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Editor: Michael Ghost

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There was hot passion between us and I was really in love with him that i overlooked things he did to me especially in the bed room arena. At first, i didn’t want to hurt his ego because he couldn’t satisfy me in bed. But things got worse. I later realized he didn’t care after talking to him about it several times.


The Johnsons show on Africa Magic was on the night he provoked me with his ignorant action. We were laughing and talking about different characters in the show when he began to touch me. I became scared “oh, no!!! not again” i thought. Sex with him was punishment as i always go through lots of pain.
I froze as he took my hand to touch his cock while he kissed me brutally. I didn’t return his kiss. He knelt me down, brought out his cock and shoved it into my mouth. I held d urge not to bite it completely off. He banged my mouth non-stop till i choked and cried.
Thinking he did something heroic as i groaned in pain, he pulled me by my hair to the bed room, threw my legs open and fucked silly out of me. I didn’t move during the whole exercise as tears rolled down my face. The pain i felt was great, i was not turned on and was barely wet. I felt used and watched him get done in 5minutes. He rolled to my side and slept off.
I cried bitterly afterwards and this made me make up my mind to show him how things should be done. I decided to check some online sex stores to shop for good toys that guarantee maximum pleasure. I finally found the perfect one. A full-bodied dildo. I ordered for it and got my package within 3days. I couldn’t wait to unleash my plan. There was also a lingerie shop in my vicinity where i went to shop for killer red heels, sexy red lace thongs with a bra set and a black panty hose. I couldn’t wait, i smiled.
The D-day arrived and i waited for my husband to return from work. I took a leave from work that Friday to prepare his favourite dish, make my hair, do my nails, get a facial make over and a spa session. When he arrived, he was shocked to see me all glammed up. I kissed him and ushered him to the dinning table where i served his meal. I wore a big robe to hide all what i got from the lingerie shop. I allowed the robe slip off my shoulder so he could catch a glimpse of my boobs. It worked as i caught him staring. I put it back in its position smiling at him. With the look in his eyes, i could bet he was no longer hungry for actual food but for me. He wanted to see what more was beneath the robe.
I finished serving him and told him to join me in the room when he’s done eating. Well, my dear husband was up in 5minutes. His big cock was visible in his trouser but i told him to go have his bathe first. He obliged and came out almost immediately with just towel on his waist. “Gosh, he is so handsome and hot” i thought. By now i was in my heels. I allowed my robe fall at the sight of him and also allowed the hair i packed fall on my body. He looked at me with such lust.
He launched at me like an hungry lion ready to devour me but i stopped him with the little strength i had. I made him sit on a chair not far from the bed, tied his hands and ordered him to watch. He had never seen this side of me. By now he was confused, wondering what i was up to and sat quietly. I played a slow nice love song, setting the mood.
I began to dance and move my waist in seductive slow motion, looking at him with lust in my eyes as i caress my body. I squeezed my boobs and touched my pussy , looking at him with pleasure in my eyes. I could see he was liking this as it was all new to him. I began to strip for him starting with the lace bra, still dancing seductively. I squeezed my boobs and moaned sweetly, i then sat at the edge of the bed parting my legs directly..
I was really wet by now. I took off the lace panty and began to rub my pussy, fingering myself simultaneously. I moaned louder as pleasure took over me.
My dear husband watched with zombie hunger in his eyes. His preeq managed to escape from the towel, i was amused at how hard and big it was. I walked up to him seductively and sat on his thighs. I began to grind against his hard cock which I’ve fully unwrapped from the towel, kissing him at the same time. I restricted him from kissing back until i allowed. He complied and i kissed his lips softly, sucking and nibbling on them, then i put my tongue into his mouth, teasing him. It felt so nice and then i kissed him over and over again. I allowed him kiss me back and was surprised how gentle he was, he did just what i did and i loved it. We kissed while i was grinding on him and moaning into his mouth. Then i began to kiss him all the way to his neck, nipples then cock while i used my hands to play with his balls gently.
My hand stroked his length while my mouth worked the head of his dick. I loved the fullness i had in my mouth. He was moaning as i gave him my best shot. I sucked him hungrily, taking his full length into my mouth. He didn’t want me to stop when i stood to open the wardrobe. He watched with dark passion in his eyes.
I brought out the full-bodied dildo and placed it on the bed. There was a look of surprise and shock on his face. I placed it opposite him and mounted it, taking the full length. I began to fuck the dildo slowly in cowgirl style, moaning louder and louder as i was going to cum. I stopped and did a reverse cowgirl style still fucking the dildo as he watched. He watched the pleasure on my face and wanted to be part of it. He called my name, almost whispering, he had his head down now. He ordered i release him from the chair. “this is it” i thought, he doesn’t care, he wants to leave. I obliged and released him with anger burning within me. I turned around to leave when he stopped me with tears in his eyes. He carried me, wrapping my legs around him. Am a small woman and he could carry me all day without noticing. He began to apologize amidst tears and i released the bitterness within me and cried a whole lot. He patted and kissed me while wiping my face. I forgave him because i really love this man. His kiss was gentle and firm while he squeezed my ass and rub my wet pussy on his dick. I wanted him so bad. “Oh, i love him”. He began to kiss me all over as he dropped me gently on the bed and threw away the dildo with anger, i laughed and he smiled at me. He made me promise never to use it. Well, its not like i want it anyways. I prefer my warm-blooded active husband. He squeezed one of my boobs while sucking and nibbling on the other, repeating same for the other. I caressed his head while little moans escaped my lips. I enjoyed every bit. One of his hands went down to my pussy and began to rub just the way i showed him earlier. I told him not to stop as i looked him in the eyes and let him watch pleasure take over me. I had a clitoral climax, he kissed me and i felt us bond.
He didn’t stop there. He went down on me kissing every area of my pussy lovingly and began to use his tongue to tease and fuck me. This was driving me crazy as i caressed his head and face moaning. He suddenly carried me off the bed. I was hungry for his preeq this moment. “Put your big preeq in me” i whispered into his ear. He went crazy and entered me, squeezing my ass. I gasped as he entered me simultaneously, little by little, till i took the whole length of his 8inches preeq. Gosh, i loved it as he f**ked me slowly increasing the pace while i moved near orgasm. He f**ked faster as we whispered sweet nothing into our ears. I was filled with love in my heart as we both came. He held unto me as i shuddered from the quaking orgasm. He kissed me and told me how much he loved me, dropping me on the bed gently. He laid beside me putting my head on his chest and patting me to sleep.
I slept like a baby afterwards as he watched me. I became a happy woman and my story changed for good. My husband got better day by day and our s3x life became a blessing to us.