy at the moment. That is why I have been quiet so far.

GHOST: lmao, lol, wow!

Jude: hmmmmm

BENITA: 3 days!!!!

Teejay: LOL, yes.

BENITA: What killed it tho.

GHOST: Benita, lemme hear ur side of what a crush is like, I need to hear the from the ladies side.

BENITA: Will do tomorrow love.

GHOST: oh OK, Teejay, oya tell us your story of ur 3days crush on Benita.

Bose: I miss today’s topic though, but amma read up comments and learn.

GHOST: Today’s topic has being extended till tomorrow, So your contribution is needed.

Bose: Ohk, till tomorrow then, Will answer DAT tomorrow.

GHOST: I’m surprised no one likes midnight Gist here.

Teejay: I dey like five groups, You wan kill me night, Midnight kor.

GHOST: LOL, I’m more of a night crawler.

Bose: smh

“Jude laughs”

Teejay: Same but I have to administrate two groups esp at night while staying online in three others. It’s as good as suicide.

Bose: Keep it up bro.

Teejay: Michael has plans to kill me.

GHOST: Uleta wots ur crush story???

Uleta: yawns

GHOST: C’mon, don’t be shy.

*******THE NEXT DAY*******

GHOST: Good morning Blunts, Topic for yesterday stills continues today.
“Should a guy or girl date his/her crush? What is the difference between crush & lust?”, Teejay, Bose & Benita have a story to tell, we are yet to hear from Katie.

Teejay: Wait first, Must I tell that story. I thought it was only my opinion you wanted?

GHOST: LOL, naa, it’s not a must. But since ur story involves two members of the Blunts, it would be nice to hear it.

Teejay: no, Not now

Osho joins the crew….

GHOST: please welcome our new miss.

Osho: Aiit, crush is someone ur secretly having a thing or two for.. U might be in love with the person or just lusting after the person… As long as it’s a secret nd one sided affair, that person is ur crush. And lust, Hmmn how can I put this.. That person u see nd all you think about is sex, nd doing crazy nd nasty stuff.. That person u can’t stay without picturing he or she naked. Oh okay the dating… Hmmn it’s actually healthy to have a crush on someone.. Buh then take a step back nd figure out if it’s just purely sexual or u just enjoy being with the person. If it’s purely sexual… Mehn run oo.. Cos Bible say.. Flee fornication. Exactly….It is very possible to love ur crush and once love is involved,lust has no place but if lust is d ish,love has no place.

GHOST: hmmm

Osho: I know someone that was actually in a relationship.. He had figured out if what he had for the girl is lust or love and it was love.. Buh the girl just couldn’t stand five minutes without wanting to pounce on the guy.. and they did the mature thing and broke off the relationship. Nd that’s because for the girl it’s just gonna be purely sexual

Katie: Crush and lust is similar in nature but different in meanings because it both actracts materialistic n sexaul feelings it not real but fake it contain no real n true feelings of love it’s a feelings that only arouses in or under a particular period of time and I advice a guy or lady no to dat his or her crush cus it definately won’t last if in case u wanna date it’s shuld b based on love n not crush or lust.

GHOST: Benita and Jude technically stated that it’s good to date one’s crush

Katie: hmm

GHOST: Chris & uleta also stated the fact that for the fact girl to have the courage to tell you she has a crush on u, one must respect her by dating her and not lusting on her.

Katie: Hmmmm, I don’t have any crush story.

GHOST: What do you see to their opinion, Chris, tee-jay, Jude and Benita have all confessed their summary of their crush story. Katie & osho, do you have any crush story to share with #Theblunts

Jude: No matter the way you look at it or what other pronunciation is use or word.. My point still stand that crushing/lusting is same thing… After so much argument I did my personal research on what lust really is.. It has it good side and bad side… It can be referred to as a desire of expression, so also is crush… And hello there is always something you desire of a person that make you crush/lust.. It is not necessary sexual as the majority are stipulated by the wrong quotation.

CHRIS: Jude Daniel is the man.

Jude: I was and still have a crush on a lady because of her hair… And I made it obvious to her, so it not always sexuality pls.

