Good morning Blunts

Quote of the day: Every king was once a crying baby
Every building was once a picture
That somebody you admire so much today, was once a nobody
The most anointed man you covet was once a church member
The individual you attended his or her wedding was once a bachelor or spinster!

So why worry in life?
It’s not about where you are today but where you will be tomorrow!

Alphabet “O” which stands for Opportunity, is absent in ”Yesterday” but available once in ”tOday” And thrice in ”tOmOrrOw”!!!

So stay Positive Always
Be Hopeful
Your tomorrow will surely be better than today.
Believe in God and never give up.
The future is bright!



Topic for the day: Who would you rather trust, your best friend or you boyfriend?

Teejay: Hehe, I wont answer the question yet, Until others talk.

S.M.G: lol

CHRIS: Love commands trust. Friendship requires trust. Your best friend is determined by the gender to be either your boyfriend or your girlfriend. As it is, Chris has girlfriends but I’m in no exclusive agreement to anyone of them at the moment but if I was, she’d be the official girlfriend I’m committed to; that’s how it works. Thanks.

Katie: Gud morning my blunties, hope u’ll slept well? Nice quote.
Hmmmm as for me, it nice to trust as a person but I only trust my God I trust nobody becuase even a family member mother, father, sister & brother can be ur downfall, so trusting should be based on personal decision that you as a person deciding who you wanna trust, sometimes I ask my self the best friend or boyfriend who u wanna trust does he or she trust u are they real with u so trusting isn’t an easy going task it’s contains lots of attributes like love believe faith etc….. I only trust my God 100%, as for any other person 50% & that person is my boyfriend I can’t trust a best friend & even if I do its just 25% we humans don’t even trust our selves because most times we do thing we promised not to do again so trust only God and even if u must trust den do it with wisdom & brain cus “eyan le fuck up at any given time” that’s humans for u we all unpredictable & such is life because shit happens.

Uleta: Ur boyfriend/girlfriend should be ur best friend, relationships built on friendship and trust stand the test of time not forgetting the Major factor though”love “.
So I am saying I trust my girlfriend and I trust my best friend because they are the same person.

CHRIS: Word Mr Dan.

Katie: good for you then.

Uleta: Trust is one of the building blocks of friendship and relationship, its a basic 4 the foundation, if it is not properly fitted into a relationship, I bet u it was over even b4 it began.

Katie: you are right.

CHRIS: Keep it up Mr Dan.

Katie: As for me I love who I wanna love & trust who I wanna trust, No one can force me to trust. I can love u & as well don’t trust u, Trusting is just like laying ur life to someone, why should I? It’s good to trust ur boyfriend & best friend, Which I do?

Uleta: That’s a fallacious statement, b4 saying yes to anyguy asking you out, you must have been convinced, and there must have been an atom of trust in ur heart, u believed all his sweet words n thus trust him, thats why u agreed in the first place. Trusting someone doesn’t just happen very night though, it takes a lot of commitment 2 prove u’r trust worthy.

Katie: but not 100%, I only trust God 100, With my full heart & life.
Uleta: Nobody is perfect, we’re humans, but saying u love someone & not trust them is a fallacy.

CHRIS: Real fallacy Dan.

Katie: LOL, Watever days, me for u, besides I didn’t say I don’t trust. Read well & understand OK. I do but not 100%. Being convinced doesn’t mean u trust.

Uleta: Why do people get their hearts broken???

Bose: Gud morning here, to the questn up there. I will say I did rather trust my boyfriend to my best friend cux if I don’t trust him in d first place he can’t be my boyfriend.. But best friends also need trust tho becuz wen d boyfriend goes, u still gat ur best friend.

Katie: LOL, if I hear.

Uleta: Trust was broken. Miss ademi ur ans applies when the bestfriend is a she right???

Katie: good, lol, Beside I didn’t say I don’t trust, So don’t get me wrong. Dan & Chris keep trusting.

CHRIS: The global misconception to love is why people fail in trust. Trust is an attribute of love so you can’t say that you love someone without trusting them; makes no sense as trust is one of the evidences of love/commitment for someone or something. In fact, without trust, there can be no friendship. Its good to be religious but then know the polka dots too.. Our trusting God is basic cos our allegiance to Him was first initiated by Him and He commands us to do so; also, there are other relationships for which we are commanded to trust by the same God eg husband to wife; individual to neighbour(which can be your friend of any gender). Back to trust, if you have love, you have trust. Love is a commitment while trust which represents love is belief. See. They’re knitted in the same fabric- love/trust. Smiles.

