#The Blunts: Should your male best friend and your boyfriend be two different individuals? S01. E10

Morning Blunts


Quote of the day: Don’t chase people. Work hard and be yourself. Under these two principles, the right people will find their way into your life.

Topic of the day: Should your male best friend and your boyfriend be two different individuals?

CHRIS: Aha! This is one issue I’ve been wanting to treat cos I’m a practical person. Now, they can’t be two different people when they’re the same thing practically. I don’t buy lexicon definitions here cos in practical terms, there really is no difference between the two. And the same applies for a female friend and a girlfriend, the same thing. The world only tries to create a difference when they say that one engages in sex with a boyfriend but not with a male friend; that’s rubbish! Except they mean to tell me that a male is not a boy or a boy is not a male? Depravity! Except both the terms are now for alien vs male or alien vs boy. And when did a boy/male cease to be the same thing? Or when did a girl/female cease to be the same thing. We like using dictionary definitions to create differences that does not exist whereas they’re one and the same. You don’t go around saying to a guy/girl or male/female that you like or you’re friends with that see, “the dictionary tells me that yeah, you’re male and a boy but you don’t mean the same thing to me.” Or you’re female and a girl but you don’t mean the same thing to me.” How pathetic. Only a degenerate generation will come up with terms like that that even a 6yr old will refute. I say emphatically that there’s no difference and if you tell me that the difference is just because you have sex with a boy/girl friend and not with a male/female friend, you above all is just as pathetic as the rest of humanity and this is the worst ever stereotype! Now, there is no difference between them vice-versa, so a lady/guy could have 10 boyfriends/girlfriends who happen to have their sex/gender defined as male/female in a relationship. And its not until sex is involved with anyone of these people that confusion wades in. If the world/dictionary’s only argument is that the difference is in the intercourse one has with a boyfriend/girlfriend and not with a male-friend/female-friend then that argument is weak for the sexual act with a boyfriend/girlfriend does not make them become less male or female and less a friend or more a friend. All these terms: boyfriend, male-friend, man friend, guy friend and girlfriend, female friend, woman friend, lady friend all mean the same thing practically; there is no difference. But the right thing should be that one has all these heterosexual relationships but has chosen to make one male, boy, man, guy more important than the rest of them for which they arrogate special commitments to without sex. That’s how it works. Or a lady, girl, woman, female that has been given the highest privilege of commitment without sex. What some ladies do by dating a boyfriend but will keep some male friend who they now christen as their ‘bestie’ or ‘friend’ is ridiculous! They’re one and the same thing only that one chooses to place a guy/lady more important than the rest in terms of commitment. These global stupidity is reason a lot of men/women appear promiscuous and flirty. Then the worst is when a guy/lady begins to have sexual relationships with so many people. Don’t ladies still convert a male-friend to a boyfriend? How pathetic cos there’s no difference. Don’t guys convert a female friend to a girlfriend? How pathetic too! When they’re all the same thing but this generation came up with the variation to embellish promiscuity and flirtatious tendencies. In conclusion, they mean the same thing both ways and its only ridiculous and absurd that people try to create a difference where none is. Except you want to tell me that a boy doesn’t become a man who is male and then a guy. Or a girl doesn’t become a woman who is female and then a lady. Mmm. What a pathetic world!

Uleta: Yawns, A male is a boy n a boy is a male, there’s error of redundancy in that statement.

Osho: In the true sense of it, your male best friend should be your boyfriend. But there are some male friends u are really into but they are not ur boyfriend. U can keep them as friends as long as there is no strings attached. Both can be the same person or they can be treated differently based on the type of relatnships u are having wt them. But i advised both relatnships be DEFINED to avoid Regrets.

Uleta: Answering the question in that context ur boyfriend/ girlfriend as the name implies is already ur friend n believe me relationships that started as friendship stand d test of time.yes ur boyfriend/girlfriend should be ur best friend, bringing someone else into the picture might lead to future problems since we humans are very jealous.

CHRIS: However redundant Mr Dan, it takes nothing away from the fact that I was treating the question the way it was asked. Okay, a boy isn’t male again? Or a girl isn’t female? You can answer that.

