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Is it proper for a lady to ask a guy out?

S.M.G: To the topic at hand it depends on the area you are being brought up, in other European countries, it is in fact a normal thing, nothing is bad or special about a woman asking a guy out but in Africa, the story is different, it’s believed that a man should do all the work of toasting and loving first.. In Nigeria to be precised, most parents believe that any woman that asks a man out does not have self dignity and is way too loose. most 9ja guys in question do take advantage of the situation because they also believe a woman should not ask a woman out. It’s only on rear occasions, a woman would ask a guy out and be cherished for it. So i would say that technically it depends on the sincerity, maturity and believe of the individual the lady is in love with. Ladies should be careful wen they love.. Listen to your heart but use ur brain..

Katie: Wow nice one.

Bose: To me I don’t fink its a gud idea to ask a guy out, especially with d mentality of naija guys.. Most of them take it granted or fink the lady in question is cheap. So should in a case a lady fall in love with a guy , I fink u should just find a way to get close with d guy, along d line if d guy checks you out and u are attracted to him, he can den decide to ask you out himself.. I guess dats beta rather dan walking straight to him and letting him know.

CHRIS: Chai!

Katie: Tankz ademi

CHRIS: There’s nothing wrong with it oo.. There’s nothing wrong with a lady asking a guy out or letting out her interest for friendship known. We are too diplomatic without ties of allegiance. Forget all the cultural predispositions of the world, its biblically not wrong and morally not wrong. And for guys that demean a ladies overtures for friendship, they only betray ignorance and immaturity for it isn’t mandatory to accept so why dehumanise her efforts? Craziness! Me, I am not culturally inclined but truth inclined and moral precepts doesn’t outlaw or discriminate this position vice versa. So, ladies, do as you please provided the man you so desire is mature, responsible enough to reciprocate that. No one can determine the outcome but the advance on a lady’s part isn’t wrong. Chris says so.
It is only wrong if it is by force to accept. See how mentally retarded society is, a woman is allowed to do anything and be anything to men but when it comes to peoples supposed sacred take on friendship request it suddenly becomes a taboo. Chai! Ignoramuses. My position is clear on the matter.. It isn’t morally wrong so what anyone thinks about it is immaterial.
Infact, 90% of my heterosexual relationships were initiated by the ladies cos there is no embargo to these things. People are just diplomatic without ties of allegiance. I never ill-treated the ladies cos they wanted friendship with me; I am a true ladies man. I advocate the respect of women at all times.

S.M.G: hmmm

CHRIS: In the book of Genesis, the woman was formed from the man. In Matthew, the man was formed from the woman. See. God reverses the order for the New Testament. So, if you want to hear Gods take on the matter, He has no problem with it. There’s no where in the bible that restricts that; so, who will you listen to, your culture, sense of morality or a non-issue that God has no problem with. Choice is yours to make. Just like a guy to a lady faces the risk of being accepted or not; a lady faces the same risk but her desire to do isn’t wrong. Feminism thrives in modern society because women have certain rights under the New Testament but feminism ends in a marriage setting for that setting has eternal rules established by God but outside of marriage, women can do as they please. Chris says so.

Katie: wow! NYC one chris

CHRIS: Yeah, thanks. Just keeping it real.

Katie: Yeah Yeah, Dan Benita tj were are to guys.

CHRIS: Okay. What’s your opinion on your topic Katie?

Katie: It’s wrong in Nigeria to ask a guy out cus they take advantage of it and misbehave.

CHRIS: Who made it wrong? the people? Guys? Culture? Morality? Ladies? None of this is of the essence. And that guys take advantage doesn’t mean ladies don’t take advantage the other way round. So, none of it is applicable. That people do wrong doesn’t make right unpopular. That’s my point. I see nothing wrong with a lady asking a guy out in any context cos what’s applicable to ladies is applicable to guys.

S.M.G: hmmm

CHRIS: Ladies also take advantage of guys when they ask them out. 90% of the ladies that asked me out still took advantage of me upon the asking.

S.M.G: lwkmd

Jude: LOL, Once in and still in this shoe.

CHRIS: So, if the evil is both ways and a bit awkward and lopsided based on my account, then both sexes can’t be objected.

S.M.G: Jude what’s ur opinion?

Jude: I would drop it soon.

S.M.G: Chris I have a feeling ur Grammer chases them away, they tend to think you take things to seriously.. Just saying tho.

CHRIS: Had nothing to do with grammar, This are innate tendencies rampant between the sexes. Women/men take advantage for so many reasons.
My point is that it happens both ways so why should there be any schism as to who should ask the other out. Makes no sense to me.
I am enigmatic. People are complex.

Katie: ok

Uleta: nice

S.M.G: welcome uleta, wots ur say?

Uleta: From my own point of view I see nothing wrong with a lady expressing her feelings. Everybody has equal right to love, want n be wanted, theres no rule or laid down principle that states that it improper 4 a lady 2 ask a guy out. The world is large and filled with over 7billion people….

CHRIS: Mr Dan is the man, You gotta love this guy.

Uleta: ….. Not all guys think the same way, N I won’t fail 2 admit that some guys who have humongous appetite 4 sex would wanna take advantage of the situation n the lady. But let’s b realistic, If u as a Lady can go 2 a canteen n eat what u want, what’s stopping u 4rm asking who u want out??? I as guy would love n respect a lady who summons the courage 2 ask me out.

