#Theblunts: Has buhari’s tenure brought more good than harm? S01. E13

Good moring Blunts

Facts of the day: 80% of people remain quiet even when they really want to say something in order to avoid an argument with someone they care about.



Topic of the day: Has buhari’s tenure brought more good than harm?


CHRIS: Its a relative topic though.. Nigeria is on a downward spiral.. Buhari only inherited the massive unprecedented looting of the treasury, crude-oil theft, systematic corruption, failed anti-graft war, syphoning of public funds, embezzlement, lopsided economy, terrorism etc. The list is endless.. The rot monumental..What we have is an administration saddled with the task of economic disequilibrium and systematic failure. I didn’t expect anything from Buhari’s character except for his martial credentials and his strict disciplinary style to leadership.. A figure head for a failed instalment called Nigeria. Credible leadership remains the anchor for a revamped nation that Nigeria has failed to be. And until that is in the offing, we will keep circling in the quagmire of retrogression and morbid under-development. Teejay loves politics.. Smiles..

Katie: abi

CHRIS: I don’t want to type out a major blue-print for our national survival but Buhari’s government only dangle the face of the rot that was Jonathan’s administration.

Teejay: I don’t.. It was done with a preemptive speculation in mind.
CHRIS: Mmm. Okay. If you say so. Deregulating the downstream sector as policy makers of Buhari’s administration is doing will only allow market forces determine forex changes and commodity prices not CBN’s monetary policy rates. That’s a good thing but will take a while to normalise in the face of an anti-graft war that has become a personal vendetta for some.

Katie: Buhari has done no harm iether has he done any Gud besides Buhari can’t any will never solve Nigeria problem it’s only God that can solve Nigeria problem bcus he his our creator so he alone knows our problem Buhari and all politians will only keep trying but can’t solve it even the past politians who started ruling after the independent given to our contry Nigeria by the British didn’t n couldn’t make it better we just av to keeping praying and do wats right and stop hoping or waiting of any politian or person to change Nigerian cus it’s has been spoilt right frm day one and curruption has been our major problem the high rate of curruption in Nigeria is so high frm the grass level to the top level Buhari wil only try to do what he thinks his best for him besides he can’t satisfy every body has for me he hasn’t done any harm either has he done any good n beside I don’t expect anything frm him I only keep praying for God too see us through n save Nigeria.

Uleta: Stop been all religious

CHRIS: The major fall in oil prices has weakened the dollar against the naira and the overall commodity index that has got the financial market operating a double standard monetary policy. Deregulation will make the market more competitive and give Nigerians more access to liquidity in a volatile market environment like ours. Nigeria has a divine destiny that only God can salvage. In the fullness of time when the agitation becomes ubiquitous, the need will be imperative and change will come. Nigeria is Gods only hope to vanguard international evangelism in a corporate context that’s founded upon credible leadership and people centred government.

Teejay: Chris oooo, okay

CHRIS: Nigeria was dead on arrival of Buhari’s government so whether or not he has failed maybe too early to prognosticate but travails ailing the nation presently is proof that he hasn’t faired well. Look at the rate of unemployment, poverty, social insecurity, corruption is still brazen, regional unrest, criminalised psyche of the people, personal vendetta in the anti-graft war, under-development, weak federal character, inflation, depreciation of the naira etc.

Teejay: Personally, I am part of the common man. I am not born with a proverbial silver spoon so I will try my best to analyze from the masses point of view. First off, you have to understand that the economy was already on the brink of collapse before Buhari won the election to be president. The GEJ administration (not the president but the officials) cashed in on delayed effects of the global economic recession to flay the economy by borrowing to spend without considering the fallout that would result from the serviceable debts and it’s effects on Nigeria’s foreign exchange. Typically, the foreign exchange is affected by a great deal of factors such as import-export balance, GDP and the likes.
You also have to consider also that the large economy of the country is mainly consumer based. This is in light of our heavy importation of diverse goods and services. Some of which can be made here (topic for another day).

CHRIS: Yeah. We are on the same side.

Teejay: Now against that we have an export sector that has been monopolized by petroleum accruing for about 96% of our yearly imports. The other blessings we have as untapped resources are either neglected or exported minimally. This results in a dismal economic index for the country. Consequently, our plight us further compounded by misappropriation of the said funds that were borrowed by the officials. Now let’s fast forward to the present administration. Buhari’s economic moves at best are to stabilize an economic situation that is dire at best. So the potential accrued debt from the serviceable loans is enough to send Buhari to a quick grave. However, while his attempts are noble it’s the timing and implementation that matters. This in acknowledgement of the fact that the same major political players in the past administration are also here playing key positions.