Uleta: But if d relationship is well defined and u both r matured enough 2 understand urself, then there ain’t any problem. Lol, U treated it well. Boyfriends aren’t superior males they are males too.

CHRIS: Yes, sure. My point exactly so what’s all these male-friend/ boyfriend thing. Makes no sense to me cos they mean the same thing, no variation whatsoever.

BENITA: I’ll faint😭😭😭

Uleta: Some girls tend 2 keep numerous male friends n only one is adored with title of the boyfriend, but still cheat on the adored boy friend with some of the numerous male friends.

CHRIS: That’s what they do but it makes no sense at all cos your boyfriend is your male-friend. Some kind of semantics again. They cheat cos they really are the same thing no difference. There can never be any difference between a male-friend and a boyfriend except.

Uleta: Sex is involved

CHRIS: Gbam! Mr Dan, splendid, Sex is the only difference.
And once sex is involved that becomes fornication with the opposite sex.

Uleta: But most of them still end up avin sex with the so called male friends n boyfriends.
I fitt’nt understand at all.

Osho: The ratio I keep as male friends to that of female friends is on a high note. But I define my relationship wt each of them. I ain’t seeing anything bad in keeping male friends after all they have being there b4 the so called boyfriend showed up, why guys like to they jealous like this!

Uleta: Hmmm, Or b4 you made one of them d boyfriend??

CHRIS: Chai! Your male-friend is your boyfriend oo.. No difference! And your female friend is your girlfriend too.. No difference! Chai!

Osho: It is up to d lady to create boundaries so the guys who she calls friends won’t misconcept her intentions.

Uleta: Chai this people oooo, Is ur boy friend another specie??

Osho: Checkn d dictionary for the meaning of boyfriend it says someone u have sexual relation wt

CHRIS: Jealousy has nothing to do with the truth that male/female means the same thing as boy/girl. Chai! I wonder Mr Dan.. Please ask them oo

Uleta: A male is a boy, a male friend is a boy friend!!!

CHRIS: I don’t care what the dictionary says oo.. You don’t go about preaching dictionary when you meet your boyfriend that is of the male sex do you?

Osho: Abegi use of English! Does it mean the males friends who u call boyfriends should av sexual relation wt me? Chai

CHRIS: Please tell her Mr Dan.., I don’t care what the dictionary terms them.. Once you begin having a sexual relationship with the opposite sex, you are doing so with a boy who is male. Simple.

Osho: Tell me o, lemme learn.

CHRIS: Dictionaries aren’t practical at all.

Uleta: OK oooo, is ur daddy different from ur father.

CHRIS: Same applies to a girl who is female. Same thing both ways. Abi ooo, tell Mr Dan.

Uleta: I tire ni

CHRIS: me too, They will not drive us crazy.

Osho: Chisos

Uleta: Cmon English some people will not want 2 understand.

CHRIS: As it is, when I had my previous heterosexual relationships, I had many girlfriends but I only committed to one of them. They were all the same thing but I only committed to one. That means I advanced my relationship with one above the rest and it wasn’t because of sex but my decision. Sexual intercourse does not convert a male-friend to a boyfriend. Its like saying that a male was not a boy till he had sex with you? See, it appears so stupid so that’s what the dictionary is doing to our minds. Such a guy had always been your boyfriend. Chris is a practical person.

Uleta: Tell them ni

CHRIS: sure bro, I don tire sef

Uleta: There are males, females n Hermaphrodites

CHRIS: Ofcourse bro. The only excluded party from this equation is a husband or a wife. The rest are just the same thing.

Uleta: The human males are called boiz or men n the females girls or women. Shikena!

BENITA puts her two hands on her head as a sign of shock! And disbelief.

CHRIS: How can someone refuse to admit that a boy is not male. What’s the difference. Or that a girl is not female? What’s the difference if not sex and once sex is involved it becomes fornication with your male/boy partner.

