9JA Story: Pastor’s daughter [part 4] 


and lie on top of her. I did that.

We were both looking into each other’s eyes and with her hand, she directed my cock deep into the warmth of her. When I have gone halfway in, she closed her eyes and gasped then let out a soft moan and began moving her body.

I took that as my cue and started thrusting slowly at first. I moved in rhythm with hers for a while before I began to feel those sweet sensations in my loins again and let the whole feeling go through my body. The bed was beginning to creak as I thrust faster, my sheathed cock sliding in and out.

Vickie seemed to be getting much more pleasure than I was as she held me tight and moaned louder with each thrust. And before long, her first orgasm washed through her as she clenched hard on me and her fingers grabbed my T-shirt. She had her eyes shut tight and her legs wrapped around me as she undulated uncontrollably. I had never done it with protection before. Mine was taking much more than it should have.

So I pushed harder and faster, letting my flesh slam against hers with much vigour that my whole senses seemed to have left me and my only intent at the time was to arrive at my own climax.

Suddenly Vickie tapped me repeatedly on the shoulder and said…
“Joe…Joe, your Mom is calling you!”
*All names used are fictional, any resemblance is merely coincidental…….

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