CHRIS: Me, I like keeping it real because when the chips are down, you don’t go about telling a woman/man that you desire because you love them that see, the dictionary explains that this is how I feel about you cos I love you; no. No one goes about relationships like that that is why I’m keeping it real that when you love someone; the evidence is the crush/lust you have for them. I emphatically declare that without lust/crush, one will never know a lover; we will be robots who can’t express the love we have. Who wants to date a robot? I don’t want to be a robot, I want to love and show it. Love profits little without desire and just as I respect every member of the blunts for their opinions cos I believe the blunts are the best technocrats out there, love isn’t enough without desire. Thanks. Mike, you did a good job putting together this family called the blunts, you’re probably a genius for doing so.

GHOST: I will reserve my comment for now till I have heard fully from the ladies, the men have given their points stating that crush & lust are the same… Hmmmm

CHRIS: Even psychologists will tell you that when a woman is in love, she is consumed by the love hormone-oxytoxin that makes her more generous than usual. What will you call such a lady’s generosity? Lust/crush for sure.
The topic of lust/crush is broad cos it cuts across all of humanity in its true practical sense. All of humanity lusts/crushes. Please explain to me what will make a 3yr old girl share her sweet with a 5yr old boy? Or what will make a young man help an old lady across the street? Endless list I’d say.

GHOST: Why can’t I help an old lady cross the road out of pity, that one does not need crush /lust. Don’t mistake selflessness for crush.

CHRIS: big smile, Where does pity come from Mike? Hate? Or love? And what is love without desire(lust)? Where does selflessness come from? Hate abi?

GHOST: Hain Chris stop that, you can’t lust on ur grandmother because you help her cross road, There is what they call agape love, Unconditional love, mother’s love.

CHRIS: Yeah, love is in two forms. Agape and phileo. They both define the two natures of love in the greek. People only think that love is when a man is drawn to a woman for commitment purposes. Love is a broad experience and principle.
It is not just for heterosexual relationships or encounters. Love is life. And lust proves it in all respects. Let me put this in pidgin just for emphasis.. Love big oo.. Love na person commitment to this life wey we dey live. No be for man/woman mata. Love na for everybody. Shekena. *laughs*

GHOST: You were making sense until you said young man helping an old woman is crush, hain, that’s technical jargons, it’s not even logical.

CHRIS: I’m not going to go incest on my grandmother because that’s another issue but I lust her when I do things for her as a result of love. Love is the virtue or principle that galvanises all human desire, actions and will. That’s what love is. Technical jargon, I preach practical reality of things.. And logic is only based on knowledge, one must know what love is before understanding how it works. I ask Mike, is love only between a man/woman? And do we lust/crush only after the opposite sex? Oh, so a human-being can’t lust/crush after something? Forget dictionary definition, I speak practical reality. Don’t you desire things in life? Is it only a woman/man you desire in life. I once had a crush/lust for backpacks or school bags; matter of fact I still do. I’ve had a thousand lusts/crushes for the opposite sex and also have had a thousand lust/crushes for other things with the same intensity/degree or better still- even more than the one I feel for a woman. That’s what lust/crush can do cos in practical terms, they’re both just a desire.

GHOST: For you to have crush on something, does not define your lust for that thing.

CHRIS: Lust has two connotations: the negative is for sexual immorality but the positive is simply ‘desire.’ You can desire anything humanly possible Mike. I am for the positive here. And sometimes the positive meaning of lust can be attributed to a woman as well but that’s when you desire her but you don’t engage in sexual intercourse with her. Desire/lust without sexual intercourse is cool.

GHOST: I have had a “man crush” before, because I appreciate his “use of time” , his life style was worthy of emulation. No lust involved.

CHRIS: *Chuckles* they’re the same thing Mike in practical terms.

GHOST: What practical terms, I am not lusting, neither was I trying to live his life, i simply just appreciate his way of life.

CHRIS: Lust/crush should come from one place, love. And love is not a feeling so you don’t thread the boundaries of the forbidden. Love is simply a commitment and it has two parts. Agape- the unconditional and Phileo- friendship. These two greek words are the foundation on which love is built. Appreciate? Where did it come from? It came from the friendship part of love which is delight. And love isn’t qualified until it is shown- which is lust. There was nothing sexual about your crush/lust for the guy, it was purely delight/friendship. See, I’m doing a project on what love really means to this generation in a book. When I’m done, you all can get a full glimpse of my psychology on these things.

