Good morning Blunts

Quote of the day: The only person sexier than a lady with a business mind is a lady that minds her business.



Topic of the day: Who is a greater lie, Men or women?

Teejay: The topic is one that has been a source of pointed speculation for generations. Which sex makes the better liar?In my very straightforward and honest opinion. Lies are told as an attempt to cover up a situation in order to prevent reprimand (current or future), or to hide a situation from another.

CHRIS: Lying is an inherent depravity common to both sexes. Men and women lie, not cool. But within the boundaries of interaction or conversation between the sexes, men are known to mislead or stroke women’s gullibility and women are known to fall easily to conversations without which a lie can’t happen. Its a genetic consequence that allows women give themselves to conversations. Men realise this so they advance their often need to impress the opposite sex. But technically, lying is common to both sexes and its degree in magnitude cannot be fully speculated to be a chief character of either sex. Thanks.

Teejay: In the general context in which it is being observed today. Men lie by the quantity while women lie by quality. Statistical psychology proves this with a myriad of experiments that indicates the higher variance in which men lie. However it showed also that men lie over practically anything (not generalizing that all members of the male sex lie but that it’s generally perceived as such). In contrast, the female sex may lie at a lower frequency but with a high detail. Which is technically why females make better liars (their lies are often deep and entailing alot of detail)

CHRIS: I fell for a joke like this sometime so I guess I’d pass. Once beaten ten times shy. *smiles*

Jude: Men lie, women lie, but this two individual or sex measure up against other wen it come to quality lies, ladies think more than a man,but they are less of an action taker, so that give more room for quality output,they tend to have more quality wen doing their technical analysis, both lie, but a lady lies are just too believing… I greet them.

CHRIS: However, Teejay and Jude have been very articulate about this but there is also a reason women are gullible in nature as opposed to their deft ability to lie. Coming on the heels that women are wired at the cerebral level differently from men. Their circuits aren’t fitted closely that allows them abilities to multi-task and accumulate varying perspectives to reasoning yet genetic interferences in character interferes with this cerebral dexterity.

Uleta: When it comes to lieng there’s no holier than thou,no particular specie of the human race can tagged as”lie the most”
It all depends on the individual and his/her understanding of ethics. I’ve see men who lie n I’ve see women who lie 2. Everyone reacts to pressure differently, One thing I’ve come to find out is dat when u lie u need more lies to cover ur lie N just one lie can make all ur truths questionable. Lie has a great deal of affiliation with infidelity. So why lie??? Is it ok to lie just coz the truth will hurt???

CHRIS: You’re on point Dan.

Katie: good

CHRIS: Its never okay to lie, never will it be. And both sexes are susceptible to this depravity, and even grave in magnitude. Although there are psychological differences between the sexes, a lie is common to both.

Katie: Nice one Chris but It’s a big sin to lie.