CHRIS: Mr Dan is the man. Let’s hear it for him.

Uleta: What’s are the odds, In d black world its 1000:1. U should cherish her, she’s a blessing.

CHRIS: Sure. God bless you Mr Dan.

Uleta: God bless you too bro.

CHRIS: Smiles. Mr Dan has said it all. I can go to bed now.

Uleta: N if u as a lady feel shy or think it’s improper 2 express ur feelings n go 4 what u want, dont complain when u get less. Some of y’all conclude without even giving it a try. How many ladies in this room have asked a guy out n he took advantage of them??? None, Am very sure.

Jude: I am not the traditionalist who thinks the man is everything… Love is love and anyone that got this feelings must have one way to express or show it, it never a big deal if a Lady work up to me and express her self, I don’t know I just won’t stop cherishing that lady because she did what I find so hard to do, but we need not just to say things because we want to make a different opinion, right from the Bible time, it describe how a man would leave his parent just to stick with his wife, take note the man most make the move then the woman go in agreement with his proposal, so d man is in the right place to do so.. But if a lady find her self doing so, she should take into consideration who she is letting her feelings out to.. There should be a massive level of trust… It is risky but hay if you don’t take risk sometimes you are not yet living life… So I would say the guy is responsible for that, the lady in d other hand should not try to make the guy love her, let it come out from him naturally, else you would always feel diminutive and have trust issues with him.

Uleta: Stick 2 his wife, not Leave his parents n ask her out, be plain bro, don’t misinterpret. The bible is solely concerned about him clinging n taking responsibilities, It never said anything about what lead 2 d clinging, or who initiated it.

CHRIS: Exactly Dan. God does not object, I don’t, Mr Dan doesn’t so who objects isn’t relevant anymore. And if its only for fear of being taken for granted that a lady declines, it happens both ways so in the absence of a credible reason, support love ladies. Ask him out provided he’s responsible enough.

Uleta: U ladies just cloud ur head with reasons not 2 give it a try, or should I call it the *pride of a black woman*. In India the ladies pay the grooms price.

CHRIS: NB: a lady displays strong desire/lust to ask a guy out. Its a good indicator of love.

Uleta: Looking 4ward 2 a day a Lady would ask a guy 2 marry her. Read through bible the only women with book made the first move on their men. Esther and Ruth.

Katie: LOL, I love u Dan.

Uleta: N none of them were taken 4 granted.

Katie: U right indeed, thanks.

Uleta: They were treated as Queens.

Katie: God bless u all.

Bose: amen

Uleta: Ask n u shall receive jare

Teejay: hmm, I have nothing to say.

Uleta: A closed mouth is a closed destiny, It also applies 2 guys though.

Katie: Gud

Teejay: So I will say it in one sentence: she has every right to ask a guy out.

Katie: NYC one dan

Uleta: Some are shy too.

CHRIS: Tell them Mr Dan. And the pride of a black woman isn’t pride itself but domicility. All that ideology they subscribe to is very much knit in ignorance and a complex known to be associated with the race.

Katie: ok

CHRIS: Yes Teejay.

Uleta: Some are scared of rejection. Some, inferiority complex, If u don’t go 4 what u want , dont complain when u get less.

Katie: abi, Abi what do u expect.

CHRIS: Its applicable to both sexes Jude Daniel and the context for which courtship is initiated by the man to the woman is no longer a rule for Gods people. The church is without a tradition, custom, but liberty in the spirit so that isn’t applicable anymore but that Genesis scripture is in reference to Headship and not courtship. There’s a difference. However you court isn’t anyones business but marriage(headship) is eternal. I look forward to that time Mr Dan. Atleast ladies have asked me to be their boyfriend, what’s stopping the marriage proposal. Courtship before marriage. And that’s about the priesthood of marriage or headship. The pattern only buttresses the priesthood of marriage which must have its own location and order but how the man and woman come together to initiate that union or marriage varies under the New law of the New Testament. That’s how it works.

Uleta: *Man: Marry me?* *Woman: Do you have a flat?* *Man: No*. *Woman: Do you have a* *Camry car?* *Man: No.* *Woman: How much is your salary?* *Man: No salary, but I….!* *Woman: No but…. ! You have nothing. How can I marry you? Leave please b4 I open eye for u!* *Man: But I have one estate, 3 landed properties in GRA, 3 Ferraris, 2 Porsches and 2 G wagon. Why do I still need to buy Camry. How can I be paid salary when actually I’m the BOSS…* *Woman: that’s why I told you to leave, cause am coming to your house myself to propose to you….* good nite peeps.

CHRIS: Lastly to ladies: fear of rejection affects both ways but its better to try and be rejected than not trying at all. Its better to try and fail than not try at all. Cos when you try, you get the requisite experience and maturity than day-dreaming. For guys: its better to decline a friendship proposal from a lady than to say yes only to take advantage of her. Responsible guys will decline than lead on and so applies to responsible ladies since friendship was never mandatory for what goes around, comes around. God bless everyone. Goodnight.

BENITA: Nice points, It is all said and done. Don’t think I have to add.

Katie: Hmmm. 

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