CHRIS: That’s correct. But with the deregulation policies of the downstream sector which affects the likes of purchasing power and consumer price index, we would only determine market forces and the dis equilibrium but without budgetary implementations towards expanding our GDP growth per annum, our economy will stagnate in the quagmire of the present administration.

Teejay: I agree but deregulation can only be effective when exportation is duly diversified to increase the export weight and grow GDP. Some of his keys moves were noticeable delayed to reduce its effectiveness as well as draw attention to the potential game of sabotage that is being run in his regime (this part is based on Aso rock radio chatter).

CHRIS: Sure, we are saying the same thing bro.

BENITA: I’ll faint

Katie: LOL

Teejay: To be honest, Nigeria’s economic situation and politics just puts me to sleep every damn time.

CHRIS: I share your sentiments Teejay. I am from a bitter ilk of this deservice but I believe in the future of Nigeria from a spiritual perspective.

Uleta: Nigeria has always been in a political mess. The buhari administration has done alot in terms of keeping corruption in check and put fear in the hearts of the pugnacious looters. But how has his administration directly affected the man on the street. Its been hell, everybody is complaining. The economy of Nigeria has gone from worse 2 worst, the gap between the poor and the rich has gone infinite, the prices of everything has escalated, and what has buhari been doing?, he travelling around collecting names of corrupt people. Sorry 2 say buh Jonathan’s corrupt administration never made things this bad 4 the masses. What Nigeria needs right now are the fundamental n basic facilities 2 integrate a blossoming economy not some sick show of civo-millitary power. Yea I agree 2 d fact that oil prices dropped. I just hope he doesn’t use his 4 years fighting corruption n 4geting all the other promises he made, which he is already giving excuses 4. Because after gathering all the so called looted money somewhere, one PDP nigga is gonna come up n squander everything again n Nigeria will just remain in its stagnant higgy-haga state.

Katie: lol

Uleta: Reality my dear

CHRIS: I’m not been religious about matters arising and talking points of the present administrations lacklustre attempt in resuscitating our failed ship of state or the present economic disequilibrium, but I maintain a momentum that Nigeria has a divine destiny bigger than any party, system, ideology, personage, policy in the making. On that premise do I draw conclusions for national renaissance.

Uleta: yea, We all hope n wish 4 that. But how is the present administration pioneering the affairs of the nation towards that goal.

CHRIS: Definitely Mr Dan. And all these signs in the heated polity are just birth pangs indicating that true change approaches for when agitation becomes ubiquitous, the need will be imperative.

Uleta: Sure, but do the poor masses understand that???
No. Change has adverse effect, d past one year has been hell 4 Nigerians my bro. I agree to d fact that hr does everything with good agendas, Most times the greatest evil comes from the best intentions.

CHRIS: Sure. The only language the common man on the street understands is how to meet up with the global challenges for income per capita, access to infrastructure and a financial system that’s flexible in its credit capacity when fiscal implementations are met.

Uleta: Yea n hows the economic growth of a country measured. The standard life of it’s citizens. I was among those people who though he should b given a chance to make a statement.

CHRIS: The Buhari administration as it is anchors on the reputation of an old soldier who’s strict personage may be the tunic needed to reinvigorate the economy and its diversification at the same time tackling persisting national dilemmas as the anti-graft war, corruption, terrorism, depleted foreign reserves, serviceable debt, regional unrest, resource control and religious tensions, unemployment crisis etc.

Teejay: Dan, I want you to understand that the economy is where it is because what should have happened as a result of economic recession is just happening now.

Uleta: Like seriously? Am sorry 2 say the change has been on a negative stroll. I ain’t disputing the fact that he has great plans or should I say told us about great plans all am saying is that 4 d now, as things stand presently, in terms of statistics, that nigga has done more harm than good bro.

