True life story: ‘How I Fell Into The Trap of A Marine Witch’ – A Naija boy narrates his experience


Well, i’m completely out of words…read below:

What I am about to narrate is true life although it may see like fiction especially to those who don’t believe that such exist.
I am 31 years old, but for the past four years seem like ten years for me. It all began during my NYSC where I met this lady. Before I start let me describe myself a bit; I am not tall, dark and handsome. No, I am average height, average weight, average looks but I have what people call ‘swag’. It is this swag that the oyibo people call ‘charisma’. This charisma makes people to be attracted to me and as a result I was a bit popular during my university days. I could have any girl I wanted because of my ‘swag’.
I slept with quite a number, but not too many. The average number of girls I slept with in a year was between 5-6, so it isn’t too many. I didn’t have any steady girlfriend by the time I finished university and when I went for youth service in 2010 I was more focused on getting a good job than forging a relationship with any lady.
Throughout NYSC I was just doing my thing jejely without any wahala and the ladies didn’t have any issues with me, but when I was about passing out, that’s when trouble began.
There is this lady who had been giving me green light in my lodge for a long time but I chose to ignore it because I didn’t have money to sponsor any babe (our alowee then was still N9,700), but on the day of our POP, Feb 17 (I will never forget that day) I let my guard down. In the evening of that day, we threw a small party for the lodge in celebration of our passing out.
I decided to smash the babe because throughout my service year I slept with just two girl (friends with benefit tinz) and since she will be going back to her state (she is from Anambra) the following day (Feb18), I thought there will be no harm in just having one for the road. BIG MISTAKE
I will confess that the night was hot. We made love countless times, but I noticed that her body was cold throughout. It is very strange that sex, an activity that makes people sweat made her body cold instead but I was too carried away by konji to give a second thought. After everything I went back to my room to sleep off. I took the used condoms with me, but I noticed one was missing. I boned and took the rest away.
I went back to my base and continued living life and hustling, but life was hard. Plus I began having bad dreams. A lady with very long breasts began making love to me in my dreams. Sometimes up to 4 or 5 times a week. Anytime I have an interview, she appears, collects a paper from me and when I go for the interview the interviewers will be hostile without any reason. I stopped receiving favour from people. A whole Mr Swag like me.
Sometimes I dream of being inside a small city inside a very big water and I will be doing houseboy for people I don’t know. Sometimes I see this babe I had sex with among them but when I try to talk to her, but I find that I can’t talk because my mouth is so heavy. This woman with the long breasts gives me food to eat regularly, and when I wake up in the morning my stomach hurts but after sometime it stops hurting but each time I eat, I find myself in the ocean doing houseboy.
I have been wanting to go for deliverance, but I am afraid. A friend of mine wanted to take me to a church at Iyana Ishashi, Badagry road but at the last minute the guy withdrew and doesn’t pick my calls again.  Something always stops me each time I wanna go for serious prayers, and now I’m just fed up.
I am tired of this suffering. I’ve been able to get a job that pays me 20k a month but it isn’t enough. There is blockage every where and at my age I cannot keep a relationship.
My people, mammy wata no dey show for face. This babe i smashed isn’t even too pretty so it isn’t only pretty girls that have these marine spirits. Since i slept with her my life has never been the same and it is like i’m in a bondage i cannot  escape.
I’m just tired. I want to end it all because I am tired of praying without answers. I am tired. I am so tired.

3 thoughts on “True life story: ‘How I Fell Into The Trap of A Marine Witch’ – A Naija boy narrates his experience

  1. story that touches the heart…angel have said it all..go for deliverance and stop pre marital sex…even If u wanna av sex..control ur urge or make love to ur babe and stop all dis sex and dump trash

  2. eya, sorry bro, not every free lady you see, you must sex, most of this girls that you would be claiming to have crush on a guy, they could mostly be marine spirits, you can never, no one is safe in this world.. the lord is your strength, i pray he delivers you

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