BENITA: But they both have preeq

Uleta: smh

CHRIS: See.. Benita understands. Except there’s some special item in a male that a boy does not have. Chai! I don’t see anything wrong in a girl having a lot of boyfriends cos one can’t really avoid these things but my problem is having sex with anyone of them that is not your husband. Same with boys as well. You can have a lot of girlfriends and if they don’t like it then they should all quit but you can decide to commit to one and lose the rest to jealousy, choice is yours to make. There’s nothing like I have a girlfriend but there is female friend that I like. Rubbish! They’re both your girlfriends. And if sex be the distinguishing factor, then such a person is just your sex-mate. Simple. And its easier for girls to keep a lot of boyfriends than boys cos boys aren’t as jealous as girls. Once a girlfriend of yours has knowledge that you have other girlfriends, she’d freak out and request that you end those relationships. Smiles.

Uleta: Yes oooo, I can testify 2 that.

CHRIS: Yeah bro, I speak in practical terms. Me no like to form. I say it as it is.

Uleta: So there are males that are not boiz??? Learning. Maybe they are the gays.

CHRIS: I agree with Mr Dan that a girl can sleep with both her male-friends and boyfriends and a boy can sleep with his female-friends and girlfriends to establish the fact that there is no difference in all these semantics. Males are boys bro and females are girls too.

Uleta: Now I understand

CHRIS: smiles

Katie: thanks, lol.

S.M.G: Hmmm, Chris & uleta I salute u guys, always keeping the room hot, miss osho I salute your courage to be able to even argue with Chris and uleta. Miss Katie aside lolling try to put out your points, miss Benita, we know fainting is ur hobby but I would appreciate you buttress ur point on every topic before fainting. I was expecting Katie and Benita to back miss osho when she was trying to defend the ladies from the feminine aspect. You girls are doing more of “one word and observe” lately… I have seen you both make greats points before I love that aspect of you.. Please your opinion matters alot… Thanks… Jude are you waiting for Katie and Benita to talk so you can support? I am yet to hear from you.. Teejay thanks for your comic reliefs, I know you to be our counter attacker. So i believe you OK with everything said so far?

Jude: Since I b supporter, make I wait for wat to support.

S.M.G: Not accepted, please state your own point, remember we are also trying to educate others outside this group.

Osho: Tnx S. M. G

CHRIS: The pleasure is all mine Michael, its an honour to even rub minds here. Thank you.

Katie: .:Gud evening every one

S.M.G: evening Katie, Wots ur say on the topic

Katie: I don’t even know the topic, Av been busy though.

S.M.G: Should your male best friend and your boyfriend be two different people?

Katie: Hmmm, Well this depend and is based on personal issues and decision as for me I prefer keeping my boyfriend as my male best friend or better stil it’s either I have a boyfriend or a male best friend, I do one at a time.

S.M.G: Wow, so on point, #gbam. Perfect. She know how to it the nail on the head, nice one Katie.

BENITA: hi, Personally lol..its not a crime to have a male best friend and a boyfriend to be a different… there are advantages and disadvantages.. I have a best friend who’s a male, but I’m currently not in a relationship. But it has never bin a problem btw I and my ex.. there’s a limit to everything if you have the opposite as a best friend like a female having a male to be her best friend or a male having a female as his best friend.. it’s also a personal decision agreeing to what Katie said. But the best is having your boyfriend to be ya male best friend. In a girls perspective now tho. Men are jealous..

CHRIS: Jealousy is not an attribute of love(topic for another day) smiles.

S.M.G: sure

Jude: I keep hearing having your male best friend as your boo/boyfriend is the best… But the question is if your best friend walk up to you and say he his having feelings for you, what would b your reaction because we have to b realistic Here, hello was the best friend not there before you fell in love with someone else? Boyfriend or wat ever it is called is not the same as have just a male best friends… My best friend is a lady, I value her more than every other lady, she have been there wen I was and went out of relationship, yet I never for once imaging her self and my self going into a relationship, this two feelings are different and also different from the numerous ladies I have as friends which I set boundaries.

CHRIS: Why won’t ladies say that among all their male attractions, one is the ultimate attraction among the lot? Maybe you’re not that attracted to your so called (male bestie of a friend) but he is a boyfriend nonetheless. It makes no sense and I repeat no sense that a male-friend differs from a boyfriend. Is it about attraction, then make your preference but your boyfriends are are your boyfriends. Mmm.