Katie: I can Chris, it’s my decision not urs.

Uleta: Trust is an evidence of love. U can’t love me without trusting me, it doesn’t work that way.

CHRIS: One can’t be seen to commit to someone they don’t trust and also can’t be seen to love someone they don’t believe in. Love has several attributes to it that people rarely identify so misconceptions surround other elements of love like trust. And trust as a virtue is not dependent on the recipients integrity but on your stout denial/refusal to compromise trust. Trust is a decision even in the face of betrayal. That’s trust for you. Smiles.

Uleta: To trust implies to give credence to, to confide in, to have faith in, if u can’t trust man whom u see, how can u say u trust God whom u don’t see???

Jude: I remember Katie saying she trust but it has limit.. That is her point and I love her candid opinion.

CHRIS: Preach on Mr Dan.

Katie: Besides I didn’t say trusting is bad, Oga even huse wife this days don’t trust their husbands and I didn’t say I don’t trust

Uleta: The world is going down, signs of end time.

Katie: I said all dat earlier in my first message on dis topic so stop repeating every body and their own opinion.

Bose: Madam

Katie: Mr Dan av u been there for me, NOOOO!!! Only God have, He only created we humans in his own image n likeness.

Uleta: She just proposed

Bose: Abi u dey blush?

CHRIS: Trust can’t be quantified numerically. It is a principle of love. Its just like saying that you’d quantify your heart? Or your mind? You can’t quantify immaterial things Katie so its either there’s trust in you for someone or something or there isn’t. Trust has no degree of high or low. Its a neutral force that’s not quantifiable which is why its invisible but practised.

Katie: So definately God is a human like us cus he created us just the way he is but doesn’t do, think or behave like us human.

Uleta: Topic 4 another day. Dont misinterprete the Bible.

Jude: U see why I like natural things.

Katie: My dear don’t deceive ur sef, Be realistic we all human, Trust has limit, Search ur sef and ur heart.

Uleta: I trust u 60% while the other 40.

Bose: Can u trust someone 100%?

CHRIS: Yeah, I just explained that trust is a principle humans, sub-humans and deities utilise. It is not anti-human or anti-deity Katie hence its wide applications on different levels but one can’t seem to quantify trust but trust is demonstrated based on the acts of decision. If you prescribe a limit to trust Katie, then you must never have trusted.

Katie: If u say so, I av trusted b4. Besides not every human worth to be trusted. Dan do u even trust ur sef 100%, do you?

Uleta: you are right, that’s why you trust some & don’t trust some, it can’t be quantified.

Bose: But to be sincere it is not easy to trust completely, I support Katie.. It is difficult to trust wholeheartedly.. We just risk and if it works out gud and fine.

Uleta: I trust myself, & its quantified.

Bose: But to be sincere it is not easy to trust completely, I support Katie.. It is difficult to trust wholeheartedly.. We just risk and if it works out gud and fyn

Uleta: Love involves risk my dear.

CHRIS: Its just like saying that the oxygen you breathe has a measure you take in different from the one I take in or that Dan takes in or Miss Ademi takes in. We all take-in/breathe in oxygen very differently; that’s a fallacy. Oxygen is oxygen under its nitrogen cycle; except one is unhealthy and then the body fails by which a device is erected to enable it take-in oxygen. So, cut it out with the limit/ no-limit talk. Trust is trust and it is beyond quantification. Its difficult for people to trust cos they are ignorant to what trust means. Trust is not a feeling, emotion or concept; trust is a decision that you maintain even in the face of betrayal, you choose to love. That way, trust can never be extinct in our world.

Katie: God bless u ademi, Don’t mind Chris and Dan. They not being real, It’s easier said than done.

Bose: Amen dearie and u too.

CHRIS: Love involves risk and one chooses to do so. Love is choice just like all of its attributes are as well- like trust.

Uleta: I can choose to trust u or not. In even in the face of betrayal I choose to ignore all ur misconduct and inequalities, that’s trust my dear.

CHRIS: Gbam Mr Dan. And one can’t trust another if they don’t have it for themselves in the first place. Its just like love.

Katie: LOL

CHRIS: Trust/love is decision/choice based so you can choose who you give it to but once you give it to someone, that’s it, it cannot be undone or else that wasn’t trust.

Uleta: When u trust u don’t hold anything back, that same trust made God give Jesus 2 us, and in trust he gave his life 4 us even b4 we were born.