S.M.G: All said well…..
When buhari removed subsidy, everybody was in chaos, some leaders also contributed to the disaster, making the masses believe it was a terrible decision. Well few were instantly aware of the situation and I for one had to go to the depths of the whole situation, not until then, did i realized it was for the future’s greater good.. So my point is we should not conclude based on present situation or what you hear from the press or from random leaders. Try to understand the depths of things before you conclude. As for me Buhari is on “break-even”, he wants to change Nigeria but he has failed to consider how the change would affect each individual. Like for the subsidy issues, he should have at least repair all refineries or create more before taking his actions… Same applies to Nigeria as a whole, he needs to create a safe passage for Nigerians before taking any drastic measures.. On the issue of corruption, there is more to it than meet the eyes, I can’t say much on that… The poor would find buhari’s definition of “change” to be on the negative side while the highly informed who understand politics not necessarily a politician would understand that “things would get worst before they get better”..

Uleta: Sure the darkest hour comes just b4 dawn. Buh I just hope after all this propaganda he has something good 2 show 4 it.
I give kudos 2 his corruption fight. But really, is dat what we need right now??

CHRIS: Yeah. The slowing effects of the global economic recession to Africa as a non-competitive market was triggered by the serviceable debt crisis incurred by the past administration taking it from a Nigerian perspective cos for emerging markets to be affected adversely by the economic recession, they’d have to be more competitive international in export/import capacity.

Katie: lol

Uleta: I hope it gets better.

Katie: yea

CHRIS: Its not rocket science that Nigeria is known for monumental corruption in its brazen capacity but for you to wage an anti-graft war, its implementation must tally with the exclusion of no sacred cow, at the same time delivering on fiscal demands that affect income per capita index, GDP growth, economic stimulants, downstream/upstream sectors of the economy and a robust financial policy to check mate consumer price index, inflation rate reduction and stock market margins. You can’t fight corruption without justice, equality, fairness, transparency and rule of law.

Uleta: cool, Y did he withhold the names of the so called corrupt people. I got a lead that it includes some top APC members.
If he really wants 2 fight corruption heads will roll.

CHRIS: Buhari remains a frankenstein monster to players within the polity eating into the fabric of bi-partisan politics, regionalism, corrupt elitism, criminal inventory etc.

Uleta: Trying 2 fight corruption to favour a particular party or geopolitical zone. This is Nigeria, it belongs us not APC or PDP.

CHRIS: Very true Dan. That’s why the war on corruption has been very lopsided.

Uleta: So what are we saying, He’s been sentimental. Follow the trends. As long as no APC member can br nailed or pulled into the scene the prosecution goes on, but comes to a sudden standstill once an APC member is stained.

CHRIS: Because a coalition of criminal elements contributed immensely to his campaign and victory so how does he turn against them. Its become a yardstick now to launch Nigeria into a one-party state since the opposition which should maintain checks and balances are targets of his administration.

Uleta: Corruption should be fought on a neutral ground.

BENITA is mute on the topic tho she is present..

CHRIS: Very true Dan. Buhari majored his fringe benefits of governance on the anti-graft war for which Nigerians are hoodwinked into believing that every assault by unconstitutional means to the opposition is in the interest of the nation. How sad.

BENITA: the only change I see in buharis regime is for the fact that he keeps switching PDP ministers to his own people(APC). Everyday it’s what we see in news… we get he wants to fight corruption but everything seems to be falling right now in Nigeria.. before you know 4years will be here. I cannot argue about this.

CHRIS: The fight against corruption shouldn’t resort to personal vendettas of the present administration against the opposition.

Uleta: That’s what politics in Nigeria is all about. Party favoritism.

CHRIS: We aren’t a one-party state or kakistocratic regime where unconstitutional use of federal agencies against the opposition silences the right of the people. Exactly. And its due to the fact that we have weak institutions of government that should maintain a watch-dog posture against the abuse of power by the centre.

Uleta: Democracy he preached, dictatorship he shows.

Katie: Me no get tym for buhari n Nigeria. Na my God dey help me till 2days.

Uleta: The Nigerian judicial system is a worm eating deep in2 d deteriorating Nigerian political system.

Katie: lol

BENITA: It has always bin a threat. Why does the fight against corruption has to hinder us from feeding well? This is what happens when another opposing party takes control of the administration. But I feel if APC can make peace with PDP there would be a change. During Jonathan regime dangote was the 51st richest man in Africa or whatever now he drops to 101?!!!! Thats change to me

Katie: LOL

BENITA: Change going negatively, Fighting corruption but I bought half bag of rice for 9000 naira only today.. infact this morning.. last 4years or therabout if you add 500 naira you’ve just bought yasef full bag of rice. You male can’t really see the change o, It is us that are seeing it. Have you checked stock market for this week?

