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A woman has shared a really interesting story about her husband and how his small manhood is causing serious problems for them.

The woman shared her story on social media where she told stunned readers that although her husband is rich and treats her right, his manhood is too small.

According to her, he never lasts long in bed but ends up compensating her with gifts.

Now the man is suggesting something really strange.

Read her story above & let’s discuss 

Fact for the day: In a relationship, you learn the value and the art of give-and-take. We humans are selfish, and it takes willpower to be able to give. 



Katie: it’s her decision, She’s d one wearing the shoe.

Teejay: hmm,  To be very honest,  I have read of women in this situation alot of times. And most of the time I still can’t give a definite answer. I may have to agree with Katiepearl on this one. It’s her decision really.

Uleta: She can’t make that decision herself that’s why she’s asking. 

Teejay: I can’t make that decision for her either, It’s a tricky something. 

Uleta: There are so many ways 2 cub premature ejaculation.she’s in marriage already,and its 4 better 4 worse. This is why communication is very important in a relationship. She should talk to him,they are a family,they should go to a health center,or a good tradomedical center n seek help.

Teejay: The truth is according to what was said or posted, She is more bothered about sexual performance than potency of the guy’s sperm. 

Uleta: As for his size problem,God created us all differently, everyone is unique in his own way,there are sex positions n techniques that will make couples enjoy sex,no matter the size of the males organ, they should talk about it n seek out the solutions 2geda. I don’t advice infidelity in marriage, Its never has a good end. N she has 2 b patient,life’s not all about sex. If they are truthful 2 themselves, open minded n seek solutions 2geda,things will only get better. They should also seek the face of God 2geda. If God can’t satisfy you,nothing In this world ever will.

Katie: Dan u right, She shuldnt commit adultry bcus her husband ask her to. Let them talk thing s on how to satisfy them selves perfectly by romance fingering ducking etc.. Dats d best I can say. If she cheats bcus her husband wants her to den it’s not proper, Cus it might affetc her in future and d main part of it it’s a sin. 

BENITA: Urghhh, So as at Monday pastor adeboye made it known that if you divorce you are going to hell fire. Why did she get married to him in the first place? Love or money?????!!!!!!

Uleta: money i guess. 

BENITA: Was it social media marriage? Like Skype wedding?, Needa speak in pikin, She no see preeq before she say yes I do? I no dey advice this kind people. They’ll make me sin. Halleluya am done.

Uleta: lol

S.M.G: lmao

Uleta: I get u, U feel she should av known this b4 marriage? Buh she still continued cox of d money. Premarital sex is a sin N will always be a sin Benita. 

BENITA: Lol I get it, Does it have to involve sex before you see ya partners body? I wasn’t talking about sex. 

Uleta: We are humans. 

BENITA: Bluff it out please, Stop giving me the “we are humans ” thing, It’s tiring. 

Uleta: What the eye sees the brains react to. 

Benita: Say it like ” I cannot help myself when I see a woman’s nakedness” don’t go with we are humans. 

Uleta: Although been a street Boi. I know exactly wht u r saying n what u wanna hear. 

BENITA: I like for people to admit this is what they can do and can’t do rather than involving humans in it. I know what you are saying too.

S.M.G: Benita,  if I see u nude,  I would strafe you clean,  there notin  like omo pastor. There are major turn off tho,  “unhealthy body” .

Uleta: lols, So u r telling me that if u see a small organ,the love will die? Or u will run away?

Teejay: Cause his dick is “tiny”

BENITA: Some women will live with little dicks, some won’t. It’s her decision. 

Uleta: Would u??

BENITA: Mr dan you are confusing me your questions wasn’t understood. Which brings us back to my first point.. didn’t she see the whole dick thing before she married him? Teejay do you have a small dick?

Uleta: lol

BENITA: Teejay Answer me oooo

Teejay: How do I answer this o

Jude: Because his dick is small, and the man advice her, and even want to see the man that would b hitting her so hard, and even want to watch another man live touch her … Abeg am sorry I don’t answer to unrealistic proclaims

S.M.G: To state my own fact from my own point of view,  i would prefer if the lady helps find ways to help her man rather than pondering on surrendering to fornication or not.

Jude: Abeg tell her.. What pride would she have… He can even kick her out anytime,  selfish pleasure. 

CHRIS: On second thought, not cool. And before I engage, I must have you know that marital issues are best understood, explained from a biblical context cos God is the institutor of marital institution not man. How can a man profer adultery as the solution to his manhood problem? That’s an abomination before man and God. And this isn’t about Western inundation at any level or secular humanisms, this is an aberration, a mis-anomaly, a taboo, an a malfunction! Its alarming at the rate marital infidelity is treated in this part of the world in compliance to some global trend. Its an indictment, a curse, at worse- a defiance to God and morality. Mmm. Okay, I’d calm down. Let her husband seek orthodox treatment to his genital malfunction. It isn’t news that there are penis enlargement devices, therapies offered to correct such issues as a small weaner. Herbal, spiritual(Christian science), medical solutions to the mans issue. He has so much money but doesn’t think it imperative to find a solution to his sexual problem but instead tries to embellish his problem by spending/gifting his wife which isn’t bad but is only a tip of the iceberg. Getting a sex partner to satisfy his wife at his own expense is an abomination! A taboo at best. Not to mention the spiritual, psychological, medical, health-risk implications of such stupidity. A sex partner is a third party and all third parties except the Lord is a violation of the sanctity of marriage. Such will never end well and a woman who thinks that a sex partner besides her husband will satisfy, ameliorate her marital woes is gullible, depraved and evil. That’s not love to want an intruder into a solemn space, that’s bringing satan into the home and its just a matter of time before things escalate beyond reasonable proportions as sin isn’t without consequences. Such negligence betrays the level of intimacy that was non-existent right from the get go and what manner of people the couple are. Two wrongs never make a right and evil never justifies good so that suggestion or plan for a sex partner is offensive or sacrilegious to the institution and sensibilities of marriage. This is when trust, love, patience, understanding and display of character should be enforced by both partners and not give-in to abominable alternatives to problems. The wife should employ discretion at this point, encourage her husband to seek therapeutic solutions to his weaner and premature ejaculation. A good wife will stand by her husband and see him through it all than wallow into a selfish trip of carnal propensities. I believe her husband is already having a hard time living with dented pride, let alone having a wife who by all suspicion compounds his problem daily with her attitude. These days in a world of secular humanisms which proves that we live in a mad world, any personage to a marital relationship besides the Lord is a third party incursion and that is disastrous; how much more a sex partner suggestion. There’s a word for that kind of act in English, its called ADULTERY! Matters like this seem very common in society but the truth never changes. They should both accept their inadequacy and seek solutions that are available to it rather than become a taboo. Thanks.

Teejay: lol

CHRIS: what! I’m angry at their stupidity. Let me word it in Yoruba- mo binu dada!, Benita was right when she implied that they should have tested without sex. Couples can do whatever during courtship except for sex and crime. Very poignant Dan. Matters like this is very easy to profer a solution if one is not taking sides with immorality. Katie is right as well. And if all forms of medication fails, I could pray for her husbands weaner and it will increase and at the same time correct his premature ejaculation problem. When there is God how would they deny such for stupidity! I don’t blame them. 

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