Bose: But we are humans and we are not perfect.

Uleta: When u trust, u ignore all the imperfections.

Katie: LOL, Elenus

Uleta: Believing that we would make the right choice.

CHRIS: That’s it Mr Dan. Perfect.

Katie: Dan & chrish na mouth una get. Are u Jesus? hell no and u can never be.

Uleta: I’m Christ like sister.

CHRIS: Smiles. Oh, no Katie. I’m an extremely practical person.

Katie: I hear, Practical for ur mind.

Bose: Dats y we can’t trust completely, we just risk it to create avenue of trust.

Katie: lol

CHRIS: I dated a lady who was promiscuous to the highest degree yet in my eye I said, “she’s perfect.” That’s how I choose to see you love irrespective.” Now, that’s trust/love there.

Katie: All d people I trusted what have I I archived. I stand on my decision.

Bose: It is not easy dats y u c a guy ending a relationship just bcuz his girl cheated on him cuz he can’t just withstand it.

Katie: I trust who so ever I choose to trust it’s my decision to make.

Uleta: The fact that trust has been unfair 2 u in terms of life affairs doesn’t mean u should be biased about it.

Katie: not only me, Trust has been unfair to we humans.

CHRIS: Trust is for yourself Katie and not for the recipient cos the recipients aren’t perfect people, they fail, betray etc but you will determine whether you want to trust or not. Its up to you. But trust never fails.

Katie: yes

Bose: Becuz d love u av for her is called blind love.. But did u catch her ursef or u hear it frm pple cuz I no if u do catch her ursef, she is a gunner.

Katie: Love faith believe and decision, Like I said earlier.

CHRIS: Sure Mr Dan. In my eye, I saw her as an angel and still do. But we went our separate ways not because of trust issues but agreement issues.

Katie: good for you Chris

Bose: Jude oya say something

Uleta: It hurts buh trust gives her a 2nd chance. Av u heard something bout survival of the fittest.

Katie: Dan and Chris tell ur sef the truth.

CHRIS: She told me herself Miss Ademi and I was privy to some episodes yet my trust didn’t flinch one bit.

Katie: Sure and who told u am not taking risk. Don’t tell me what I no.

Uleta: Failing doesn’t make u a looser, failing n refusing 2 try again does.

Katie: LOL, I no dat Dan, Trust is a decision that attribute love faith believe.

Uleta: Then talk like u know.

CHRIS: Cos trust is a decision you make and once you make it, you don’t resign.. Too bad our incompetent leaders don’t resign when they breach on trust in respect to the fringe benefits of governance.

Katie: It’s not a must it’s not by force, It’s not a do or dies issue, It’s by choice.

CHRIS: Dan is the man. Ladies date him. His stance on this topic has been impeccable!

Katie: good

CHRIS: Absolutely amazing!

Bose: Dats Katie opinion so let her be oooo, Dan and Chris me I hear u sha ooo.

CHRIS: Trust is as good as dying and yet saying I trust you particularly when that love has been commanded by God for certain categories. That is why love is hugely misconstrued in our world- for 90% of people the world over don’t know what love is at all. That’s why we have all these problems in relationships because people get into it for the wrong reasons.

Teejay: To be honest, you have all given your candid opinions. I would just add that while trust can’t be quantifiable because it is an immaterial product of emotions and psyche, it is also something that can be given in bits and pieces depending on how much is required in a relationship or friendship. It is on that basis that Katie gave her opinion (she is still right). Chris also has his points but it is possible to love something and not trust it. Trust comes from the assurance of reliability. This is why you can trust someone’s efficiency at a task and still hold no love towards the person. However, you cannot love a person without a measure of trust (here is where Chris and Dan are right). Which is why love is paramount in our every day treatment of human beings.

Uleta: U can’t like me and hate me at the same time. If u don’t trust me completely u don’t trust me at all.

Jude: One thing still stand out obvious that no matter how plenty or less you love or like someone, there is always a bridge of trust involved, but trusting someone has the ability to set a potential limit, and that is why you feel more confident with one over the other, if you are talking of true friendship, trust move you to love, there must b a level of trust to define that relationship, because trust give you a clue of your next move.. So base on my little exposure on friendship trust is the first to play in… But it all depend on who you trusting, why you are trusting and what level of trust you are willing to give out…….

Teejay: Precisely!

