Well, i’m completely out of words…read below:

What I am about to narrate is true life although it may see like fiction especially to those who don’t believe that such exist.
I am 31 years old, but for the past four years seem like ten years for me. It all began during my NYSC where I met this lady. Before I start let me describe myself a bit; I am not tall, dark and handsome. No, I am average height, average weight, average looks but I have what people call ‘swag’. It is this swag that the oyibo people call ‘charisma’. This charisma makes people to be attracted to me and as a result I was a bit popular during my university days. I could have any girl I wanted because of my ‘swag’.
I slept with quite a number, but not too many. The average number of girls I slept with in a year was between 5-6, so it isn’t too many. I didn’t have any steady girlfriend by the time I finished university and when I went for youth service in 2010 I was more focused on getting a good job than forging a relationship with any lady.
Throughout NYSC I was just doing my thing jejely without any wahala and the ladies didn’t have any issues with me, but when I was about passing out, that’s when trouble began.
There is this lady who had been giving me green light in my lodge for a long time but I chose to ignore it because I didn’t have money to sponsor any babe (our alowee then was still N9,700), but on the day of our POP, Feb 17 (I will never forget that day) I let my guard down. In the evening of that day, we threw a small party for the lodge in celebration of our passing out.
I decided to smash the babe because throughout my service year I slept with just two girl (friends with benefit tinz) and since she will be going back to her state (she is from Anambra) the following day (Feb18), I thought there will be no harm in just having one for the road. BIG MISTAKE
I will confess that the night was hot. We made love countless times, but I noticed that her body was cold throughout. It is very strange that sex, an activity that makes people sweat made her body cold instead but I was too carried away by konji to give a second thought. After everything I went back to my room to sleep off. I took the used condoms with me, but I noticed one was missing. I boned and took the rest away.
I went back to my base and continued living life and hustling, but life was hard. Plus I began having bad dreams. A lady with very long breasts began making love to me in my dreams. Sometimes up to 4 or 5 times a week. Anytime I have an interview, she appears, collects a paper from me and when I go for the interview the interviewers will be hostile without any reason. I stopped receiving favour from people. A whole Mr Swag like me.
Sometimes I dream of being inside a small city inside a very big water and I will be doing houseboy for people I don’t know. Sometimes I see this babe I had sex with among them but when I try to talk to her, but I find that I can’t talk because my mouth is so heavy. This woman with the long breasts gives me food to eat regularly, and when I wake up in the morning my stomach hurts but after sometime it stops hurting but each time I eat, I find myself in the ocean doing houseboy.
I have been wanting to go for deliverance, but I am afraid. A friend of mine wanted to take me to a church at Iyana Ishashi, Badagry road but at the last minute the guy withdrew and doesn’t pick my calls again.  Something always stops me each time I wanna go for serious prayers, and now I’m just fed up.
I am tired of this suffering. I’ve been able to get a job that pays me 20k a month but it isn’t enough. There is blockage every where and at my age I cannot keep a relationship.
My people, mammy wata no dey show for face. This babe i smashed isn’t even too pretty so it isn’t only pretty girls that have these marine spirits. Since i slept with her my life has never been the same and it is like i’m in a bondage i cannot  escape.
I’m just tired. I want to end it all because I am tired of praying without answers. I am tired. I am so tired.