S.M.G: Wetin me Sabi be say, as time dey pass the person wey you call your best friend go feel more at home with you, and possibility dey sey he fit catch feelings along the line, forget boundaries, all these babes wey dey shout male best friend, at point in time either them or their male best friend for Don catch feelings for demselvies, some sef go start to dey date, and some dey lead to successful marriage while some no dey last at all. But the truth be say ur boyfriend suppose be ur bestfriend and viceversa, no be say u go dey keep different men, come dey classify them as boyfriend and bestfriend.. U wey u choose to have boyfriend choose to get am Bcos you feel OK with am, so why u come dey do bestfriend again.. How far naa, you wan dey chop ogbono & egusi at the same time… Aba girls make una change..

CHRIS: If I happen to have 10 ladies I’m friends with, I will regard them all as my girlfriends whether they like it or not, they can walk. Cos a friend is a friend and they’re the opposite sex so they’re all females and males but I could be more attracted to one among them all and she is the one I’d commit to. That’s how it works. The semantics were created to justify promiscuity and flirtatious tendencies. In practical terms, you can’t be friends with someone who doesn’t appeal to you one way or the other.. For someone to be a friend, they must strike a similarity with you in words, feelings, emotions, desires, intellect, passion, delight etc. So, why should we think that its only someone who we are romantically predisposed to that is a boyfriend/girlfriend? Great misconception the world over and modern day vocabulary isn’t helping this de-service.

Jude: Your point is base on the meaning, You are defining what the word boyfriend is.
And my question for d ladies saying it is good to date your best friend… Abeg una no see am before who begin dey like another person wey con turn boyfriend?

BENITA: Answer the question too, Boys too dey go through am.

CHRIS: I appreciate your realness Michael. You just said it all.

S.M.G: We know say na viceversa but na girls dey do dat kyne tin pass.

CHRIS: Women/men classify a lot cos they look for different things in people which is often the genesis of widespread promiscuity and flirtatious tendencies. Good question Jude Daniel..

CHRIS: Sure. Girls can be more brutal to boys in relationships.

S.M.G: Sure. Girls can be more brutal to boys in relationships.

CHRIS: I was a male-friend to one of my ex till I became her boyfriend. And what made me her boyfriend? Sex. So, I ask, does sexual intercourse convert a male to a boy? Please ladies in the house answer this question for all of humanity let’s bury the hatchet of disparity and controversy once and for all. That you like Jollof rice more than fried rice, coconut rice, paw-paw rice, Ofada rice doesn’t suddenly make the others riceless? Ofcourse they’re still rice but you like the variety in which a particular one appears, so it is with girls/boys, a friend is a friend whether they’re male/female or boy/girl.

Uleta: Humph, I’m back, Like seriously Chris, they don’t still understand??? Moi moi and akara are both made from beans, it doesn’t make one superior or inferior they are both beans made.

CHRIS: That’s because ladies are not rationalistic to feelings, men are but ladies don’t apply rationale to feelings so they come up with all these walls of partition in semantics and terminologies. The dictionary is not an authority to practical reality, it is only an authority to the use of words and how it evolves so holding on to a dictionary definition as against practical reality never works. The dictionary interpretes how people classify a certain action in words. So if they’re people originated, it means someone somewhere could hold a practical reality in error with a term for it. Hence all these appendages to boys and girls etc. Smiles. Sure Mr Dan, even the classification of foods can teach this wisdom to everyone. Sure Mr Dan, even the classification of foods can teach this wisdom to everyone. In what context Michael?

S.M.G: Girls no dey brutal pass guys for relationship

CHRIS: oh I see, Then it must be even.

Bose: Snc ghost does not even recognise me here, I rest my case.


Teejay: He doesn’t?

S.M.G: Am sowie about that miss Bose, that wasn’t intentional.

BENITA: He doesn’t?

S.M.G: Sighs!


If you have points to proove or you disagree with any of the above opinions, please share your views with us by commenting below…..

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