Katie: it is a must

CHRIS: Chai! There are no sub-humans Teejay, I was only teasing the moment. This is my stance, love is not a quantifiable product so how is it that you can trust someone for whatever reason and not love them? Where is that trust emanating from. Hate? Or neutrality? And we humans don’t have a neutral configuration. So, I’m not convinced. Assurance of reliability is a practical dexterity of competence on the part of the recipient for which you attest to and not an essence on your part for trust which is why that can’t be trust for trust is genially initiated by the giver for it to be trust. They’re two things: proof of one’s dexterity isn’t my proof of commitment. If love/trust was ever in bits, then its not a direct essence from the giver and can’t be trust but its only that which is stimulated or surrealed by outside factors of the recipient. That’s why trust is a decision from the giver exclusively not augmented by the outcome of the receiver. Mr Dan is the man I repeat. Just too good.

Katie: Watever

Teejay: We do, else God won’t warn against sitting on the fence as regards spirituality.

Bose: hmm

Jude: So If Katie says she would trust her guy 50% that simply means she has limit base on trust issues that is her personal principle and most times this is base on past experience, but you don’t have to keep living in the past and I would blame you, because sometimes you need to b skeptical about things just to know what it is really made up of before you take action.. And don’t forget Katie, the mind is a powerful tool that work with d brain… What ever you conceive in your heart always is drawn to you because you are practicing the law of attraction, which would bring more less trust worthy people to you…. But d fact still remain… You can trust someone and yet set a limit to it.

Teejay: Hahaha… Laws of attraction… My guy is on point here.

Bose: Finally

Teejay: Skepticism exists because trust has a limit.

CHRIS: Sitting on the fence is a fallacy Teejay. It has no basis.. Its like saying that you have something in-between two light and darkness?

BENITA thinking of fainting, puts hands on her head

Teejay: Have you ever heard of the void, Chris?

Katie: Hmmmm jude

Teejay: It existed before the light and the dark came into existence.
CHRIS: Skepticism is misplaced. It has nothing to do with trust which is absolute. Its like given a degree to oxygen.

Katie: good, Benita, tee-jay is in action oooooo. Wia is Micheal ooooo

BENITA: I won’t say anything just yet.

CHRIS: The void was as an aftermath of light and darkness, it has no relations to extremities.

Teejay: But you can actually give a degree to Oxygen sir. Chris read Genesis 1 again o

Uleta: Katie if i pounce on u

Katie: We talking about personality here not the world or globe n it form, LOL, no pls dollar on me

Uleta: Mr man face Benita and leave us alone.

Teejay: Anyways before we totally digress…

Jude: Chris I agree to disagree with you.. You can’t tell me that skepticism has noting to do with trust… It is because I don’t trust you yet that is why I would never do business with you why because being skeptical simply means having laity or no trust in something.

Katie: lol

Teejay: Chris, it’s your opinion (which I can totally say has its points) This is turning out to be more of a duck shoot than a discussion.

Jude: You dey mind am… No one is ignorant to trust…. It is an inbuilt tendency that is never thought bros dan

CHRIS: Jude, skepticism is based on other material concepts but isn’t required for trust that is lenially externalisd by the giver based on choice.

Teejay: Loool… Chris let it rest.

BENITA: We trust the ones we love isn’t it?

Katie: sure we do,

BENITA: Don’t go all God’s trust is the best on me. We can’t date someone we don’t trust? And when you don’t trust them 100% we done love them. So if we were asked to be pick who we trust the most would it be our best friend or boyfriends? When you get married your best friend becomes your husband.
So if you’re single and not engaged definitely as girls we confide in our best friends than the one you’re claiming you love. So why are we not bin straight forward?. If you trust your boyfriend so much how come you run to your best friend and tell them things you can’t even stand and tell your boyfriend? Whatever he says stands, because you trust him. We confide in our best friends even more than our boyfriends. Saying this only in a girls perspective. Don’t argue with me

S.M.G: OK miss Katie, for the first time i would have to oppose you, Trust is trust, No 100% no 50%,
Once you don’t fully trust some one it’s called benefit of the doubt. It depends on the individuals. Trust is constant if both parties are truthful about what they want from eachoda. You can trust someone on a particular aspect but there is nothing like partial trust from my perspective.

CHRIS: Such a sexual relationships is an agreement. Trust only comes into it if there’s friendship attached to it.

S.M.G: Great points.

Katie: good, I don’t av a best friend, I need a male best friend.

Uleta: Nice, Girls perspective, noted.

BENITA: My mum is my best friend, Even if she snitches on me.. she’s probably talking to God about it. And I’m her best friend.


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