Good morning Blunts

Fact for the day: Loners, people who feel like outsiders tend to become more confident over time and are more likely to be great leaders.



Topic of the day: Well, we all know communication, love, selfless act, sacrifice and many other things contributes to a good relationship or marriage but I want you all to just mention the most important thing in a marriage, not 2 or 3 or more, just one. The most important thing in a marriage and state your reasons along side…

Ademi: Commitment is to stick to the relationship/ marriage through thick and thin is crucial to a successful marriage. If one spouse is abusive, unfaithful or given to addictions the couple must strive to solve every problem between them. One way to ensure this is to have a no divorce agreement. When divorce is not an option, the motivation to work through difficulties is stronger. Remember that every relationship has challenges as you go through the phases and stages of life when you work through it you strengthen your marital bonds. This will ensure a successful marriage or relationship alongside other factors like the ones you have listed above.

Michael: I made it clear that I just need you to say the most important thing not important things.

Jude: i feel and I know good communication of every aspect keeps a relationship/marriage..
Base on personal experience. That’s create room for understanding, and I don’t think it Is love, because that is actually what made them come together, love diminishes, so to keep that going like, it requires a great deal of open minds communication… I can’t over emphasize.

Michael: Today’s topic is one that one has to think well before we choose. It is not an argumentative type of topic, just state what you feel and your reason, no long notes needed. We all know there are lots of important things required to keep a healthy marriage, just state the one you feel is the most important. Please don’t be smart enough to tell me no one is more important, that is not allowed..

Jude: lol

BENITA: Sex is good… exploration of different sex styles.. it keeps the love going.

Jude: Benita and Katie did likeness exchange, I won’t be surprise if Katie comes up with a totally different marriage most important necessity. Lol

BENITA: Who hates sex mehn?

Jude: No one, I don’t

Ademi: commitment

Teejay: As Ademi Yaff talk what I want to talk.

CHRIS: The most fundamental principle in any relationship which here is all inclusive is trust. With trust, all other variables subsist. Thanks.

Michael: Happiness is the most important thing in a marriage…

Michael: If they are committed, they are happy.. If they trust each other they are happy, if the sex was great they are happy, If they are honest and loyal, they are happy, if everything goes well, they are happy….

CHRIS: Arguably Michael but I guess we are all entitled to our opinions today, so I’d pass. Smiles.


If you have points to proove or you disagree with any of the above opinions, please share your views with us by commenting below…..