Uleta: LOL, Am in2 forex trade dear.

BENITA: Have you seen the lose all around the sectors involving in business? See I don’t watch news again sef. Na business news adey watch

Uleta: LOL, Nigerian naira is dead against the dollar.

BENITA: I was making enquiry on flight ticket to London. Arik said it was 169k. 2014 it was 140,130. No really you talk change?

Uleta: U wanna run away

BENITA: I am seeing change really

Uleta: Yea in a zig zag manner

BENITA: Government will fight corruption. How many years now really?

Uleta: Can’t remember the last time i ate good rice n stew because of change.

Bose: lol

Benita: Before you know you’ll start seeing flyers vote this and that rubbish. We really want change. But it can’t be done for just 4years.

Uleta: I usually cut my hair every 2 weeks n it was 250 prr cut now its 600

CHRIS: A responsible government will have a blue-print or master plan in its manifesto to deliver the goods to the people.

BENITA: We are all lost, Chris we don’t even know what our president is currently doing. Tomorrow we would see two ministers breaking their head Or probably aisha buhari dragging with someone else. Ps. Next thing our brothers in EFCC will start arresting people.

CHRIS: The thing about Buhari is that he isn’t a 21st century complaint leader. And he is surrounded by scoundrels who are only compensations for electioneering victory. No matter how wise u are, if u r surrounded by fools, u will be influenced.

Katie: that’s the fact.

CHRIS: However, as a Christian, I thrive by faith in Gods word because we belong to another economic regiment that never depletes. We are in this world but we are not of this world so through the laws of sowing and reaping(cos God controls the earth, while satan is the god of the system in the world) we will connect to heavenly resources. The Lord shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. That’s how it works.

S.M.G: Chris u did well, u don’t ve to involve God, it gets tiring wen u do so.

Uleta: I concur with S.M.G

BENITA: Yahoo boy cannor blow and snap picture again, They will find you and your ancestors and lock you people up.

Uleta: lol

CHRIS: Really. There’s no life outside of God. I am not ashamed of who I am and let me put it categorically, it will be difficult for Christians to survive this global meltdown away from their faith in God cos prophecies of scripture indicate that the world won’t recover again but things will get worse and worse till Jesus shows up. I can’t help but bring in my Jesus’. If its forbidden then its needless to say that my time with the Blunts is over.

Uleta: Buhari may have good plans, but the change has been on a negative side.

S.M.G: Chris, God is constant, he is everything and everywhere.. Just state ur facts which you are good at but stop involving Bible, wen it time to argue Bible we would definitely

Uleta: I understand Chris, he’s been a Christian.

BENITA: I don’t see any crime in what chris did.

S.M.G.: Nobody said it was a crime, I made a suggestion based on my opinion, he is entitled to reject the opinion.

BENITA: We all are living today in Nigeria because our help doesn’t come from human it comes from God himself. We have faith that as long as God still lives there would be change. Basically that was what he meant.

S.M.G: Chris is my very good person, is the reason i am being blunt with him, that’s the way I’m, and I appreciate people being straight forward and Blunt to me. Only the truth helps but if any of you has seen my statement has an offense, then I tender my apologies. Thanks..

BENITA: Well I don’t see any offence in what you’ve been saying.

CHRIS: We are in the end-times living it with our very own naked eyes, so therefore no man in our dear nation can salvage Nigeria, Buhari etc without divine intervention which will be based on order from chaos. Even a layman can dissect matters arising in our nation cos they live with the effects of governmental aberrations of the centre. What hope do they have than that God upstairs. I didn’t take off on a tangent but I offered spiritual prescriptions to mundane problems. Its abysmal reasoning to imply that rationale thinking/ideology will solve eternal problems. Nigeria has been hijacked by the joint coalition of three anti-social ills. Elitism, satanism and mysticism. Buhari is limited and his resurge to national recovery is dead on arrival however, we can hope that is in prayer/faith that he achieves systematic revamp. God bless.

S.M.G: I’m quite antsy about the end result of buhari’s 4year tenure, I would love to see his politriks by the forth year to ensure his 2nd term rule over the country.

Teejay: Hmmm… You guys have done justice to the topic… I think.
I think I will go to a corner and faint now…


If you have points to proove or you disagree with any of the above opinions, please share your views with us by commenting below…..

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