GHOST: You are trying to justify what is not. You can’t lust on your grandmother [old woman] because you help her cross the road, that’s my point.

CHRIS: And what is lust? Desire. Oh, you can’t show a desire to assist your grandmother across the road?

Katie: LOL, Chris, That’s impossible.

CHRIS: What’s impossible?

GHOST: It’s not desire, it’s selflessness, with mature thinking that makes you think it’s your responsibility to help an old lady cross the road.

BENITA: It’s not impossible lol

CHRIS: I did a questionnaire on which is better; lust or love and it garnered the same rave reviews. That’s one bombshell of a topic which encapsulates a lifetime of our existence. Where does selflessness, respect, morality, virtue come from Mike? Hate?
Matter of fact, if you don’t have love within your human self, you can never show it in the things you lust after whether grandmother or diva.

GHOST: Agape love not lust or crush. Which did Jesus have before he chose to die on the cross for us? Love or lust or crush?

CHRIS : Smiles. I explained that Agape love isn’t the only love out there, there are two parts to love in greek phraseology: Agape and Phileo. Jesus demonstrated lust on the cross because He already had love for us.

GHOST: I disagree, that blasphemy.

CHRIS: It wasn’t until He was crucified on the cross that He(Jesus) began to love us. He loved us a long-time ago but no one knew about it till He came to our world then eventual demonstrated His love in concrete terms on the cross. That demonstration is lust.

BENITA: LOL, please, bye, This argument will make me faint.

CHRIS: Smiles. Blasphemy in which context Mike? Ah, Benita.. We are heading somewhere at least.

GHOST: Benita the fainting one.

BENITA: please lemme faint.

Teejay: *Oxytocin

CHRIS: Mm. And love that is not shown is not profitable. I can love you Mike and yet not show it in anyway, it won’t be profitable to you. Infact, have you never had no one show a sacrificial tendency to you all your life? That’s not possible Mike. Even Lucifer has his followers lusting after him in the wicked things they do according to his will. Like I said, this generation has a great misconception of love/lust.

GHOST: Stop comparing God, gods & demons to mere men of the earth.

Katie: ok

Teejay: My crush wants to faint o. Hian, why na?

GHOST: God has love for us, mens love might be a little bit different it might be contagious with lust but the mothers love stands out.

CHRIS: Love/lust is a principle that all entities in heaven and on earth practise. I am not comparing but each have their own experiences of love/lust based on their characterisation. What’s a mother’s love? Love that lusts. That’s what it is.

GHOST: you think God has man that is why you keep saying he has lust for his creation.

CHRIS: Smiles. Your misconception is on the meaning of these words in their practical realities.

GHOST: We have diverted from the topic, sorry Blunts oooo, i just don’t seem to agree with Chris on some of his points.

CHRIS: Love is commitment. Lust is desire. Is these alien to God Himself? No.

GHOST: I refuse to argue with you on this topic, we need to go back to the main topic

CHRIS: You’re not the first adrift with this ideology neither will you be the last. But I owe humanity a manual by which they’d learn the tenets for the most mistaken principle ever- love/lust.

BENITA: Chris are you an Atheist?

GHOST: thanks for that question.

CHRIS: Lastly, love/lust in its true practical definition is the same in whichever context whether it be God, man, woman, mother, father etc. Love/lust is the same. A mother’s love isn’t different from love for what it is.

Bose: Good morning, Can’t read all these messages jor.

CHRIS: I am not an atheist Benita. I am a Christian, a son of God and I believe that Jesus is the only saviour of mankind.

Bose: To the question of the day I fink if you have crush on somone it is better to date the person since crush is just lyk having feelings for someone.

Teejay: LOL, You people can divert ehn… Please let’s go back to the topic at hand.


CHRIS: Mike started it oo.. I was just on my own.

“Jude laughs….”

GHOST: Benita please explain ur side of crush you wanted to tell us yesterday. Abi she don faint

CHRIS: Okay. Cool. Welcome Miss Olawalarami to the blunts. A great convergence of the finest minds on earth. Was that too much for an intro. Smiles.

GHOST: lmao

Teejay: lmao, She never faint o, ( *carries bucket of water*) , Miss Oluwalarami, you are well come.

Osho: Tnx guys. I appreciate being here.


If you have points to proove or you disagree with any of the above opinions, please share your views with us by commenting below…..